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Sporting Dog Pro. Tough Gear for Tough Dogs. Ducks and Retrievers Hunting with Dog Training Collars There's simply no better place to be at first light. Where the reeds chatter with the rolling wind, Giving way to the flutter of wings from above. Your heartbeat syncs to that of the rising sun. You breathe. You rise. It's church. With water so pure it cleanses the land. and the soul. You couldn't be more alive at this instance of place and time. It's what we were born to do. It's not about winning or losing,.

Model of lung

Sound of bubbles popping Ever felt out of breath Ever wanted to go that extra mile Well now you can, with a little help from us. Hi, my name's Steve and I'm from the Questacon Science Squad and today I'm going to show you how to make a model of a lung. What you'll need is a pair of scissors, two balloons about 30 centimeters in diameter, a straw, a rubber band, a piece of plasticine about two centimetres across, a pencil and a plastic bottle about 600ml large. First what you'll need to do is get your balloon and cut off the neck, like that.

This is now going to act as our diaphragm. Next you want to get the plastic bottle and cut the base off, like I have done here. Now get your diaphragm and stretch it very, very tightly over the end of your bottle. Now, this can be a little bit fiddly, so I've prepared one earlier. Now get your other balloon and put the straw in through the neck and tie it off tightly using your rubber band. The balloon is going to act as our lung and the straw is going to act as our wind pipe.

Great. Now what we're going to do is we are going to get the pencil and put it through the centre of our ball of plasticine. Then we get our straw and we put it through the hole we've just made and pinch it off at the ends so that no air can escape. Now you want to get the balloon, squeeze out all the air and feed it into the top of your bottle. Push it all the way down and then once you've done that, squeeze off the sides of the.

90 seconds 9am Good AU growth

Hello. I'm David Chaston with Ninety at nine, brought to you by interest.co.nz. This is where you get everything you need to know in 90 seconds at 9 o'clock, including news markets are much calmer now despite Ukraine tensions. In the US, according to the ADP employment survey, a precursor to this weekend's official NonFarm Payrolls report, American firms added only a modest number of new jobs in February 1',000 and down from the 175,000 in the January survey. The February result was lower than what markets were expecting which was growth of 159,000. The Fed Beige Book is due.

Out soon and we will update this story below. The Bank of England has suspended a staff member and published records showing concerns about the risks of benchmark currencyrate manipulation were raised in meetings as early as July 2006. The ECB is set to review its interest rates tomorrow and the IMF has called on them to cut them and add a big new QE effort. Japanesestyle deflation is the worry, say the IMF staffers. China's benchmark moneymarket rate rose for a second day as the central bank drained excess cash released by its intervention to weaken the yuan. It's now at 3.81 up more.

Than 100 bps from 2.78 on Monday. Beijing is deliberately making policy that injects more risk into their financial system, one that has grown used to bailouts and other government support. Australia's Q4 GDP growth beat estimates in data released late yesterday. It grew at 2.8 in 2013 and the December quarter came in at 0.8 topping forecasts. Australia's economy may have shaken off the threat of a serious downturn, helped by growing household spending and booming exports, and that's according to John Edwards, a prominent RBA board member. And in Australia, the court judgment that SP is liable for its ratings when a company.

Goes bad has SP warning that its business may not be viable if the legal system calls its ratings 'investment advice'. Oil has dropped another US$1barrel overnight and gold is up slightly after yesterday's fall and is now just below US$1,340oz. The benchmark UST 10yr bond is up again at 2.71 and equities are range trading in New York in early afternoon. Here's an echo from the recent past involving Ben Bernanke. As the Fed boss, his pay was US$199,400 per year. Now that he is not the Fed boss, a speech yesterday in Abu Dhabi.

Balloon powered car

Sound of bubbles popping G'day, I'm David from the Questacon Science Squad and people have been telling me my whole life I'm full of hot air. So it's about time that I decided to do something about that and put that hot air to good use. So, I decided to make a balloonpowered car. For this I'm going to need a piece of cardboard about 8cm by 10cm, obviously a balloon, a couple of skewers, 3 straws, two straight straws and one with those nice bendy bits in it. We need 4 bottle tops,.

About the same size is great, they're going to be our wheels, some scissors, a piece of elastic band, and last but not least some sticky tape. Alright this is what you do grab your straight pieces of straw and place them on the bottom of your piece of cardboard there, just like that, you want them just about even. Grab some sticky tape and stick them down. There, great. One piece down. two pieces down. Flip that over. Now, your skewers are going to be your axles and then that's what your wheels are going to go on the end of.

So your wheels should already have a couple of little holes drilled in them, they want to be about the same size as the thickness of our skewer. So stick that in one end, there we go, just like that, through the axle. Ooh no, wait a second, we want to put these around the other way so that rough bit on the side of the bottle cap doesn't catch on the cardboard. Same on this side, just push it through. There we go, beautiful. And we've got a second one.

Try not to stab yourself in the hand with the pointy bit at the end of the skewer, I'm told it really hurts. I wouldn't know by personal experience of course, I'm not silly enough to do that. Alright, get that one on. There, great. Alright, now, the next part, take your bendy straw like this and your balloon and your scissors and cut your bendy straw so you've got two pieces about the same length. There we go. Beaut, so you've got a nice little bendy piece like that. You can get rid of that, over you go.

And take your balloon on the end of one section of the bendy straw, elastic band on the outside, and just wrap it around a few times, so the balloon stays onto the end of the straw. It should end up looking something like this. You should be able to blow it up and no air gets out of it. Alright, now back to your wheels, it takes a little bit of working out to try and get these straight so the car moves forward nicely. So I've made one a little bit earlier, which I'm sure works.

Here it is. It's a beauty, isn't it Nice, orange wheels. OK, so grab your balloon and your straw, get another piece of sticky tape like that and put it on the end of your straw like there, and stick it down so the end of the straw is poking out over the side of the car and your balloon's stuck in the middle of it. Now it's time to test how it races, so get your balloon and start to blow it up. And you might notice that I've chosen a red balloon,.

Tsunami and you Living more safely with natural hazards

Sound of Waves Boat Engine Sound of Waves Boat Engine Low Rumbling Boat Engine Low Rumbling Felix heard some strange noises coming from the shore Low Rumbling Low Rumbling and a dust cloud rising from the buildings on the land. Low Rumbling He thinks it might have been an earthquake. Low Rumbling He checks that everyone on the boat is okay. Low Rumbling Low Rumbling Sammy nearly falls over when a really strong earthquake makes the ground shake. Low Rumbling Low Rumbling He knows that there might be a tsunami after an earthquake Low Rumbling.

Low Rumbling and so he drops his fishing spear and starts running inland. Low Rumbling and so he drops his fishing spear and starts running inland. He makes sure the other people on the beach start running inland as well. Isa stands up and dusts herself off, thinking that that was a very big earthquake. She knows the markets are close to the beach and, if there is a tsunami, they will all be in danger. She raises the alarm and helps the injured people evacuate into the hills. Felix and his passengers are nervous about a tsunami coming,.

But Felix thinks that they are far enough out to sea to be safe. Just in case, he drives the boat further out to sea. Sammy and Isa are helping everyone evacuate up into the hills. Along the way, they have picked up some first aid supplies, food, and bottles of water. They reach the top of the hill and turn back to look at the ocean. They can see a huge wall of water coming across the beach and can hear a very loud roar. They have made it to safety, just in time.

In the next few hours, there are two more big waves, and then the ocean is quiet. Felix and his passengers have been listening to a radio and after three hours have passed, since the earthquake, they hear an announcement saying it is safe for people to return to their villages. He turns the boat around and heads for shore, watching out for debris in the water. Sammy, Isa and all the people who evacuated have been huddled around a radio, waiting for news. After three hours they hear a crackly message saying.

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