Timber Selection Chris Rees Part 1

Timber Selection Chris Rees Part 1,Timber selection is key for any traditional boat building. Being able to select the correct piece of timber for the right job is very important and helped by years of..

Making Scarf Joints For The Boat Planks With A Multisaw.Scarf joints for the planks on Sprucegoose..

IBTC Herreshoff 11'6" Dinghy Backbone Build.This is a time lapse of a 116 Herreshoff dinghy backbone build. It was done early 2013 at the international boatbuilding training college. 2 students were tasked..

03. Stitch And Glue Boat Building: Align And Glue Panels.This tutorial is part of a series of how to tutorials that show the construction of a Pygmy stitch and glue sg kayak kit..pygmyboatsindex..

Building Skerry Daysailers At Chesapeake Light Craft: Stitch And Glue Boatbuilding.Over the last 15 years, CLC boatbuilding classes have launched 900 boats and introduced more than a thousand students to the joys of boatbuilding. CLC has..

Gar Wood Ensign Please Do NOT Fiberglass Wood Boats!.Here is the next installment on our 1946 GarWood Ensign restoration project. With everything removed from the hull, we have flipped her onto boat dollies in..

Intex Seahawk II Inflatable Boat Customization FishingAdvNHF

Intex Seahawk II Inflatable Boat Customization FishingAdvNHF,After testing out the floorboard that I had made Its in my previous tutorial here, youtu.beAcTv9Z3BA, I am very satisfied with the performance, I can stand..

I'm Building A Boat And Need Your Junk....Shameless solicitation for used tools and materials to help build my big boat .

Old Town Boat Replace Transom &Convert Trailer 10 22 2014.The transom of this brightfinished, original per her build sheet, 1950 15 Old Town Boat Hull 154324 suddenly split across the port ear while she was..

Berthon Apprentices' Project - West Solent One Design (January 2014).The Berthon apprentices are currently restoring a West Solent One Design RIPPLE as an educational project on behalf of Boatyard owner Brian May. With the..

Stern Fillet And Glass.The joints are filled to a smooth radius with fillets of thickened epoxy, then fiberglas tape is overlayed and wetted down with unthickened epoxy. See more at..

Five Easy Pieces Diner Scene.Jack just wants his toast..

Cutting The Rabbet (large Vessels).Cutting the rabbet on any vessel is very important, it is where the planks interact with the centreline timbers stem, keel, stern post, deadwoods etc., either the..



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