Off Road Kayak Cart With Independent Suspension Pt. 2

Here's a quick tutorial of the trailer comprised of uh. 114 aluminum square tube 18 wall got these poly wheels that I picked up from NorthernTools use these little bike Mt. bike springs got tabs welded on the trailing arm and the body or the frame uh. I used originally used a half inch aluminum rod that I had welded on by a friend on to the trailing arm loaded this up as a test and it failed completely just bent right over when i got a littl lateral loading so i had to go back to the drawing board.

What i decided to do was pinch it between pinch the aluminim tube between two mild steel pieces so i took a one and a halfinch steel tube and uh. split it down the center and then drilled a new hole and so now there's a halfinch stainless steel bolt running there and it seems to be holding up, there's the bolt head I did that so I could sandwhich the aluminum for two reasons. One so I could get it off and two so i could uh. compress it uh. properly.

Um. I had to uh. round the edges off of the square aluminum tube so that it would fit so then up here we've got just kind of a traiangulated piece that attaches to the tonge then on the tonge i just mounted a handle the came off of a ryobi weed whacker it's actually from my weed whacker build and uh. really helps in pulling and keeps my hand warmer and then i've got these wooden saddles that are uh. made for the bottom profile of my marsh rat you see it has three ribs on it to match up with the marsh rat ribs.

So uh. hope that answers more questions these uh. square tubing pieces down here are from the um. previous design where i had a solid axle underneath there and some tall springs and one thing I noticed after built it was that the tires that actually moved forward um. so it's balanced a little differently and then uh. this is a really long unsupported cantilever and i'm not sure if i like that um. i probably should actually look at moving the tires back if i rebuild it i think i'm going to have to strengthen the top.

Banana Boat Foil Packet

Hi it's AlaskaGranny if you like camp outs and grilling you're gonna love this simple dessert. All you need are three simple ingredients you need air ripe banana marshmallows and chocolate chips it's simple all you do is get a piece of foil place your banana still in the peel and you just take a sharp knife and cut through the peel to open it up like a little boat now you have it open you're gonna load it marshmallows and chocolate chips tuck them under the skin all around the banana.

Powerbilt Steel Buildings Free Span Steel Buildings Quonset Huts

Need a new building for your home or business Powerbilt Steel Buildings will deliver directly to you. This building is amazing! Its strong, its maintenance free and I saved a lot of money with Powerbilt. My fishing buddies helped me put it up Labor Day weekend and by Monday we were on the lake. Powerbilt Steel Buildings go up easy. Two guys, one weekend, and you're done. These buildings are rugged, too. They stand up to strong winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes. The design of this building is really unique. The Steel is built to last.

The ice and snow, rolls right off. And we saved alot of money. Our buildings are 100 percent clear span and it's simple to customize with addons Like insulation, electrical wiring, or ventilation. I use my building yearround even in the middle of winter. Powerbilt Steel Buildings are incredibly versatile. From small business to big business, we get the job done. I love working on cars, adn with my power bill building, I turned my hobby into a small business. Our buildings are perfect for agriculture, storage for hay, crops, equipment, and even livestock.

Our house getting really crowded. There's no place to work or store my tools. Thanks to Powerbilt.problem solved. I love it there's so much space! I really like that Powerbilt is made right here in America. Call now for Powerbilt's lowest price on your new steel building. Now I've looked around and Powerbuilt is the best value for my money. I built my Barbque joint in a Powerbilt Steel Building. I don't know what you'll do with yours, but I know you love it. Contact Powerbilt today for details on your.

Survival Camping Touring Budget Bicycle Project 1 Phase 2

This is the first mountain bike I'm building into the Ultimate two wheel bugout survival BOV Bug Out Vehicle. so far I have added a dual legged kickstand, changedupgraded some of the parts, added a front and rear rack, and pannier system for the front of the mountain bike. I've got the bike set up so I can wear the USGI Marine type patrol pack and if I have to abandon the bike, I can attach the sustainment pouches you see mounted to the front to the pack and start walking.

Whitewater Rafting Gear How to Fold your Raft for Whitewater Rafting

Let me show you how to wrap up the raft so you can transport it to and from the river. You have to deflate the raft, here it is nicely deflated, with the valve still open, you fold it in half, right along the selfbailing seam here, fold it again, get the air out a little bit. Now we have the stern line underneath the raft and we're going to use that to help tie the raft up. Continue to get a little air out of there, you want the smallest package possible to.

How To Build A 27 Foot Aluminum Cabin Cruiser From A Kit

How To Build A 27 Foot Aluminum Cabin Cruiser From A Kit,Building the Alaska 275 Aluminum Boat Kit from MetalBoatKits.metalboatkits..

The Alaska 27 - 2013 - Custom Aluminum Boat.An easy planing, stable, deep V hull offers a smooth and comfortable ride, good fuel economy and speed. Cruising speed 25mph, top speed 35mph, 200 gal fuel..

Alaska 27' Custom Aluminum Boat In Harbor.An easy planing, stable deep V offers a smooth and comfortable ride, good fuel economy speed. This hull takes full advantage of the new economical, high..

Alaska 27' Custom Aluminum Boat In Bay.An easy planing, stable deep V offers a smooth and comfortable ride, good fuel economy speed. This hull takes full advantage of the new economical, high..

Aluminum Boat Hull Rivet Repair Kit / Bull Frog Rivet.com.Bull Frog Rivet Aluminum Boat Hull Repair Kit Repairs leaking rivets and seams in aluminum boats! Demonstration Tutorial.12 easy steps!.

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Pontoon Boat Kits Aluminum Pontoons Docks Work Boats Romance

Pontoon Boat Kits Aluminum Pontoons Docks Work Boats Romance,Pontoon boat kits aluminum pontoons docks work boats. ,.... Pontoon boat kits pontoon work boats and commercial kits and aluminum pontoons docks custom..

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Aluminum Bass Boat Conversion.Bass boat style conversion I did on my 15ft Smokercraft Alaskan. If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comments below and Ill be sure to..

How To Make A Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit.How to make rockets that shoot over 40 feet, with aluminum foil and a match. Because of the popularity of this project, Ive put together a detailed 28 page PDF..

12 Ft Aluminum Fishing Boat Restoration, Customization And Setup In HD. here to see this boat in action on the water! swatchvIAwjMdEgMEg here to see a walkthrough and test run of the outboard!.

Pontoon Boat Kits &Aluminum Docks Work Boats Romance.Pontoon boat kits aluminum pontoons docks work boats. ,.... Pontoon boat kits pontoon work boats and commercial kits and aluminum pontoons docks custom..



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