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Erik Seither, Executive Director, Society for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Music Erick Seither, Executive Director, Society for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Hello, I'm Erick Seither and I'm the Executive Director of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Well, initially it was going to sea and sailing and it wasn't until I got into the industry and learned something about it and begin working in it, where I really became intrigued with the whole logistics side of things and the mix of tradition and innovation that play in almost every aspect of the business. The naval architect is going to be responsible for.

Designing a ship or a hull that has to survive in a pretty harsh environment. So, you've got all the considerations that you have for building a building on land, except that you're building it to survive in a hostile environment that's corrosive, the various weather conditions that you'll be operating in vary from still water to something pretty terrifying. And you have to design something that's cost effective and has the right kind of propulsion that can carry the cargo that is necessary that is habitable for the people on board that will.

Used 1975 William Atkin 36 For Sale In Richmond, California

Used 1975 William Atkin 36 For Sale In Richmond, California,CURRENT PRICE $27800 STOCK 17906 Classic Tiller Double ender Schooner View more than 100 photos and VERY DETAILED information of this..

Sailing Ravn, A Faering Designed By Atkin.Sailing Ravn, the Hardangerfjord faering I built, with Trouble the Sailor Dog on Devils Lake on the Oregon coast. I built Ravn over about three years from plans..

Ninigret: A U.S. Design For Irish Waters.Tiernan Roe, founder of Roeboats in County Cork on Irelands south coast, was born nearly a decade after John Atkin designed the Ninigret 22 in 1963..

Sports Book Review: Ultrasimple Boat Building By Gavin Atkin(hd).This is the summary of Ultrasimple Boat Building by Gavin Atkin..

Boat Building Plans..articlesbasecraftsarticleshowtobuildyourownboat5127135 When you thinking about homemade boat plan and decide to take up..

Wooden Boat - Boat Plans &Boat Building Made Easy.Making a wooden boat by plsullivan. Learn how to do it yourself tinyurlyj48fl3..

Jon Boat Pictures And Collections Romance

Jon Boat Pictures And Collections Romance,Jon boat this item is collection only. ,.... Shop at amazon.Co.Uk for sun dolphin american jon boat this item is say that i think the boat looks the way i thought..

William Atkin "Ben Bow" Design Cutter Sirocco Sailing In The Gulf Stream.Sirocco is a William Atkin designed Ben Bow. She is about 28 long on the waterline and weighs in at 17000 lbs. This is an unedited tutorial with original sound..

8ft Mouse Boat In A Force 6 And Some Waves On The Strand, Colonsay Part 1..My boat Oransay Mouse I built using Gavin Atkins plans back in 2008. Originally built for crossing the Strand at high tide when I worked on Oransay. The wheels..

Wooden Boat Plans - Improve Your Boat Building With Good Boat Plans ... Tips &Advice.Wooden Boat Plans If youre looking to get your wooden boat plans to make your dreams come true, youre at the right place. In this tutorial I will explain some..

Anna Atkins &The World's First Photo Book - Objectivity #5.Brady joins Rupert Baker of The Royal Society to look at the worlds first ever photo book published by botanist and photographer Anna Atkins in 1843. Follow..

Building A 12ft Peapod Row Boat.Building a 12 ft Maine peapod with Arch Davis. Visit.archdavisdesigns..

Fast Skiff Build.This is a 17ft Skiff that I built over summer, The plans are from bateau. This is the first boat that I have ever built by myself. Subscribe so you can see the..



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