Talks on resolving rail strike fail, labor and management still at odds

Moving now to the nationwide rail strike. now in its 19th day. Marathon talks between the staterun railway operator KORAIL and the railway union to resolve the strike have failed to make much progress. Song Jisun has the latest. The KORAIL chief issued an ultimatum to striking workers on Friday,. after the labor and management of the staterun rail operator failed to reach an agreement in talks that went for 10 hours on and off and ended Friday morning. In a press briefing after the talks ended, KORAIL CEO Choi Yeonhye asked striking workers.

To return to work by midnight Friday. or face disciplinary action. She added that KORAIL aims to foster internal competition by setting up a subsidiary to manage a new highspeed rail line out of Seoul,. which is what sparked the strike on December 9th. We can give you a 100percent guarantee the new Suseo KTX station will be an affiliate of the company. We ask all workers to come back by midnight, and for those who do not, we will consider that you are not willing to return to your posts..

In a separate press conference shortly after, railway union leader Kim Myunghwan said the union is still open to talks. and workers would end the strike if the government stops the approval of a license for the new subsidiary. We are willing to go back to work once the government stops proceedings with the new Suseo KTX station, and we are willing to sit down for talks on development of the railway to benefit society. KORAIL said Thursday it would hire 6hundred60 new employees to mitigate the strike's impact. Passenger train services are running at about 70 percent,. while freight train services.

Using Public Transport Apps on your Smartphone

Public transport apps take the guesswork out of using buses and trains that's because they deliver schedules, maps, and real time information right to your smartphone. There are heaps out there, so find one for your town by searching public transport in your App Store. Here's a couple that will help you on your way. One i use all the time is the Auckland Transport app. It has live departure boards for stops throughout the city. If you know the stop you want you can type it in, otherwise the map icon displays.

All the ones nearby by pinpointing your phone's GPS. You then get all the info you need including the bus route, destination, schedule, and estimated time due. Basically, everything you need to know and then some. The Transit Times Plus App also really handy. Make this your goto app for planning and mapping out journeys. It has schedules for trains, buses, and ferries, rough travel times, plus walking directions to and from your stops. It literally shows you every step of the way and has a handy map function that allows you to see your route. In theory.

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