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Gtgt well, my father built boats, and i started building boats by watching him and helping him, and i’ve been building boats ever since.Gtgt that growing up in boatbuilding, i just naturally went and began working with my father.And i’ve been working with my father ever since ’89.So it’s been a natural progression throughout the years of just a family following in one another’s footsteps.Gtgt erica must be nice having your office, the boathouse, right across the street from where you live, isn’t it gtgt yeah, it saves a lot when i’m commuting to work.

Don’t have much of a gas bill.Gtgt erica so your son bought this boat that your dad built for someone 40 years ago.Gtgt yeah.Gtgt erica that’s pretty incredible.Gtgt yeah, he bought it from the original other than.The original owner kept it the whole 40 42, 43 years.I’m getting ready to start putting the stern posts in so that when we come on back with the size, we’ll have something to plank the size up to.Gtgt my father built boats.He built them in the backyard.

And i was the oldest of four brothers, so i had to end up helping him.I just saw how it was done by watching him, helping him, and i just tried it on my own, and that’s the way i got started.Gtgt growing up on an island, being from harkers island, boats is a way of life, because everybody and his brother had a boat.They lived in the water, stayed in the water, and a lot of your food come from the water.So boats was a that was a big thing for everybody on the.

Island.And growing up here, i’ve been around boats ever since i was in diapers.Gtgt erica what about this boat you all are working on now what’s the story gtgt this is one that we’re refinishing for a guy.He lives in raleigh, but he’s from the island.They brought it to us.They just had the hull of a boat and basically just a shell.And now we’re fiberglassing the stuff that we’re putting onto her.And i think they want us to go ahead and finish the old, rough.

Boat inside and get her ready for running.Gtgt i mean, i started there, the only thing i had was a bandsaw and didn’t have electric plane or anything like that.It was mostly all that stuff was done by hand.Gtgt for a family to be doing it for as long as they have, i reckon we have left a little bit of a legacy on the island.I mean, a lot of people knows us, and the first boat i ever built is still where i am.

Boat Building Documentary Of Eastern North Carolina

Boat building documentary of eastern north carolina,Documentary of my family boat building business along with other boat building businesses in eastern north carolina the evolution of custom sport fishing. Come sail away free boat building documentary,Timestream pictures presents come sail away in 1979 robert d miles designed what was at that time the largest sailing catamaran in the world with. Wooden boatbuilding faber navalis a film by maurizio borriello,Restoration of a wooden ship recognized as historical maritime treasure by the norwegian directorate for cultural heritage it might seem just a tutorial about the.

Lewis family boatbuilders nc now unctv,The lewis family builds boats that will last forever representing the continuation of a tradition that remains a living occupation for many harkers island residents. Made in the bronx short documentary about wooden boat building stephen dypiangco,At rocking the boat an after school program in the bronx high school students learn how to build a boat using their hands this cinema verite dcoumentary. Commercial boat builders success story,Interview with a commercial fishing boat maker i thought his story was a fantastic success story of the little guy striking out on his own i have included his email.

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Coos bay wooden boat builders a tribute to the craft and the community,Note this film won the top honor the audience choice award at the 2015 oregon coast film festival from among the 22 short documentary entries that year. Harold a burnham 11th generation woodenboat builder,Excerpt from fame a documentary on wooden boat builder harold burnham of essex ma director and tutorialgrapher albert viator music by ye mariners all.

The Boat Builders Of Myitkyina Myanmar

The boat builders of myitkyina myanmar,Boat builders working on the banks of the irrawaddy ayeyarwady river as it flows through myitkyina in the north of myanmar where boats are an important. Handmade sportfisherman harkers island north carolina,This old builder is the davinci of boat builders all from his head a real craftsmen. Uss north carolina tour gameplay world of warships battleship gameplay,Get in world of warships download world of warships now tinyurlplaywows uss north carolina tour gameplay world of.

Building on tradition,Feature tutorial about the northwest school of wooden boatbuilding located in port hadlock washington the unique history of port hadlock and of the school. Salvaging uss monitor hl hunley documentary part 2,Two fascinating civil war era vessels which eluded search efforts for more than a hundred years are brought to life in this story of loss recovery and restoration. Ft steel boat building diy experience 6test drive boatbuilder gustav,Together with my friends i build the boat of my imagination and plans in this part 6 i make a test drive with the remote control this is a movie for hobby captains.

Cfcc wooden boat building program,Program profile for cape fear community colleges unique wooden boat building program taught by instructor mark bayne students learn to build a boat from. Model boat building drew dog bussell southport nc,Model boat building 101 lol model boat building fishing ocean bouy water building rc sport fishing sea shrimp boat. Spencer yachts boat build promo 2015,A promotional tutorial produced by unscene productions for spencer yachts with and in depth look at the process of building a custom sportfishing boat.



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