Swimmers urged to Play Safe, Stay Safe this summer

New South Wales Police Force is expecting a particularly hot and busy summer, especially for our officers at the New South Wales Marine Area Command. With the official start of the school holidays today and hot weather predicted over the upcoming days and the leadup to Christmas, the New South Wales Police Force is anticipating large numbers of people on our beaches and waterways throughout New South Wales. Today the police has joined forces with Surf Lifesaving New South Wales to take this opportunity to remind the public that when they go on,.

Near or in the water, that they take the right precautions and they play safe and stay safe. Far too often at this tine of year, the police and surf lifesaving are called to respond to drownings or near drownings, in situations that in most cases could have been avoided. It's all about taking the right precautions before you go out, making the right decisions, being informed, listening to the experts on the beaches, swimming between the flags and knowing exactly what the right strateg is to do when you get yourself into difficulty. Surf Lifesaving has been working hard with.

The police and it's great to have their support. We've got 21,000 surf lifesavers and lifeguards working hard over this busy period. We're expecting a lot of work. We know that to the weather's going to be good so the lifeguards and lifesavers are well prepared and well trained to ensure the safety of the public. The key thing for us is reiterating the messages already, is that we need to make sure people are well prepared. There are a lot of mediums out there now and our website, Beach Safe, where you can go and check that.

Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Wollongong is a city in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. Heading south, Wollongong starts where Sydney finishes. It is the third largest city in the state behind Sydney and Newcastle and is thinly wedged on a coastal plain between an escarpment and the Pacific Ocean. Geography defines Wollongong, as the city is never more than roughly six kilometers at its widest but stretches over forty kilometers from South to North. Its growth was limited by mountains, which are not so much high as steep, and the sea, Wollongong has grown to.

Include a whole chain of coastal towns, from Dapto and Port Kembla in the south to Bulli, Austinmer, and even up to Stanwell Park in the north. Continuous development has recently stretched the urban area along the coast as far as Kiama in the distant south but those areas are serviced by the growing centre of Shellharbour. Its modern origins are in coal mining and steel production, industries which persist, notably the BlueScope steel facility at Port Kembla to the south. A dedicated port exists for the transport of materials whereas private craft and fishing boats use a separate facility.

Nearer the city centre in Belmore Basin. New industries, such as financial services, information technology, tourism and education are fast becoming trademarks of the city. Wollongong people are proud of the employment and heavy industry in the area, and choose to be more than just a outer commuter suburb for Sydney. The University of Wollongong is popular with local, other Australian and international students. Due to post war migration involving heavy industry, Wollongong also includes a large Mediterranean, Indian and Asian population which has left its mark on the city and means.

Surf Safety Puckeys Beach

Today we're at Puckey's Beach, an unpatrolled beach located between North Wollongong and Fairy Meadow. This is a beautiful area close to some of our most popular parks and outdoor spaces, but sadly drowinings have occurred here in the past. Puckey's has a lagoon opening that creates a permanent rip. It also has lots of inshore holes and gutters, submerged rocks. This creates unpredictable conditions such as flash rips and rapid changes to the water levels which are hazardous even to the most experienced and strong swimmers. These hazards are a real risk to anyone swimming in the Puckey's area. Although our lifeguards.

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Swimmers Urged To Play Safe, Stay Safe This Summer.Police and surf lifesavers are reminding swimmers to Play Safe, Stay Safe when in, on or around the water this summer. With the school holidays officially..

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