3d printed swamp boat Hello everyone Welcome on RCTutos.fr Today we are back for the RCTutos 150 with a double news First part of the news is BOAT It’s the first time RCTutos does some boat.

And second part of the news is a 3d printed boat It’s the first 3D printed RC we try it takes average 30 hours to print you print the different elements you see in different colors a place here for the electronics Receiver and ESC.

And here for the lipo a small 12 pole brushless motor with a drone propeller So we tried this boat this efternoon Let’s see the test tutorial we come back after to give us our feedback about the RC and the way to build it.

Good watching So we are back after this small tutorial like you see it’s fun to run it the boat isn’t fast a bit heavy not very well balanced.

Like you see at the end of the tutorial it’s a sinking boat the problem is the plastic layers are not very sealed it need to be resined or with silicon to waterproof the lines, like you see here you see here there is some play between the lines so it took the water.

You see at a moment the lipo cut and at the same moment it dives The proccess of printing is really fun it’s a melted plastic and extruded to make the different layers of the part to finally have the part you needed.

We will try to develop this a bit in rctutos in the coming weeks or months and present you some 3D printed RCs you will discover this soon we will optimize the boat to make other tests it was funny.

We didn’t play a lot, like you see it’s just an 1.0A lipo it’s limited in playing time we need tosee for the balance because the nose goes in the water when throttling ok so for a first test, it was fun.



Boat Plans

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