DIY Mini Skeeter Iceboat On Little Bitter Root Lake 2212015

DIY Mini Skeeter Iceboat On Little Bitter Root Lake 2212015,Another fabulous day of iceboating in the Mini Skeeter. Over the last few years I found small iceboats like the Mini Skeeter make iceboating much more..

Mini Skeeter Iceboat March 21 2015.Iceboating on a spring day. Mini Skeeter plans jlsbfamcenturytel..

Iceboating March 14th 2015 In The Mini Skeeter.Tom Schock and I enjoying a nice day iceboating on Little Bitteroot Lake. Light wind, hard ice 18 thick. Temperature about 50 degrees. Mini Skeeter plans..

International DN Ice Yacht Championships 2015.The International DN Ice Yacht World and North American Championships are being held in Kingston, Ontario right in front of our office. For the Kingston Yacht..

DN Ice Boat Practice. Maumee Bay Tuesday - 1/20/15.Rough ice. 14 of snow on top Practice in plate runners on a very short course. Some new camera angles to play with..

DN Iceboat Easterns 2015.DN Iceboat Eastern Championship 2015 US 637..

CompoTech DN Ice Boat Carbon Mast

CompoTech DN Ice Boat Carbon Mast,Brief look at the production of CompoTech fully carbon DN masts for DN ice boat. Look at the production cycle from engineering, production phase,..

Ice Boat At High Speeds. Arrow # 142.Maumee Bay Toledo Ohio March 9th 2914..

DN Iceboat Near Wipeout Followed By Carnage, Green Lake 01/17/15.Downwind burnout after catching an edge during a gust, followed by sinking the leeward runner through an open shove on the succeeding upwind porttack..

DN And Arrow Iceboating (1/11/15) On Lake St. Clair.A Beautiful Day For Ice Boating The Foot Of Hall Road On Lake St. Clair Rodgers Bay The Dns From Hell Club, With Arrow Ice Boats. light Wind 711..

DN ICE BOAT: WOW!!!.Crazy wind, could not tack with open water down wind..

DN ICEBOAT Sail-Making (Square Weave Dacron).A Slide Show Of Steps Making A DN Iceboat CrossCut, Dacron Sail SquareWeave The Kent Sail Co. Loft, Michigan U.S.A. Brother, Sister, and..

DN Ice Boat Sailing - Elk Lake, MI.David Frost sailing on Elk Lake, March 19, 2011..



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