Warriors 2014 World Championship Imagine Dragons

As a child you would wait, and watch from far away, But you always knew that you'd be the one to work while they all play. In youth, you'd lay awake at night and scheme Of all the things that you would change, But it was just a dream. Here we are don't turn away, now We are the Warriors that built this town. Here we are don't turn away, now We are the Warriors that built this town from dust. The time will come when you will have to rise.

Above the best and prove yourself Your spirit never dies. Farewell, I've gone to take my throne above But don't weep for me, cause this will be the labor of my love. Here we are don't turn away, now We are the Warriors that built this town. Here we are don't turn away, now We are the Warriors that built this town from dust. Here we are don't turn away, now We are the Warriors that built this town. Here we are don't turn away, now We are the Warriors that built this town from dust.

Official Tutorial JAM Project THE HERO !! One Punch Man Opening Theme

ONE PUNCH! Three! Two! One! Kill shot! Appearing! Certain Victory! The absolute strongest!! What're you saying Frustration! Nobody can stop me ONE PUNCH! It's over! One victory after another! I shout out!! I'm always victorious!! Total victory!! Power! Get the power! Right up to the limit HERO, I don't want voices praising me or an ovation HERO, so I fight against evil in secret Nobody knows who he is. Foes are closing in and covering the sky. I won't turn my back on them. If I am a HERO, then I'm prepared with unwavering resolve, unleashing my fist.

Three! Two! One! Fight back! Appearing! Go on! Fair and square!! What's going on I can't feel a thing, my opponents are all gone! JUSTICE! Enforcement! No point arguing it! I'll eradicate!! Eradicate evil!! Say your prayers!! Power! Get power! Adrenaline's overflowing! Power! Get power! Strike with the force of my disciplined technique! HERO, even the strongest guys used to be tiny brats HERO, I overcome my weakness and become stronger Nobody knows who he is. I just raise my fists, with the gods dwelling in them, and push onward HERO, until I taste the dirt of defeat some day, a fighting HERO.

How To Back A Trailer Boat

Hey folks. Glenn May here with BassResource, and I want to give you a tip on how to back your trailer down the ramp in an easy and effective manner. A couple of things actually and more than one tip. First off, when you're backing down the the ramp, forget about left turns right and right turns left and trying to figure all that out. Quick tip to remember. Take your hand, put it down at the bottom of the steering wheel and now whichever direction you want the rig to go, just move your hand that way. If you want to go left, move your hand left. If you.

Want to go right, just move your hand to the right. It's that simple. The trailer will follow whichever direction you put your hand. Now, when you're going down a steep ramp, put the gear in neutral. Let the boat pull you down rather than you pushing it down. It will go a lot straighter that way. You'd be surprised how much easier it is to go down a real steep ramp, especially a long one, when you put the truck into neutral and let the trailer pull you down. Little bit different,.

But you'll notice the difference. Lastly, use your mirrors. Don't look over your shoulder. A matter of fact, you'll be a lot more efficient if you don't. Let me show you how. As you're going down the ramp, look in your mirror. Make sure that your trailer. You can see some of your trailer sticking out from the fender of your truck. Now, as you practice this, you'll see that as you see more of your trailer or less of your trailer, you just need to adjust accordingly to be able to prevent the trailer from going way.

Too far on the right or way too far to the left. I guarantee you, by doing this, you will go a lot straighter down the ramp. Because if you're looking over your shoulder, you won't see those minor nuances, those minor details until it's really out of wack and then you got to make a big adjustment. If you're looking at it through your rear view mirror and you just line up that fender with the trailer fender and you just watch how closely that is, you'll go nice and straight down the ramp.

The Best Mini Pontoon Boat for Fishing

Hello, I'm Brad Metzler with Pond King incorporated and I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to our line of pontoon boats the Pond King Rebel. We manufacture seven different models from six to sixteen foot and this is our oneman fishing pontoon. I'd like to show you some of it's very unique features. Building a stable small pontoon boat that would fit back the truck was definitely a challenge. Our solution was designing a narrow frame that would expand once it was unloaded. The Rebel is only fortyeight inches wide in transport and expands to over sixty eight.

Inches. It's constructed completely from aluminum which makes it lightweight and rust free. The entire pontoon boat only weighs one hundred seventy five pounds so it's easy to move around with the attached wheels. Once you're near the water, pull the pins and use the handles to slide out the pontoons. The pullout trays give you plenty of room for all your gear and the deck is coated with a spray on bedliner to give you sure footing in any condition. Replace the pins and you're ready to load your battery.

And mount the trolling motor to the bracket. The pontoon boat includes a plug wired to the battery box. In addition to tan, the Rebel is also available in blue powder coating. The Rebel is so easy to launch you'll be able to access even the most secluded ponds and lake areas. With a simple boat that is always ready to go you'll be getting out on the water more often. Some of the best fishing is usually that quick trip out to a local private lake. You won't be sacrificing comfort in this boat like most small rigs.

It maneuvers easily and with its great stability you'll enjoy being able to sit or stand while fishing. I hope you've enjoyed learning about our Pond King Rebel and if you like the style of the pontoon boat but you'd like a little more room for a second person we offer the Pond King Rebel XL that has an eightfoot deck with tenfoot pontoons and weighs only two hundred fifty pounds. It comes standard with the below deck battery storage and a trolling motor mount. With its six hundred fifty pound capacity it makes it great two man fishing rig.

How To Make Your Line Last Longer Bass Fishing

I get a lot of people asking me how you make your line last longer, and one of the biggest things I see, and I know probably some of you guys already do this, but some of you don't, because I know Iaconelli, I mean, some of these fishermen I see, I fish against, they don't do it and I'm amazed by it. When I first get a reel, we'll get to knots, answer any questions later about it, but when you get a reel, you have reels now, make sure.

You don't fill them up with fluorocarbon or mono. That's like one of the worst things you can do. So, say you have a reel that holds 200 yards of 12 pound, put 100 yards or so, 150 yards of braid or dacron. You can use the stuff they use in the ocean, the cheap, white dacron stuff. You can get it cheaper. You can use 60, 80 pound. It doesn't really matter. I use about 60 pound because a thinner diameter is easier to tie your fluorocarbon to. It holds better than real thick dacron.

But that will save you money and it will keep you from putting more line on your reel than you need. Plus, it makes your spool a lot lighter. So, you'll notice you'll get 1020 feet longer casts. And when you're pitching and flipping and stuff, I always tell people if I can pick one out of ten rods when first pitch or cast, I can tell you which one's all fluoro and which one's got the backing on it. I can pick it out real, you can actually tell the difference immediately. As soon as you go to cast it, it'll be heavier.

So, I do all my reels backing. I do a lot of my spinning gear that way too. But you don't need to. That's just in case I go ocean fishing and there's red fish or something. I hooked, like, a 35 pound red fish one time. It took almost my whole spool out and I had braid backing, so it would have been gone otherwise. But mainly I do that just for castability, to make it easier to cast. I can pitch smaller weights because of it. Maybe if I had solid.

Bass Pro Shops presents Fathers Day gift ideas

WANT'S TO HELP YOU WITH SOME UNIQUE GIFTS FOR DAD JOINING US IS. DOUG FROM BASS PRO SHOPS. WHAT DID YOU BRING FOR US TODAY. Thermacell Olive Unit and Knife Combo Silent, odorless mosquito protection Cover a 15' x 15' foot area Copied of the the natural repellent found in chrysanthemums $29.97 Thermocell Mini Lantern Same features as the basic Thermacell unit Battery powered, great for patios $19.99 Digital Field Watch Displays Date Has a stopwatch feature On sale for $9.97, regularly $15.99 Streamlight Polytec Flashlight 275 lumens. Three modes high,.

Low strobe Great for when the power goes out or for self defense 49.99 batteries included Leatherman Wingman 14 tools in one including knife, pliers, and scissors On sale for $29.97, regularly $34.99 Gerber BackCountry Essentials Kit 4 items Axe, machete and 2 knives Great for Camping or hunting trips $49.97 Bass Pro Shops Mega Cast Combo Great for beginners or veterans Both Rod and reel included On sale for $29.97, regularly $34.99 Browning Fishing Backpack Built in cool storage for drinks and food Tackle storage $29.97 Big Bobber Cooler Floats great for.


Hi, Lochie Daddo here for the National Maritime Museum in Sydney. Now there's a couple of situations that should be avoided at all costs. One Forgetting to take your pyjamas off before you head to the office and two launching a boat at a busy boat ramp. Now boat ramps are pressure cooker situations and on any given weekend boats are dinged, cars are dipped and a lot of egos are bruised as people try to retrieve and launch their boats the wrong way. So we thought we'd have a chat to Kathryn Kershaw who's one of the Ship Keepers at.

The National Maritime Museum here in Sydney about how to keep your reputation intact when you're on the ramp. Well Kath, here we are at the dreaded boat ramp and it's a slippery one at that. What's the etiquette for launching a boat Well the main thing you've got to remember is to not jump the queue. So take a look at how the boat ramp works and just make sure that you get in the right position. One of the other things is to make sure that you do all of your prep while you're either.

In the queue or before you dump in to minimise the time spent on the ramp. What are the biggest mistakes that you see people make It's amazing the number of people that launch their boats without the bungs in and Oh. Yes and with the tie downs still on and they wonder why they can't get it off the trailer. Alright Kathryn, what are the top tips for launching a boat Well it's really important to make sure that you're fully prepared. So make sure that you've got your fenders in place, lines that you need, and one of the important things.

Is making sure that your trailer lights off if they're not submersible and waterproof. Make sure you have a look at the lay of the land and any obstacles that might be in your way. What is the art to backing your boat down to the water Well it's really important just to take your time and make sure that the boat and the car are in a nice straight line, and then back back slowly. So one really important thing is to make sure that you don't unhook your safety chain until you're in the water.

And ready to go otherwise your boat might float away without you and it won't be a very fun day. And what should we do once we get the boat into the water Well it's really important to move away as quickly as possible. So a lot of boat ramps these days have pontoons located nearby so if you move your boat to the as far away on the pontoon as you can and tie up, and you can also take your car back off the boat ramp. So you've had a great day out on the harbour, now it's time to bring your boat back, go.

Home. What's the art of putting your boat back on a trailer Well when you're coming in just make sure that the centre of the boat is lined up with the centre of the trailer. So as soon as you're in far enough hook your winch on and you can winch your boat up. Move away to an area that's out of the way and then you can put all your tie downs back on. Make sure it's all secured make sure the safety chain is back on and all your lights and head home.

Well thanks to Kathryn I'm now feeling a little bit more confident when it comes to launching my boat. So there's a couple of things to remember Prepare your boat on land not in the water. Make sure that your bungs are in. It's a good idea to check out the ramp at low tide before you use it and when it comes to backing your car down align your boat and your car. Finally the last thing is when it comes to retrieving the boat do it all in reverse. Well kind of.

Farmland Conservation Conservation Field Notes with Steven Rinella

In the nottoodistant past Florida was a bonafide hunter's paradise with expanses of grass savannas full of Bobwhite Quail and pine forest full of wild turkey. The hunting tradition here runs deep. But quality places to hunt here in Florida are getting more and more difficult to find as decades of rampant development of all kind has encroached. Leaving just pockets of great habitat where once large tracts dominated. Between 1982 to 2007 Florida lost 1.5 million acres of rural land to various kinds of development, making The Sunshine State the.

Third largest state for loss of agricultural lands during that time period. Development has also put pressure on the most important resource water. In a state known for its waterbased recreation, it is alarming to hear that there are so many straws drawing off the florida water table and that many well users are finding their wells filled with little more than saying and and saltwater, and of course this is not just the Florida issue. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the 25 years between 1982 and 2007.

The United States converted an astounding 41 million acres of rural land to develop uses. That's an area of land roughly the size of Illinois and New Jersey combined that will never be used for agriculture and that's been seriously marginalized as fish and wildlife habitat. But for landowners who might like to ensure that their land will be available to future generations of farmers and ranchers, there are a few ways they can help stem the tide. Since 2006, the federal government has offered enhanced income tax deduction for landowners who donate a conservation.

Easement on their land. Conservation easements are voluntary and help landowners to keep their farms working in perpetuity even if the ownership changes hands, and there's currently legislation to make the tax break permanent. And there's also the Farm and Ranch Land Protection program which is part of the farm bill. Since its inception in 1996, this program has helped protect more than a million acres of productive farmland from development. But the future for the Farm and Ranch Land Protection program is equally murky as congress failed to pass a new farm bill,.

Jeopardizing agricultural land conservation in all 50 states. The path forward for a new farm bill is unclear, which puts the farm and ranch land protection program and a host of other conservation initiatives in a bad position. Whether or not you own land all sportsmen understand the importance of farmland and the grave threat it faces from development of all kinds. If you are concerned about the future of America's rural landscape please contact a member of congress and tell them to make conservation tax incentives permanent and to pass a farm bill.

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DIY Fishing Rod Holder For Boat, Kayak Or Canoe

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