Facebook Stories Beyond the Yellow Boat

It was one of my friends who encountered this community of seaweed farmers in a mangrove area 500 miles south of Manila, where children were basically swimming when they were going to school. That story really touched me So I updated my Facebook status and one of my friends challenged me It made me think we should do something about it.

So, we started a mini fundraising company Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation and we raised enough money to buy them a boat. But one thing that we didn’t realize, in the afternoon when it’s low tide, a boat is kind of useless. You can’t just give whatever you think they need; You have to really find out what their needs are. So it’s really a learning process, and it’s becoming sort of a relationship.

Social media is helping us connect with places that face challenges that we’ve never even heard of. Now we’re looking at a holistic way to help them by helping the highschool graduates secure some scholarships from the State College of Marine Science and Technology to get out of poverty and improve the quality of life in the community. By building them a boat, we never realized that it would create a ripple effect to understand each other and build a relationship with them.


Boat Plans

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