DIY Shallow Water Anchors Make Your Own Shallow Water Anchor

(Music) Hey, this is Chad Ferguson,learntocatchcatfish . I’m going to show you todaya shallow water anchor that I built. There’s a number of different companiesthat manufacture these. I’ve always wanted some. I’ve been using PVC pipes and rebar and fence posts and a number of other things over the years,

and I never was real happy with them. So I decided I was going to hunt down some materials to build these on my own. This is a 3/4 inch pipe fiberglass rod. All I’ve done here is taken a PVC Thandle and epoxied it here on the end, put me a piece of rope around it, and put some rubber grip on it

so it’d be easier to holdand get a good grip on when I was pulling itin and out of the water. What you use these for is anchoring out on shallow mud flats or in shallow water. This one is 8 foot long. If I get to a situation where I would need anything more than that, then I would certainly just use an achor,

because I wouldn’t wantto use these in water that was much deeper than4 or 5 feet at the most. What you do is you stickthese down in the ground. I was going to build somebrackets to hold these to mount on my boat, butthen about a week ago I got to messing withthem after I built them and I realized that these rod holders, if they’re turned outside, will hold them.

So I’m going to keepusing these for right now and if I decide I want toactually build a bracket then I’ll come back and showyou what I did there later on. But all you have to do touse these is just take them and jam them down in the ground real good, and they’ll hold your boat in the wind. I’ve got one for the frontand one for the back. Between the two I’ve beenusing them for a week now

with no issues at all. I have used the commerciallymanufactured models and I can’t say honestly that those work any better than these have. I’ve been real happy with them so far. No complaints at all whatsoever and it makes a nice little shallow water anchor. If you want to learn how I built these,



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