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Tip of the week is brought to you by EFS, the suspension you can rely on. I know I do. You've just spent about 3 days on the road driving through dusty roads, corrugations, washouts, creek crossings. Well, here's the tip. I've just landed here, the top of Arnhem land. And I want to unload the tinnie. Make sure you don't do your back in on the first unload. Otherwise you're going to be out there. You're not going to be able to go fishing. So what do you do You get yourself an Almac boat loader. And mate, it is so simple. It's.

Child's play. Plug in a few bits and pieces. And away we go. You see, the thing with the Almac boat loader is it's not just a rack to hold your boat to get it on and off. It also is a roof rack. And it looks pretty good too. Because that's what we're all about, we gotta look good when the boat's not on the roof. Because I've got my solar panels up there. I've got some MaxTrax up there. I can put swags up there. So there's heaps of room up on top, and it's a boat loader. That is the best part I like about it. Now.

Core Substrates

Flatiron Panel Products works with a wide variety of core substrates, specializing in aluminum honeycomb for varying applications. Aluminum honeycomb cores can be produced in a variety of ways. This is an internal aluminum honeycomb core substrate shown without aluminum face sheets. Core substrates are the foundation of panels. This core is comprised of aluminum honeycomb with a 3003 aluminum alloy grade. The hexagonal cell are a 14 in diameter. This is a structural grade aluminum honeycomb core used for emergency vehicle flooring, commercial trailers, and structural wall cladding. aluminum honeycomb.

Core is strong and rigid while maintaining the lightweight feature. This core is cut to size at 1 thick and is ready to be bonded to make an aluminum honeycomb panel. Aluminum honeycomb core can range in thickness from 6 and is cut to precise dimensions, within.005 of an inch. Aluminum honeycomb core provides the highest rigidity, while maintaining the lightweight feature of any substrate available. aluminum honeycomb core is also lightweight and rigid. cell core is the most common substrate overall, meeting the majority of strength and weight requirements, while being.

Fairly cost effective. Aluminum honeycomb cores are impervious to extreme temperatures, ranging from below zero up to 350 fahrenheit. Aluminum honeycomb is also resistant to moisture, corrosion, fungi, and is A firerated. Cores can be perforated to allow airflow through the panel while maintaining strength requirements vacuum tables and industrial machine parts typically benefit from this feature. This is an example of an aluminum honeycomb core bonded to a transparent polycarbonate face sheet, which demonstrates the even bond line. Polycarbonate panels are dent and moisture resistant. Polyiso foam core is a closed cell substrate that is water and fire resistant. Polyiso.

Foam core can be used in internal or external panels due to the R factor. It is commonly used for external cladding in commercial buildings, elevator cabs, and the marine industry. Polyiso foam core is also rigid while being lightweight, and fire, water, and fungi resistant. Aluminum plywood panels are used for heavy duty, high impact applications such as high traffic ramps, bridges, and areas that require high strength without weight requirements or concerns. Aluminum plywood core allows 100 of the core to be bonded, providing the strongest bond possible, being dent resistant, with a sleek aluminum look.

Fishing boat, Fishing boat Types of Ships

Shipbuilding Picture Dictionary. Forshipbuilding. 1. Rudder 2. Jet nozzle 3. Propeller 4. Engine room 5. Engine room bulkhead 6. Main engine 7. Fuel tanks, two wing tanks and a center tank 8. Starboard bracket pole, used when fishing is done with nets and otter boards. The derrick will not be used in that case 9. Mast aft 10. Revolving drum for nets 11. Funnel 12. Messroom, dayroom 13. Bridge with navigational equipment and control panels for main engine, drum for nets and fish winch 14. Cabin for four 15. Railing 16. Capping 17. Scupper hole.

18. Wooden workdeck 19. Hatch on fish tank 20. Drop chute 21. Fish tank, with an insulation layer of about 20 cm all around 22. Bilge keel 23. Shear strake 24. Double bottom 25. Bow thruster installation 26. Name of the ship and fishery registration number 27. Fish winch 28. Conveyor belt and fish cleaning table 29. Guide pulleys for fish line 30. Forecastle deck 31. Fish wire blocks 32. Fish wire 33. Fish derrick 34. Mast 35. Radar antenna on mast 1. Rudder 2. Stern frame 3. Propeller 4. Boss plate.

5. Stern tube 6. Tail shaft 7. Intermediate shaft 8. Hot bulb engine 9. Bar keel 10. Floor plate 11. Collision bulkhead 12. Stem 13. Scupper 14. Hawse pipe 15. Forward roller 16. Forward bitt 17. Mast 18. Mast head light 19. Side bitt 20. Freeing port 21. Bulwark stay 22. Bulwark plate 23. Hatchway 24. Lifebouy 25. Engine room skylight 26. Funnel 27. Ensign staff 28. Stern light 29. Galley's chimney 30. Mooring hole 31. After bitt 32. After roller.

Floridas Diamondback Airboats Make Waves Mission Main Street Chase

My first job was building airboats. I really just like building things. We started in November of 1989. We only did 3 or 4 boats a year. We do 4 boats a week now. The opportunities we have coming to us will, will basically double our size in two years, and I don't know if we'll stop then. I've lived here my whole life. My family, my wife's family is from here. The name of our company is Diamondback Airboats, family run, family operated. We have about 130 employees and about 40,000 square foot.

Diamondback Airboats is the largest airboat manufacturer in the world. We bring the product inhouse. We can design it, we can engineer it, we can prototype it, we can build it, and we can produce it all in one place. We needed a pretty good size expansion this time last year. Our machining capabilities needed to grow. Then, actually, Chase came to us and presented us a deal. They could close faster, their interest rates, how they worked with us was way better than everybody else, and they just made it happen.

Always liked looking at companies that present opportunity but at the end of the day, if we look at, you know, what happens here, allowing Bobby and the Diamondback team to. to hire more folks, and do the things that they need to do. It's very important with what's happening in the last few years, especially here on the space coast. It's great to, to be a part of a company, that knows where it's going and how it's going to get there. We're looking at right now adding a 1015,000 square foot building. We would probably add.

Phoenix Durability Test EcoMod LED vs 3600 Gallons of Water

Hi. Ben here again with Phoenix Products Company. We're here at St. James Stevedoring Partners in Convent, Louisiana to put the durability of our new EcoMod LED Floodlight to the test. In 150 and 300 watt packages, the EcoMod features Philips Luxeon LEDs rated for 50,000 hours and over 26,000 lumens in output. The EcoMod is constructed with marine grade aluminum frame, UV and impactresistant polycarbonate lenses and features EcoVent technology, which extends the life of the fixtures by allowing water, debris and heat to flow through it. Now, I know what you're all thinking.

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