Wrap a hot dog in a burger and share one with the girl who looks like taylor Lautner. It’s episode 35 of IMG! Okay, see this picture of Albert Einstein? Well, squint your eyes to see a wizard. Last week a volcano erupted in Iceland and it was captured.

From space. octopus chandeliers are also weird, but this is how I spend most of my Saturdays. Once the kid is born, pick up a TV dinner, perfect for kid.bullying people. I usually prefer meals like this, complete with snails and romance. Rage faces are everywhere, but take a look at a dollar bill. Closer, closer, closer,.

Closer. forever alone. grandma. Oh. Here’s a pilot ejecting from a plane really close to the ground. This is what he escaped from. No, no, no, kitty, kitty, kitty. That is a bad box to sleep in. But I do love epic meetings. Carl Sagan and the Dalai Lama. George Harrison and Bob Marley. Warren Buffett,.

Bill gates, ludacris. hunter s thompson, John Cusack, Johnny Depp and a blow up doll. Oh, and this guy with Albert Einstein, that is Charlie Chaplin and here’s Chaplin with Gandhi. Oh and when bears are bald, they look like this. Artist Sam Spratt gave us Dwight Schrute.

Wearing a bear, and he also created rebecca black with rotting flesh. Reddit discovered a lot of truths this week. A building that looks like a bird wearing a top hat and Obama looks like this. Seriously. A lot. And now, funny names for boats. Enjoy.

This license plate looks random, but in a mere reflection. Potatoes and humans can be friends. And if you want a wedding ring to be more permanent, make it a piercing. Sam Bassett takes incredible portraits. Randy Moss, rainbows, tennis. And here are some books from the Dutch literature organization.

Cut into threedimensional heads, like this one of anne frank. And that’s right, you guessed it, today’s final image is this 8bit hair bow that you can own from today’s episode of LT, where I cover a bunch of stuff that you can actually buy. And don’t worry boys, there are some gifts for you, too. So go over there right now, click on the hair bow to view it. Be sure to subscribe to Vsauce and.

Minecraft How to make Miniature Ships

Jak udlat miniaturn lod Ne zaneme, musme z vlajek vyrobit plachty lod. 🙂 Udlm pr odlinch monost. Jedna z nich je urena pro pirtsk lod! Tady jsou! Jsem patn stavitel na vod. Budu nkolikrt peskakovat dopedu kvli chybm.



Boat Plans

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