WATERMELON POPSICLES ice lolly block pop icy pole healthy fruity pops how to DIY

Welcome to Charli's Crafty Kitchen, where you can eat what you make. G'day. Welcome to Charli's Crafty Kitchen. Today we're making watermelon popsicles! Both Yay! Today, our ingredients are the blender and some watermelon. Charli We've also got some raisins, some kiwifruit, some popsicle sticks, and some popsicle moulds. We also have got cling wrap. laughing First, we're going to put all of the watermelon into the blender. Now it's done. It's really getting big. Now, let's turn it on. screaming Oh, it scared me.

Blender whirring Oh! scream I'm gonna do it. laughing That's so cool. We're gonna take the lid off. Ooh, my dinner, my dinner, my dinner. We're gonna fill it up to about three quarters. Now the watermelon's done, we're gonna put some raisins in to make pretend seeds. Now I'm gonna stick the Glad Wrap around it. Ashley You have to put the popsicle sticks in the middle. Just neaten them up and we're going to put them in the freezer. Now we're going to blend up the kiwifruit.

Now we're gonna put the lid on. Oh! giggles Now we're going to push the button. Want to have a go, Ash One, two, three. Now we're going to get the popsicles out of the freezer. Time to unwrap them. Whoa, they look nice! Let me see. Ooh, they look orange. Mmm! Charlie sniffs And they smell fresh. Now we're gonna fill it up with the kiwifruit. We're going to teaspoon the rest in 'cause it got a bit messy. Now we're gonna put it back in the freezer.

After a few hours they should be ready to eat. And I'm gonna get them out of the freezer. Ooh, that's really freezing, icecold ice. It is ice. Now for the taste test. Oh, it came out easily. Mmm. What do you think, Ash Cold, and it's thumbs up one, two, three four, five, six, seven, eight, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 100. Charli If you like this tutorial, please share and give us a thumb's up. Ashley Please! Today our ingredients are a blender.

How to make MINI CARAMEL APPLES Simple Home VIdeo Recipe, DIY Inspire To Cook

Hey guys, welcome to inspire to cook! Today, I am going to show you something cool you can do with an apple Have you seen those big caramel apples They look delicious they taste amazing It's a perfect dessert for anything Well you are probably sitting and wondering what could be cooler than that How about some mini caramel apples Let's do it For this simple recipe we just need a couple of ingridients A couple of green apples as well as some caramel And we need a few fancy cooking things you can find easily on a baking isle of any grocery store.

A fruit ball maker as well as a couple of popsicle sticks you just going to grab your washed apple and using this thing, make a nice round ball just like that and you can make a few of them just need to go a little bit dipper Than we are going to grab our caramel and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds so it's a little bit more liquid we'll take our apples and put the popsicle sticks through them Just like that all the way in Than we are going to dip them in the caramel just like that.

And put it on our foil prepared plate and we will do the same with all the mini appels Quick tip once you put the caramel on if you just hold it for a little while and let the extras run off, you are not going to waste as much caramel Than we will take our mini caramel apples and put some sesame seeds on top of it or any crashed nuts if you wish or maybe even chocolate sprinkles whatever you prefer looking delicious already you can do as much or as little as you'd like.

These are about ready, you want to put them in the fridge for 1530 minutes depending how liquid the caramel is and they will be ready to serve and it's finally taste time Let's give one of these a try They way they look, they are just. Umm, beautiful. Beautiful combination of sweet and sour They are just inviting you to come and get them I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial Let me know in comments below your requests and we'll see you next time For this simple.hahah clapping hands.

How to Make Crafts Out of Yarn How to Create the Body of Your Cross With Popsicle Sticks

Hi! I'm Karina Fraley for Expert Village, and we are making our yarn cross now. We have our wood popsicle sticks that we are going to use our glue gun to glue together. Just pick a spot where you think the top cross should go. Just put your glue there and press down. We're going to trim the edges of our popsicle stick. We're going to make this stick a little shorter. Just go ahead and kind of eyeball it. Use your scissors and cut right through the popsicle stick. Again, don't use your fabric scissors, because you'll be.

Sorry. Be careful with it and nothing flies at anybody. Flip it around and cut this side. Small kids are probably going to need help cutting the sticks, but you can go ahead and help them ahead of time. Have it all ready for them. Now, we have our cross. We're going to just start our with some yarn and a very little bit of glue right in the center. Go ahead and put just a dot of glue in the center like that. Then you're going to take your yarn and press it down like that.

Mini Matchstick Gun The Clothespin Pocket Pistol

This little pocket pistol, will shoot a matchstick with power, blast toothpicks into fruit, and lob fiery darts over 20 feet away. In this project we're turning your boring old clothes pins, into a powerful arsenal, of desktop weaponry. All we need for this project, is some wood glue, a utility knife, and a simple clothespin. Just make sure it's the wooden kind with the metal spring. Alright, let's get started by pushing on the clothespin sideways, so we can break the tension, and remove the spring. Next we'll need to hold the two wooden pieces, back to back, so the notches line up near.

The center, like this. Now let's make a marking on the top piece about half an inch from the hole, and an angled marking on the bottom, that we'll cut out later. Now just for convenience, I've gone ahead and filled in all the areas that will need to be chiseled out, so grab your utility knife and carefully carve out all the areas marked in blue. The long channel we just made here, is going to be one half of our gun barrel. Let's go ahead and carve the other half, into the bottom piece as well, then cut out a notch, where we made that other.

Mark earlier. With our two pieces cut and pressed together, you should have something that looks like this. Ok, it's time to make this permanent, so why don't we try using a dab of wood glue on a scrap piece of paper, then carefully slide the pieces through it, giving them both an even coating. Now simply press the two sides together, wiping away any excess glue, and let it sit for a bit. After about 5 to 10 minutes it should be just strong enough for us to attach the spring. Push one end of the spring, into the inner.

Chamber, and hook the other end over the outside notch. With the spring in place, your pocket gun is finished and ready for action. All we need now are some wooden matchsticks, that we can use as ammunition, and they should slide loosely into the barrel. You can see that as we continue pushing the match, the gun cocks itself automatically, and is instantly ready to fire. You can hold it just like a little pistol, and when you're ready to shoot, simply pull the trigger. It's amazing to see, just how much power is stored in the spring.

That's evident by how it slams forward in just a fraction of a second, blasting our projectile over 20 feet away. Now let's see if this can work with toothpicks as well. If we snap off one of the sharp ends, it exposes a broader surface, which just might work. Why don't we go ahead and test it out on an apple. You can see that from a distance of about 6 inches, there's just enough power to impale the surface. Of course, the closer you are, the deeper it penetrates. And it's impressive to see the results, are all fairly.

Consistent. Now I went ahead a put together a whole battery of these tabletop toys, and experimented with different ways to handle and fire them. I discovered a technique for lighting the matches first, then lobbing the fiery darts high into the air. Which, of course, should only be done outdoors, and with adult supervision. Now, as a final thought, if the tip of your gun looks like this, feel free to customize it so it looks a little cleaner. Another option is to carve the end back, and smooth out the barrel with a drill bit. Well.

MASON JAR ICE CREAM At Home Inspire To Cook DIY, How To Make Ice Cream At Home HD

What up guys! Welcome to Inspire To Cook! You can do a lot of things with mason jars ANd today, I am going to show you how to make a delicious 2 ingredients ice cream at home in a mason jar! This simple homemade ice cream takes just 2 ingredients The heavy whipping cream, and a little bit of vanilla extract This mason jar fits in about 2 cups So I am going to put half, which is 1 cup of heavy whipping cream The volume of the heavy whipping cream should be about half of the volume of the mason jar.

And we are going to add 1 tea spoon of vanilla extract Plus 2 table spoons of sugar And we are going to close it up, make sure it's nice and tigh And it's about time to exercise. We are going to shake it up We are going to shake it up for about 5 minutes Singing lalala You want to make sure your mason jar is really tight Cause you don't want it to be spilled all over And after we done shaking, I am going to show you a super cool trick on how to cool off the ice cream super quickly.

And make it ice cream right away Well normally it would take about 45 minutes But I am a good shaker so I've been shaking it for about 2 minutes ANd you can hear that it actually stopped moving in there And that is why! It actually almost doubled in size And this is the consistency that you are looking for Umm ANd it means it is ready for our next step And the cool trick to cool it off very quickly is to dampen a paper towel or a napkin in a water.

And wrap it all the way around the mason jar And we are going to put it in the freezer until it becomes ice cream Normally, you have to leave the ice cream over night But after 23 hours, I am going to go ahead and check it out Let's take a look at it Looks like it's harden up quite a bit and my wife has been to it Look This is beautiful And it's taste time umm This is extraordinary guys Very nice and soft Very gentle, you can see how nice and ice creamish it is.

And it has a very gentle taste Almost like a gelato And you know what's in it You know the ingredients, it's nice and fresh It's a super quick recipe Umm And you double it in size If you show it to your kids They are going to be super impressed Well I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know in comments below what you think Subscribe to make sure not to miss my future cool recipes And I'll see you next time Watch next by Inspire To Cook Home made ice cream, top 5 crazy cool pizzas, 4 ways to cut a pineapple, marshmallow s'mores.

Crafts for Kids How to Make a Toy Boat Water Mill Testing the Toy Boat in Water

Hi I'm Katalin from Hungary. I am the inventor of creative village in Hungary and this is my daughter and this is my son. Hello I'm Barbara and this is my little brother Monty. I'm here on behalf of Expert Village and we are going to teach you different arts and crafts. Ok, so our little boat is ready, and it's ready to play with it in the water. There you go, ready steady go! Ok, so this is yours now. Thank you, I'm going to try it in the big bath.

How To Make Popsicle Stick Boat

How To Make Popsicle Stick Boat,Popsicle sticks are an essential for any crafter, whether you are a serious crafter or not. Theyre such an easy material to use, and theyre cheap as well..


How To Make A Toy Boat (HD).How to make a motor boat out of popsicles sticks Subscribe for more tutorialsNwBwdz Twitter stwitterzackcadle Warning these tutorials are..

Make An Air Boat From Popsicle Sticks! SonicDad Project #45!.This home made racing boat is powered by a simple fan and constructed from popsicle sticks and a few other simple and inexpensive items. Download the PDF..

How To Make A Toy Boat.Learn how to make a electric powered boat out of household items. How to build a toy boat with popsicle sticks and bottle caps. Music Friendly Day Kevin..

Scratch Built Popsicle Stick Model Shrimp Boat.Here is my scratch built popsicle shrimp boat that I made over the summer. It is based on a typical Louisiana shrimp boat with skimmer nets. I built the boat..

2 Popsicle Sticks Speed Boat

2 Popsicle Sticks Speed Boat,A simple DIY for little kids in making a simple bathtub toy made up of materials that are very easy to find such as Popsicle sticks and rubber bands. Of course, this..

How To Make A Rubber Band Powered Boat | Toy Boat.Material hot glue, Styrofoam, rubber band, popsicle sticks, Paddle PoP sticks Tools knife, sand paper, ruler, pen My other channel about Football LXG GOAL..

How To Build The Titanic (popsicle Stick Style).It may be overly complicated, but I wanted to make sure this one did not fall apart like the last one..

2nd RC Popsicle Stick Boat With Onboard Camera More Pics &Video.Here are more pictures and tutorial of my second Radio control fishing boat made almost entirely of popsicle sticks. The hull is sealed with epoxy and it is..

Popsicle Stick Air Force - SonicDad Project #14.You can make a complete fleet of cool airplanes from popsicle sticks and SonicDad instructions. Download PDF instructions here..

How To Make A Rubber Band Gun Using Popsicle Sticks.In this tutorial we teach how to make a rubber bund gun. Material, all you need will be some popsicle sticks, some duct tape, glue and one powerful rubber band..

Building Popsicle Mansion Time Lapse HD.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Popsicle sticks 8000 Glue sticks 600 QHow old are you A15 when I started this, 17 when I finished QHow much can I..



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