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Boatbuilders Live Longer

What is it about building your own boat that extends your life? Well, perhaps we should qualify that by saying life will be more fulfilling since we really can't prove you will live longer. Have you ever wanted something so bad that you can taste it? Keeps you going, doesn't it? That's the point we are trying to make--building a boat is such an incredible experience that we want you to "taste" it for yourself.

To get you started on your own journey of building the boat of your dreams, we have put together a special Boatbuilder Starter Kit of materials to get you going. To sweeten the offer, we have also added an upgrade which is described later in this text.

Why would someone want to build their own boat? Well, there are many reasons and here are a few:

  1. You will save money. Many of our clients save 50% or more off the cost of a ready made boat. Plus, you can pay for materials as you need them--no need to mortgage the house to buy a boat!

  2. You will get just what you want. You know how it works, you go to the local boat show or marina to look at boats and you find one that you like, but it doesn't have the seating arrangement you want or the cabin is a little inconvenient for your family, or maybe it doesn't have the fishing set-up that you are accustomed to. If you build it yourself, you get everything YOU want and need, not what someone else thinks you need.

  3. Pride of craftsmanship is a huge reward. I think that secretly our clients' real reason for building their own boat is for all the comments they get when they take 'em out. It's not unusual to hear of folks getting offers from onlookers to buy their boat, because you just can't find one like it anywhere. The feeling of being able to say "I built it myself" is unbelievably satisfying.

  4. The challenge of a new skill. Believe it or not, I have heard this one quite frequently. Apparently, you DIY folks LIKE a challenge--go figure! Boat building provides enough challenge to keep seasoned woodworkers engaged but not so much as to keep beginners from accomplishing their goals. Just so you know, most who build our designs are first time boat builders.

Face it, some of us will never have the additional resources to buy the boat we really want and it may seem like only a pipe dream. But you know, with Glen-L plans and kits we've seen dreams come true over and over:

"I wish to thank you for helping make a long time dream of building my own boat a reality´┐Ż I found your plans and instructions to be very easy to follow and understand´┐Ż I can heartily recommend the Bull's-Eye to anyone thinking about building their first boat. Its easy stitch and glue construction and versatile row, sail, or motor, design is a sure winner." Andre Moos, BC, Canada

Glen-L 11' Bull's-Eye Skiff for sail, power & row

"My family and I would like to express deep gratitude for the chance to build something that was very meaningful in our young lives, something we probably could not have otherwise afforded. Thank you," Glenn Wristen, Gualala, CA

"The boat is so unusual here in New Zealand that every time I take it out people just flock around feeling and touching it and putting dirty finger marks on it. Bother! So many people have seen boats like this in movies but never in the flesh. Glen-L 20' Riviera a classic inboard mahogany runaboutThe knowing ones who come for a look congratulate me on an excellent restoration and are blown away when I tell them it's brand new. I have named the boat ADDICTION which seems kind of fitting and congratulate you guys at Glen-L for designing such a beautiful boat that any old mug with a little determination can build for himself." Regards, Wayne Cox, New Zealand

So, who are we and what do we know about boatbuilding? Well, since 1953, Glen-L Marine Designs has provided plans, patterns and kits for the amateur* boat builder. We have quite a community of folks just like you who have built our boats from generation to generation.

*Definition: amateur (Latin: a lover) - a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons.

We don't like to brag, but we have written and published THE book on plywood boatbuilding which is part of the Boatbuilder Starter Kit. Okay, I'm going to have to brag again, my dad wrote the book! My father, Glen Lewis Witt, began Glen-L Marine Designs in 1953 and since then, we have been privileged to have our designs built by thousands of folks just like you.

The Boatbuilder Starter Kit comes with all of these great resources:

  1. The Glen-L Book of Boat designs This 216-page catalog shows photos and specifications for each of the over 250 different designs available for you to build. You'll find designs for sail, row and power to build in plywood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum. These designs range in size from 7 foot all the way up to 55 foot. This is the "wish book" to help you decide what you are going to build. (retail $9.95)
  2. Boatbuilding with Plywood book This hard cover book is THE textbook on plywood boatbuilding for the beginner and the one I was bragging about above. This 312 page book will walk you step-by-step through the process of building a boat to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to follow through on building the boat of your dreams. (retail $27.95)
  3. How to Fiberglass a Boat book This book shows how you can apply fiberglass to your wood boat to protect the finish and ensure that you will enjoy many hours on the water without having to worry that the wood is protected from the elements. (retail $18.95)
  4. A coupon for $9.95 off your next order placed online, over the phone or through the mail.

The retail value of these items is $66.80, but we are offering this special package to readers of WoodenBoat and Boatbuilder Magazines for a special price of $39.95 plus postage.

GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the products you receive (we doubt that will happen), you can return them within 30-days and receive your money back; no questions asked. You have nothing to lose!

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SPECIAL UPGRADE: For an additional $15, we will send you a copy of our "How to Fiberglass a Boat" DVD. This hour and a half DVD normally sells for $32.95, but we really think it will add a tremendous value to your learning experience. You will actually see a number of wood boats being fiberglassed in our shop and learn the techniques, tips and tricks to really give your boat that professional finish. After all, the finish really is what makes the difference in whether a boat looks custom or home-made.

What type of person builds their own boat? Well, hopefully someone like you! Our clients tend to be folks of all ages, mainly men, who like to work with their hands. Building a boat with Grandpa Many are retirees who finally have the time to actually do what they want and many build boats with their grandchildren. Or, fathers who want to teach their young daughters or sons the value of creating something to show what you can accomplish with perseverance, work and craftsmanship. It is amazing how many folks have built a boat with their fathers and then go on to do the same with their children. Boat building is truly a generational hobby.Glen-L 14 Sailboat
One grandpa built a boat with his grand daughters, Stephanie, Tiffany and Sarah as shown above --what a happy group and what a great bond was formed! This boat was a gift for their father and built in secret as a great surprise for his birthday.

I could go on and on with heart warming stories of people like you who decided to just go for it and build the boat of their dreams. No, you won't get to use the boat next weekend and friends and family may look at you a little strange (remember Noah) and wonder if you'll ever really finish it. This isn't instant gratification; if you were looking for that you'd be at the boat dealer. This boat will be YOUR "baby", your creation, the loving work of your hands and something that will be treasured for generations. Don't put your dream off another minute, order your Boatbuilder Starter Kit today! See you on the water...

Gayle Brantuk

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