Engineering to me is to take math and science concepts and apply them to practical problems. Since I was younger they’ll always feel like little toys and gadgets and stuff. Always wondering like how, how they move, how they work. So I would take them apart. Wasn’t good at first, putting it back together so a lot of my toys got thrown away. But after a while you know, I started really understanding how things got put back together and started focusing more on when I take them apart, how to put it back together and how certain things work.

I’ve always been quick with understanding equations, the ins and out of them and just applying them everyday. And so along with that and building always interested in how things work and building lead me to going into the Engineering field. The cardboard boat race is, build a sustainable boat that floats on water and you’re able to maneuver in it, out of cardboard, duct tape, and liquid nails. The goal is to be able too particularly travel over three football fields in length, so 300 yards with three to four people. For.



Boat Plans

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