Northshore Platform Lifts Boat Lifts for Serious Boaters!

Northshore Waterfront Solutions Northshore Waterfront Solutions logo We're called Northshore Waterfront Solutions and we design and build custom boat lifts for clients just to make sure that they're getting a unique boat lift that is specific to their needs and suits their lifestyle and their boating needs. It's super easy, our clients love it you just get in your boat, you have a fab and at the push of a button you lower your boat down you drive away and as you are approaching your boat house you drive in and push the button again and it.

Raises you back up. So it's super easy. The decking we use on the platform boat lift is composite decking and we use that because it's heavy and sinks into the water so when the platform is lowering into the water you want something that is going to weigh it down so it doesn't float. Any natural products might deteriorate fast in the water so the composite decking is actually meant to go under water so it just helps with the longevity of the lift. We would design to whatever boat that you.

Have in mind so depending on how heavy your boat is, what type of boat it is, what kind of motor we will make sure that you have the lift that can accommodate that boat. The lifts are really great because they really feature a clean, clutterfree look inside the boathouse, you don't want a bunch of towers, cables, pullies that are obstructing your view. You want a nice clean view of your boathouse. So, a lot of clients prefer that and the great thing about the system is it doesn't have to go in a boathouse, it can go outside on.

A dock and then again it just keeps your view nice and clean and all you see is the beautiful scenery around you. People like the fact that their boathouse is secure so they don't have to worry about people swimming up and underneath the boat and getting in and stealing things, they can keep their valuables in the boat house and it's locked up nice and tight and secure. We have to look at how the existing boathouse has been built, is it on cribs, is it on steel, we may have to do a bit of retrofitting to.

Make it work and make sure that the boat house can accommodate the weight of the lift but we've been able to pretty much find a solution for almost every client that we've talked to so far. So some things to think about when you want to look at installing one of these lifts is the water depth. You want to make sure that you have about 3 feet of water depth. Also, from the top of the dock to the water, you want to have about 2024 inches, so about 2 feet to give room to keep all the components.

Underneath the deck so they are nice and hidden, but then also out of the water. We have a wide selection of lifts. We've been focusing on our flagship platform lift because it is very unique and new to the market and we're getting a great response from it but we sell anything from your standard boat lift through to the hydraulic lift without a platform. Clients love our system because they take great pride in their boats and the system can lift the boat totally up out of the water with the platform underneath, you can completely.

CLES Mobile Boat Hoist

CLES Crane System specializes in Overhead Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes, Electric Hoists, Winches CLES Mobile Boat Hoist Max.Load 800t Span Customized Lifting Height Customized Working Class A3, A4, A5 1.For the crane traveling, it can move in diagonal direction, it also can steering in 90 degree. It also can put the boat in any designated position according to requirements. 2.It can adjust the width of the main girder according to the boat in case to handling different side boat. 3.This hoist own the performance of low expense, high performance, easy to operate and maintenance.

Brake Winches Short Version DL Difference

When people think of hand winches, the image that often comes to mind is pulling a boat out of the water and onto a trailer. While those types of winches referred to as pulling winches are very popular, they are not suitable for most vertical lifting applications. Trying to lower a load with a pulling winch would require the operator to release the locking mechanism while maintaining control of the crank handle that wants to spin freely. Brake winches are fully automatic and selflocking, making them more suitable for vertical lifting.

The operator can simply crank the handle clockwise to raise the load or counterclockwise to lower the load. When cranking stops, the load stops, and is held in place automatically. DL brake winches are commonly used in applications ranging from boat lifts, to grain augers, to basketball goals. Our popular DLBseries winches range from capacities of 350 to 2500 lbs. For heavier duty jobs in tougher environments, Bseries winches are available in capacities of 1200 to 3500 lbs. The automatic brake mechanism in these winches keeps the load secure during both the raising.

And lowering processes. When the handle is turned counterclockwise, it allows the load on the winch to lower at the same speed that the handle is turned. The handle does not forcibly turn the winch, but instead, allows the winch to turn. This means that if there is little or no load on the winch, line may not come out when the handle is turned counterclockwise and the handle may unthread itself. For this reason, brake winches require a minimum load, which is an amount that assures the load will always move down smoothly.

DL brake winches have many important safety features, but they do not meet the standards for lifting PEOPLE or OVERHEAD hoisting. If an application involves a load that could ultimately be above people, a secondary holding device should always be used as a safety precaution. Durable, 'Made in the U.S.A.' brake winches for simple and safer vertical lifting and lowering that's the DuttonLainson Difference. Thanks for watching! We're always interested in hearing what DL products you want us to cover in future tutorials, so let us know in the comments below!.

For long version In the tutorial I suggest using a B series winch because the parts are easier to see. to understand. talking about, However, this cover should remain on YOUR winch at ALL times unless you are performing maintenance or repairs on it. with a large washer affixed to it to create pressure on other parts the shaft. The ratchet wheel engages a springloaded pawl, which allows it to turn only in the all of these parts to be pinched tightly together, counterclockwise and the load stays locked in position.

A Look Inside The Worlds Coolest Yacht.CRNs Jade

Hello fellow r. Got something amazing here. Italian company CRN has built what is perhaps the most beautiful yacht in the world. Christianed J'ade, I think that is how it is pronounced. It features a water level garage for a speedboat. The hatch, which holds the speedboat can also double as an ocean level swimming pool. It features a gym, sauna room and an aquarium and can sleep 10 guests and 13 crew members. The boat has 4 decks finished with walnut and redwood and of course there is a hot tub on top.

How to Construct a Backdrop Pulley System for under $35

On our last tutorial we promised we would show you how to make the pulley system we referred to. It's a very cheap, economical system that can really solve a lot of problems in your studio and be a really useful backdrop system. Right here we just have a wooden dowel, basically a dowel rod that you can buy at any Home Depot, Lowe's, or any big hardware store found all over the nation. This is 10 feet I think they're usually sold in 10 feet, and what you want to do is buy one of these 10 feet rods. If you want it shorter,.

If you have a saw it's very easy to cut down. You can have a 9 foot, 8 foot, 7 foot system as well. Over here on the corner we have a little eye hook. You buy an eye hook. You screw it into the side here, and you buy cord or rope and just tie it onto the end of this eye hook. You want an eye hook for both sides. You want to buy two double pulleys and you want to buy one single pulley. So we have our wooden dowel.

Here. On each side of the wooden dowel we have an eye hook, and on one side you'll have a single pulley with just one roller, and that pulley will hook to the wall with that eye hook that's in the wall, and that s hook between the eye hook and the pulley. On the other side you'll have the rope that goes up, and you'll have a double pulley. On the side of the double pulley you're going to have a second double pulley. And so the single pulley side, the rope will go up to the single pulley and then.

It connects over to the double pulley on the other side, and then it goes through that double pulley into this pulley, down, to the bottom. It loops through this double pulley, and that's how it connects to the left side. So you'll have two double pulleys on the same side, one single pulley on the other side. All these pulleys you want to attach to the wall by putting an eye hook in the wall and an s hook to attach the eye hook to the pulley system. So you want 1, 2, 3 s hooks, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

DIY PVC CanoeKayak Cart

I have a canoe and sometimes I like to use it solo but it's kind of a pain in the but to move it around by myself. So I build this cart and I'm going to show you how I did it. I found other designs online for canoekayak carts but they didn't quite fit my needs. I came up with design that allows you to carry a canoe or kayak right side up but it also has these extra wings on the side which will allow you to carry a kayak.

Upside down. The cart is made from 1 inch diameter PVC. These top supports are 14 inches long. These upper supports are 12 inches across. The side wings are each 9 inches. The upper section is 7 inches from the bottom section. The handle is just the portion of PVC left over from the 10 foot section I bought. It's about 14 inches. The axle is a 58 inch threaded rod that goes through an end cap with a 58 inch hole drilled in it. There is a 58 inch flat washer.

To prevent the wheel from digging into the PVC. The wheels are 10 inch wheels. They are rated at 300 lbs each which is way overkill for this project but they were dirt cheap $4 at Harbor Frieght. The wheels are held on to the end by 58 inch nylon insert lock nuts. The axle was a 2 foot section that I had to cut off a couple inches of the end. The foam on the supports is just PVC pipe insulation. Some people use pool noodles but in this insulation was actually cheaper.

And it fits the pipe perfectly. I really like the way the cart turned out. It makes it a breeze to move the canoe around by myself. It also makes it super easy to load the canoe on top of the car. If you decide to build one of these I'd love to see a photo of tutorial of it in action. I hope you found the tutorial helpful if you did give it a thumbs up. You can also subscribe to keep up to date with my newest tutorials. Thanks for watching!.

The Truckers Hitch tied 3 different ways

Today on Repairs101 I thought I d show you three different versions of the Trucker's Hitch, otherwise known as the Trucker's Knot or the Wagoneer's Hitch or the Wagoneer's Knot or the Wagon Hitch or the Wagon Knot or. MUSIC PLAYS You know, when I was a young man my first real job was at Cedarvale Tree Experts Ltd. and I was an apprentice Arborist and I eventually became a Climber and Foreman. They were the oldest tree company in Canada at the time. I was fortunate enough that when I started there it was still owned by Mr. F. Earle Martin,.

Who was the first and certainly at the time foremost Arborist in Canadian history. Mr. Martin told me about how when he started there were no trucks and there were no hydraulic lifts. He had a horsedrawn cart and lots of manpower. If they didn't have enough manpower to lift a log up onto a cart, what they would do is lay their wooden ladders out and roll it up the ladders onto the side of the cart. And you can bet that this is exactly the kind of knot that they would have used to secure their load once they got that.

Thing up on top of their cart. Now you might have a pickup truck and let's say you have a load of debris that you want to take to the dump and you've got to put a tarp over it and you want to secure your tarp. Or maybe it's your job to take the old BattleCruiser out and get a Christmas tree and, you know, you've got to tie it on secure enough that it isn't going to end up on the highway and cause a ten car pileup behind you. Or let's say you had a sailboat and you.

Needed to take your backstay down for some reason. Well this is exactly the kind of knot that you can use to put in enough tension to secure your mast. OK so the first version I'm going to show you is based on a slip knot. You're going to make a crossing turn and then you're going to pass the running end up through that crossing turn to create a slip knot. Of course once you've got your slip knot you go and pass the tail end around an anchor point I'm going to use the leg of the chair I'm sitting.

On and as you can see you can pull on it nice and tight and then you finish it off with a couple of halfhitch locks. OK the second version that's widely used is based on the Sheepshank. Now, just make two crossing turns as though you were making a clove hitch and then pass a gather of rope up from underneath through the crossing turns and tighten that up until you've got a nice little loop on the bottom. Take your rope around an anchor point, pass it through the loop and then start pulling on it. You can.

Pull on it pretty tight before the knot collapses but unfortunately it will collapse, given enough tension. OK so if you're really going to tie this up tight I recommend the next knot I'm going to show you. OK so this last one I'm going to show you is based on the slip knot, the same as the first one except for it's modified. Instead of just having one crossing turn at the top of the knot, you're going to spin it around so you have several crossing turns. Then pass the running end through and then you've.

Got yourself a nice little loop. Well I made kind of a big one here. Take the tail end of your rope and pass it around your anchor point be it a cleat of a peg or the leg on the chair you're sitting on pass it through the loop and then you can start cinching down on that. OK lock it off with a couple of half hitches and that's what it will look like. OK say you have a house. Now it's a small house but it's a sellers market where you live. And now let's say there's a tree.

That's been allowed to grow beside the house and maybe the tree got pushed over in a storm and it's in jeopardy of falling on your house. So you'll need another tree nearby to pull this off. You're going to go up and remove some limbs, especially on the house side to remove weight and to add pull into the other direction. So you tie on a rope and you run it down around the other tree the anchor point and then you create what's known as a trucker's hitch. Install the trucker's hitch well up the line, pull.

As tight as you can and start bending the tree towards where you want it to land. The get your saw out and put in a piecut. Then tighten up the rope some more and bend the tree some more. Then you can just secure it to the base of the tree. Get your saw out again and maybe, I don't know, get your kid brother to come over and do the backcut while you get your camera out to make a YouTube tutorial. You know just in case. If you can.

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