Affordable 3 to 4 Car Garage Conversion No Construction

Alight, well welcome back to the OPTIBOSS channel. Just showing you how you can turn a 3 car garage into a four car garage. So in order to increase space in your three car garage, you can get a lift, hydraulic lift, that lifts all of your bikes or you can even put a car on there, it’s strong enough to hold a car, and then you park your car underneath it. So we will show you what that looks like after, but it takes a little bit to lift up. But they are very very convenient. Lucky here, we have a really tall garage, so you just to do the modification of making your garage door taller so that it doesn’t run into, If you look here, you can see the standard size garage and if you look over.

There, they have rigged it so that the garage goes up higher. You literally lift up everything out of the way and now I’m going to park a car under there. Alright, and here is the lift information, for those that are wondering. Well there you have it, I turned a 3 car garage into a 4 car garage. Check it out, subscribe, comment, like it, and let me know what you think?!.

Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a Bump Key

This week, no residence is safe, because you are going to commit crime. This episode of Scam School brought to you by Netflix and GoDaddy. Warning the following episode may contain eggs, gluten, soy and crime.

Welcome to Scam School, the only show dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street. I’m your host Brian Brushwood, And this week, I mean it. We’re back to hardcore crime, because you will go to jail if you have used what you’re about to learn. Because we’re about to find out how to use everyday objects that you have in your house.

Right now to pick locks. All right. Finally, we get to learn from a true expert. Justin, how’re you doing? It’s good to see you. All right, so we wanted to start off by talking about what kinds of locks are easy to either pick or bump.

There’s a bunch of different ways to open locks, right? Yes. And what are the least safe that people don’t realize aren’t very secure at all. Just about anything you can buy in a hardware store, Home Depot, any kind of department anything under $75. {LAUGHS Oh, really.

Yeah. So pretty much everybody watching, their lock on the front door at home is easy to pick or bust into. Right. And you can have an expensive lock, but it could have an inexpensive cylinder in it. So don’t be fooled by.

Explain to me that part. Talk to me about the cylinder. That’s the center part of the lock? Yes, that’s where you put the key. And that’s what he operates the bolt, so you can lock and unlock it. But you can have different brand cylinders with highend locks. So you might have a highend, very fancy pants.

Secure lock, but the cylinder’s junk. Right. And then you could just pop it right open. Yeah. Like for instance, Baldwin is a very exclusive brand, very expensive. And you can have a very inexpensive cylinder in there. So the lock may be secure.


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