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It was one of my friends who encountered this community of seaweed farmers in a mangrove area 500 miles south of Manila, where children were basically swimming when they were going to school. That story really touched me So I updated my Facebook status and one of my friends challenged me It made me think we should do something about it. So, we started a mini fundraising company Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and we raised enough money to buy them a boat. But one thing that we didn't realize, in the afternoon when it's low tide,.

A boat is kind of useless. You can't just give whatever you think they need You have to really find out what their needs are. So it's really a learning process, and it's becoming sort of a relationship. Social media is helping us connect with places that face challenges that we've never even heard of. Now we're looking at a holistic way to help them by helping the highschool graduates secure some scholarships from the State College of Marine Science and Technology to get out of poverty and improve the quality of life in the community.

Fruit Veggie Vehicle Races Michigan State University

Voiceover And we're off! Ready, set, go! jazzy music Today we had our first annual Fruity Vehicle Race. We had eight teams and they all got to participate in the product development teams. So they got to interact with each other, but they had to come up with a creative solution, work within all of these constraints to use the fruits and vegetables to build a race car. We're Fruity Rebels. We put many minutes of preparation into this. This is a Formula One carrot car. The Berry Family.

This is Papa Berry and this is Berry Junior. They have equal trip where they show off their Banarama vehicle and they have been the winners, reigning champions for five years now so they do not want to lose. We're very competitive. We're Team Six. This is Chiquita. She's really fast, but wer'e going for humor 'cause she's probably going to fall apart. We're called the Ferrari because it's the fastest, the best, and it's red looking. This class is really focused on productive side of innovation. It means that students have to think creatively.

Then we learn about productive side. It means that they need to think about different perspective that they want to design the product. This exercise provides a very good opportunity for students to practice their creativity in new productive side and then apply the key mapping concepts such as positioning, market's location, and branding tradition. I am very glad that students were able to do vehicles but not only to run, but also appeal to people. Voiceover We had multiple categories which represented multiple segments. So it could be the most appealing car,.

Western Michigan University Designed to Lead Conference

Leadership is the ability to visualize your goal and also motivate others to want to accomplish the exact same goal that you see. Leadership is about influencing others and inspiring them to accomplish your dream. To me leadership in the ability to influence others to accomplish a common goal. A good leader empowers people to create their own vision and to become leaders themselves. To me, leadership is about making a difference and you can make a difference in a lot of different ways. You can make a difference in your.

ICO Recruit Training Indiana DNR

We train our Officers to understand the CORE Values of being a strong Public Servant. Through hard work, discipline, decision making, compliance, desire and endurance, our recruits become centered on the understanding of the Indiana Conservation Officer's motto.INTEGRITY ALWAYS. This training is designed to reveal weaknesses and work on those weaknesses to form them into strengths. We test our recruits and challenge them to reflect the character values of citizenship, humility, impartiality, loyalty, duty, trustworthiness, respect, integrity and valor, needed in a public servant. It is our job to provide training to our recruits that build them into officers of integrity.

Discovering Prospecting For Lake Superior Gold, Great Lakes Boat Building School

Discovering Prospecting For Lake Superior Gold, Great Lakes Boat Building School,Prospecting for gold along the shores of Lake Superior with Jon Brown. A visit to the Great Lakes Boat Building School in Cedarville, MI..

Great Getaways: Boat Building - Tawas, MI.from Great Getaways 10016 A Tale of Two Little Cities East Tawas Tawas City, Michigan Travel Planner..

Cardboard Boat Building School 2014..

Destination Michigan 507.We learn about the wooden boat building craft at Cedarvilles Great Lakes Boat Building School, visit the animals of the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, and..

Promo For Destination Michigan 507, Premieres 5.26.14.We learn about the wooden boat building craft at Cedarvilles Great Lakes Boat Building School, visit the animals of the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, and..

2013 Grand Rapids Boat Show - Great Lakes Boat Building School.For more information, please visit glbbs Brought to you by At The Boat Show.attheboatshow Dennis Mykols from Great Lakes..

Wood Traditional Boat Building Material

Wood Traditional Boat Building Material,Wood is the traditional material used for making boat. A closer look at the wooden boat in West Bengal. West Bengal is a state in the eastern region of India and..

The Largest Submarine In The U.S. Navy.USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohioclass ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear..

Middle School Cardboard Boat Race.8th graders design and build boats out of cardboard and duct tape and race them. Some will prevail, others will sink! Dont miss the teacher boat oared by Dr..

Minecraft Xbox - Massive Cruise Ship.In this tutorial I tour a massive cruise ship that was built by ZShoot2KillZ and JN KINGZ. JN KINGZ channel sJnkingz Map download..

How To Build A CHRIS CRAFT Express Cruiser By Randall Burg.Randall Burg Yacht and Ship presents a look at how Chris Craft builds their boats. For more information about Chris Craft or any other boat contact Randall..

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US Navy NUCLEAR ARMED Submarine Documentry.An interesting documentary on US navy nuclear armed submarines produced by the pentagon channel. Composition of the current forceedit Ohio class 18 in..



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