Boat Cover Support Poles How to Assemble

Before we start assembling the pieces, let’s make sure we have everything We should have one 20 inch length of 78 inch aluminum tubing, one 18 inch length of 34 inch aluminum tubing, two 18 inch lengths of 34 inch aluminum tubing, one boat vent, and two tube connectors. The 20 inch tubing will act as the base tube for height adjustment. Simply insert any of the 18 inch lengths of 34 inch tubing to add to the height of your support pole. If you have a connection that requires a snap, you can use the tubing with the attached snap as your connector. The rubber stopper at the end of the 20 inch.

Tube is for a boost of added stability. To disassemble the boat vent, first twist the wing nut counterclockwise off of the thread. Remove the bottom clamp, this is known as the lower flange. Slide it off, as well as the upper flange, which might take some pulling to come off. Next, use the diagram on your instructions to make your 214 inch template. Once you’ve cut out the outlined circle, use it to trace a mark onto your boat cover. Now, we are going to reassemble the boat vent. Put the upper flange back on the boat vent. This piece is going to go on top of the boat cover.

We’ll use this piece of cloth as an example. Place it into the hole that you created with your template. From underneath the boat cover, put the lower flange back on to the boat vent. Lock it in place, and then make sure you secure it with that wingnut. Once the boat vent is installed, you can attach the lengths of support poles, using as many or as few as needed.

Garelick Outboard Motor Mount Bracket Stand Kicker Eeze In Review

So this is a Garelick Eeze in kicker motor bracket, and it’s rated for twenty horse power. So I wanted to put it up on the fence because I wanted to see how hard it was to pull it up and down, and how to work it. And I’ve got it on with just some deck screws, and it seems to be holding there, but on a boat, I’d recommend through bolts.

And a backing, because it does take quite a bit of pressure to push it down. You’ve got to push that down, and push the red thing back, to get it out of the double locks. It’s not as much pressure as I thought. because when I had it out, before I mounted it to something, it was an extreme amount of pressure.

To pull it apart. But, it seems to work. I like the heavy dutyness of it. It seems like it would hold the motor on the boat for sure. It’s when it’s bouncing around the back of the trailer is when you need the through bolts and the backing plate, doubling down the road on land. It would bounce around a lot,.

And that puts a lot of pressure on that. Other than that, I think it’s a great mount itself. You just need to make sure it goes through your boat good. It does take a lot of pressure to pull it down, but a couple of, with the weight of the motor on, it’s probably a lot easier. Okay. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. brandhagen@gmail .



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