Monster Putt Putt Boat DIY Ver 2 Build, Test, Analysis

This is a pop pop boat motor number 2 The super giant boat motor Just a piece of copper tube and on this end I have split it with a hacksaw and the plan is to put some silicone in here then to put a couple screws into those ears It's hard to see. That will hold it in place and the silicone will act as a sealant. Then we snap the top back on and go from there. This is the inside. The silicone has not quite set yet And the outside.

When the silicone is dry I will snap the lid on. Then I need to figure out a boat for it. And this is with the lid on it. And for a size comparison She's trying to go. We took an old paint thinner can Cut it in half and folded the edges so it would not be sharp It's really trying to go. Pretty impressive She likes to take a break every now and again. It's sucking air too. We need to weight the back end down so that it does not suck in air. It really uses up fuel, it requires a lot of heat.

Juguete Antiguo El barco PopPop Old Toy Pop Pop Boat

This vido you will see a replica of a toy that had some popularity in the 50s this is poppop boat This replica comes with the toy, an instruction manual and plastic dropper the boat is made of tinplate, like the original to show the inside, remove the cover with chimney here is a holder with a candle and this is what makes it work the boat is a closed sealed container with a thin copper foil where they exit two nozzles and under which the lighted candle is placed all this joint.

1 finished Pop Pop boat 1 Pop Pop Boat finita 1 barcuta Pop Pop terminata

Good evening , this is my new pop pop boat made from scrap material such as a plastic plate from the raw chicken a tin can folded and glued a piece of string to hold the tin at an angle the straws are directly connected to the tin and first of all I fill them with water then I light up a candle and start the boat on you will find lots of tutorial on how to make this kind of boat so I will not make another one.

Andrew Halls Stirling Engine Boat

.that bit should be hot you can run a mechanical pump on the engine but it only pumps when the engine's running I quite like to get the cooling going before there's any heat around so I've got a very small electrical pump in the seacock over there but I've got the water flowing and I will now check everything is off to start with I've got some pressure I shall turn the gas on at the source I've got a bit of crosswind at the moment so my little lighter might get blown out.

But I shall try and get a flame oh, I've got a flame eh, that was well behaved sometimes they go pop have I got a flame I think I've got a flame But I can't see anything. it's ignited this one is usually the one that misbehaves and it pops like that I've got a flame. Hooray! And that just acts as a cooker, does it Yes, it is a gas hob I've got three of them and, um life is less busy if you've only got one of them.

Castle Park Middle Putt Putt Boats What Did You Learn in School Today

Today we made putt putt boats. We demonstrated the change of water into steam. We made the boat and this is called a motor and the candle. Then we put water in the little tubes so we put the candle and we heated it up so it can heat up the water so it turns into a steamboat. Water turns into vapor, shoots out the jet motors, sucks water back so it keeps moving, and makes a nice little cluck cluck sound and boats been around for about 200 years but its a good demonstration.

Heros Steam Engine using Soda Can

Hi Gang! Here's a fun science experiment to do. It's called Hero's steam engine, and it's just that, a very easy to make steam engine. There are little jets of steam jetting out of it from two holes. Those jets provide the propulsive force. It's named after Hero of Alexandria who described it as shown here in the 1st century AD. Here's how it's made. Take a soda can, one that's still sealed, and puncture it with a needle in the middle along one side. Be ready for a spray when you do this. Then turn it over and let it drain.

Depending on what the soda is, shaking it might make it drain faster since it builds up pressure inside. There's a little left in it but that's okay. Dispose of the liquid however you want to. Next, use the same needle to make a hole on the opposite side too. This next part it key. Put the needle back in and pull it down like this so that it's tangential to the curve of the can. The direction that the needle is sticking out is the direction the steam will be jetting.

Out, so you want to pull the needle perpendicular to the length of the can. Then rotate the can and do the identical thing for the other hole. The result is we now have a hole on this side that will make the steam jet out this way, and another hole on the other side that will make the steam jet out this way. To get our steam we first have to put some water in the can. I put the other hole under the tap and let the water flow in.

We don't need much, and in fact, less is better. Next, we need to suspend it somehow so that it can rotate. To do that I get out this lamp, and put a tie strap on it. Then a fishing swivel. And finally a loop of string. I put that loop under the tab of the can, but make sure to not open the can in any way. The only holes should be the one's I made on the side. Make the loop crosses this circle in the tab since that's at the center.

Time to get it working. You'll need a hot flame source. This is a small alcohol burner that I use with rubbing alcohol. I made it from two more soda cans and a little cotton rope. I light it up, and put it under the can. It takes a little while for the small amount of water inside the can to heat up, but after around 30 seconds I get steam coming out the holes. Note that due to the way I made the holes, the steam comes out at an angle. And the reaction to the steam here is to turn.

The can this way, causing rotation. But even up to the point that all the water has boiled away, I get only this slight rotation. So I get out the propane torch for more heat. After putting water back in the can, I try again. After around 30 seconds heating it up, it starts spinning. Though it gets a little chaotic, so I back off. Watch out for the hot water flying out when the can is spinning too fast. From the top, you can't see the steam coming out. That's probably because of rising hot air.

Resulting from the torch flame, but when I apply heat and remove the torch, you can see the steam come out briefly while it's still hot enough inside to produce steam. Well thanks for watching! See my channel, rimstarorg for more neat tutorials like this. That includes one on using a microwave oven and water bottle to produce a steam vacuum. Another explaining what fire is. And one on whether hot water or cold water boils faster. And don't forget to subscribe if you like these tutorials, or give a thumbs up, share with your social media,.

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