Sandwich Core Materials

Hi, I’m Steve from Fibre Glast. Today we’re taking a look at the Sandwich Core materials available at FibreGlast . This category includesNomex Honeycomb, EndGrain Balsa, and a selection of foam products. We use the term Sandwich Core because these materials are sandwiched between layers of reinforcement within your part. They are used to build bulk and strength for a part without adding significant weight. Parts made with sandwich core achieve a much higher flexural strength than using skin laminates alone.Sandwich core materials also build thickness into any composite part, which in turn, builds stiffness. Let’s take a closer look at each of oursandwich core categories, beginning with Nomex

Honeycomb. Nomex Honeycomb is a sheet of cells, nested together to form panels with much the same look as a crosssection of beehive. It’s extremely flexible, and when fully expanded, is almost entirely open space. It offers good impact resistance and is also fire retardant. Among sandwich core, Honeycomb offers the very best strengthforweight ratio. It isused primarily for structural applications in aerospace. EndGrain Balsa is the most widely used sandwich core material. It is constructed using small blocks of wood each bonded in succession to a light scrim fabric backing. As a result,it conforms to nearly any simple curve and

most gradual compound curves. It offers ahigh compressive strength due to the density of the wood blocks. Balsa is often selectedas a more affordable option compared to honeycomb or vinyl foams.Foams make up the last category of Sandwich Core. All foams at FibreGlast are rigid, closedcell foams, meaning they resist water, gas, and oil. They deliver added strength,stiffness, and insulation for parts, without adding significant weight. Foam is easy tohandle, provides excellent flotation, and can be easily carved or shaped. Our foam selections includes sheets of vinyl foam; Divinymat flow media mixandpour polyurethane foams; and sheets of polyisocyanurate foam.

All the Sandwich Core materials at FibreGlast are compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins, and can be used for most layup techniques, including vacuum bagging and infusion. Because of their combined strength, stiffness and bulk for low weight, they are popular for use with marine applications,like boat hulls, as well as aerospace and structural panels. To get more details on our entire selection of Sandwich Core materials, visit productpages at FibreGlast and watch spotlight tutorials. Thanks for watching today and don’t forget to LIKE this tutorial..



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