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Hello this is sphinx140 and today I am going to be showing you a modern boat that I didn't build. It was built by a guy called ipods4lif. The life doesn't have an 'e' so the name will be showing on the screen right now. So, I actually didn't check if he has a channel or anything but you can like google him. Whatever it is you kids do these days. Yeah there's so much detail on this boat, I really like it. Ah. My voice. But yeah, there are cabinets here and there's a really nice table, I like that. A furnace,.

A sink, I really love the sink and a nice flower pot and a crafting table. You go up the stairs and we were already up here, but still I want to point out some details. The glass up here is really nice, I've never thought of using glass on stairs like that. The snow layers add a lot of realism like it looks very good. I'm not sure how these look as propellers but I suppose they're the best you can get in minecraft. But yeah, they're very cool. I assume those are propellers. That's the only thing they could be at the.

Back of a boat. But there are anvils on top and another here. I think those are very nice details. You'll also notice that in an item frame, is a music disc so you can kind of like turn the wheel to steer the ship. Obviously it doesn't steer the ship because it's made of minecraft blocks. But yeah, it's a functioning base, which I really like. Let me just point out again that it's got all the necessities of a base. You could like fancy it out a little bit with an enchanting table and like a brewing stand and stuff. But mostly it's got a crafting.

Table, a furnace, it's got some chests and I think that's very, very cool that he made like a really nice, detailed base in the style of a boat and it works and stuff. Yeah, I might do a speed build of this and give him credit of course but I might not, I might wait for him to come on and maybe ask him if he wants to do it. I really like this boat. Thanks for watching. Like, comment and subscribe if you liked the tutorial. Share this tutorial with.

Building Minatures SmallScale Model Making Part 1 PREVIEW

Gtgt Monster Roar IAN HUNTER Hi, I'm Ian Hunter with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. I'm a Visual Effects Supervisor and Model Maker, primarily. And we're going to teach you in this course, how to build a miniature city. The reason for building a miniature city, is to create an environment for our giant monsters to fight in. While we're building monsters in one stage, we're going to be constructing a city on the other. And once we combine those together, we'll be able to film that and create,.

Well, a giant monster movie. Part 1 of the course will cover planning of our miniature city. We're going to sketch out the city, sketch out where we're going to put our cameras, know where our monsters are going to fight, where they're going to be. And by doing that, we'll be able to plan our photography. We'll also discuss miniature photography in general and then we're going to finish up by building some patterns to make our city. So if you can imagine, building a miniature city is going to take quite a bit of work,.

CamLock Support Poles Snap Swedge for Boat Covers

Hi I'm Eric Grant from Sailrite and this is the Camlock Support Pole for Boat Covers. All covers should be properly tented to allow for rain and snow to run off easily. Your mooring pole plays a key role in protecting the interior of your boat from damaging outdoor elements. If your cover is not adjusted with proper tension it will allow pools of water to collect on the cover. This condition will also destroy the waterresistant properties of breathable fabric. When this happens your boat interior will most likely develop mold,.

Mildew, fungus and bacteria. These telescoping cam lock support poles have been tested to hold up to 170 lbs. That's over twice the weight of standard thumbscrew mooring poles. They have a die cast collar and stainless steel components. The aluminum tubing is anodized, heat treated, and has a ribbed profile for increased strength and lightweight. The camlock support poles feature either a snap or swedge tip which is pushed into a grommet installed on the cover. If using with the Boat Vent 2 simply remove the snap on the end and push into the vent.

Bottom. An optional component for the cam lock support pole is the rubber base swivel support pad. This support pad fits easily into the bottom of any of the cam lock support poles. And the nice thing is it will swivel in any direction and it locks with a thumb nut. The post of the Rubber Swivel Pad features a ball joint which is inserted into a cavity at the top of the base. When the desired angle is achieved tighten the thumb nut. To install, remove the ball post from the base, then remove the bushing on the post by pulling on it frimly.

On the support ploe remove the rubber end cap. Now you can push the bushing into the pole's open end. Use a rubber or nylone mallet to firmly set the bushing so it's flang is flush with the end of the pole. Next insert the ball post and tap on it to set it inside the bushing, it will fit very snuggly. The Rubber Swivel Pad Pole Base is made specifically for the cam lock support poles only. Order yours today from Sailrite. The Camlock Support Pole in various lengths is available at Sailrite.

Man turns 500 sq ft into a mansion room idea tutorial

JAMES HONG My name is James Hong. I do design work, interiors, mostly in New York. When I first saw the apartment, it looked really bad. It was abandoned, it had basically no plumbing, but I could see the potential. This space is my office as well, so I spend a lot of time working and, quote, living. A lot of the elements arise from a real need, so it's not that you just decide to do something whimsical. What I did to the bathroom, I made the tub that doesn't fit the space.

The wall texture is kind of a takeoff on the Venetian plaster. The sink is a poured resin top. And the sink itself actually was a kitchen cook pot. The door was a very tricky thing, because I didn't really have room for a door to swing there. In the kitchen area, I tried to incorporate a bunch of different elements. I had a electric cooktop, a gas burner, and then I had a sliding thing of steel. Counter, I put in a custom kitchen hood to capture the gas fumes from both the electric and the gas side.

I collect books, and I didn't want these books to accumulate dust. And so I wanted to house them in a proper way. I think overall I'm satisfied with all the things that I've done here. The main thing that I'm very pleased with was that I was able to incorporate a lot of elements that were recycled, found. I like the fact that it gives the impression that it's a super luxury type of effort, and yet in reality it's done on a very modest scale. FEMALE SPEAKER Like home and design.

Cat on a houseboat interior design tutorial

SOPHIE My name is Sophie. TRAVIS I'm Travis SOPHIE And we're at DiMillo's Marina in Portland. TRAVIS Why don't you come down and check out our boat TRAVIS Our first boat was the Catalina 27. It was great for one person and a cat. SOPHIE We started looking for a bigger boat. It was like, all right. I'm living on it, it's comfortable, but it's not that comfortable. But did you know that there's a make and model that's the same boat for sale in South Portland for a little more.

Money, but in good condition. TRAVIS So we called the guy up and we looked at it. All the things that were wrong with the other boat had been fixed in this one. SOPHIE So the engine runs You're sure the engine runs It really starts, it does. It's good He was like, yeah. Started it up. We're like, wow. TRAVIS So some things that are different on a boat than a house is everything moves. SOPHIE We needed a special rack for books, and a special rack for our spices and things that wouldn't fall over.

TRAVIS If it really gets rocky in here, the stuff will just end up on the floor, so it's a good test of how clean you are. SOPHIE The biggest challenge was finding storage for all out stuff. A Ushaped galley is a really common galley shape for boats, because there's always something to brace yourself on, no matter how the wind is going. We've got the added benefit of this back here, threeburner propane stove and oven. We don't have refrigeration. We have ice boxes, and we have hot and cold pressure water.

TRAVIS This is a seven foot by seven foot triangle, all cushioned under here. So we sleep our heads here, and our feet this way, because there's less of an angle. Hey, what are you doing SOPHIE Cat's name is Sir Francis Drake. Sir Francis Drake was the first person to circumnavigate the world, and it's a sweet nautical name. I wanted a dog forever, and the rule was that we couldn't have a dog, until we had a 35foot boat. And then we found this boat, fell in love with.

Boat Interior Build

Boat Interior Build,Yup. More change!!!! This is a multipart Starcraft aluminum boat restoration project. Part 11 centers on looking at where Im at and where Im headed!.

Boat Interior Build Options.Yup. Moving Forward!!!! This is a multipart Starcraft aluminum boat restoration project. Part 10 centers on looking at where Im at and where Im headed!.

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Minecraft Lets Build A City Yacht Interior Tutorial E47

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