Hooks Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Play Set from Jake and the Neverland Pirates by FisherPrice!

Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Jacob Yo ho, let's go! This is Kinder Playtime reviewing another FisherPrice toy! The Jolly Roger from Jake and the Neverland Pirates comes to life in this great FisherPrice Hook's Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Playset! Jolly Roger has waverolling action to simulate the high seas as it is rolled around. Notice how it wobbles back and forth. The Captain Hook figure can be pegged onto the middle deck of the ship and moved forward to make the wooden plank emerge from the ship. The FisherPrice Hook's Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Playset.

Comes with a working cannon, which can be placed in different designated locations along the deck of the ship. On the upper deck of the Jolly Roger, there is a freespinning steering wheel, and a secret trap door with an opening mechanism that is triggered upon being pushed down by the Hook figure. This opens up to the Captain's quarters. The Captain Hook figure and the three projectiles can be easily stored inside the Captain's quarters. Hook can also be placed in the crow's nest to look out for treasure, or his enemies Jake, Izzy and Cubby.

Jacob I got you now, Jake! Jacob I got you now, SpongeBob! Jacob Jake! Walk the plank! Jacob You're gonna be in here, at the back of the ship. Jacob Ok, thanks. Jacob Ok. be right there. Jacob Oh, I'm at the cannon. The cannon. Jacob Here, I'm gonna shoot at you. Jacob Ah! Where you go, ah! Oh! Jacob Oh! My cannon! Jacob I gotcha! Our kids love having swashbuckling fun and adventure with Captain Hook on the Jolly Roger! Keep an eye out for our next Jake and the Neverland Pirates tutorial.

Disney Planes Dusty Flying Rescue Heli Playset Hector Vector Aircraft Carrier New 2013 Planes Toys

Mayday, Mayday, Dusty Crophopper here and I need some help. Hector Vector here, I've got Dusty, repeat I have Dusty. Helicopter sounds. Planes toys are here and today I am showing you the Flying Rescue Heli Playset. This playset includes, a plastic Dusty airplane, Hector Vector the helicopter, an aircraft carrier and two buoys. It is motorized and controlled by two levers. One lever controls the speed of Hector Vector and the other controls elevation. Oh no, we lost Dusty! Ironically, the buoys do not float. Oops. The aircraft carrier is fully plastic. It is 17.5 inches long and 5 inches wide. This toy requires.

Monster University Lowes Build and Grow Scarers Mike Wazowski James P Sullivan Sulley Action Figures

Hello today I am showing you these adorable wooden scarers Mike Wazowski and James P Sullivan. My husband and son built these together today at Lowes. This summer Lowes is having a build and grow program where twice a month they have free kids clinics where you build fun Disney toys. You can register for these classes at Lowes Build and Grow dot com. At this class you got 2 bags of building materials and one instruction pamphlet. Here are the materials for Mike Wazowski. You get several wooden pieces, nails and then stickers. Here my husband.

Gorilla Playsets Heavy Duty Baby Bucket Swing Review from Arizona Playsets

Hi there, I am Jay Samolowicz, owner and founder of Arizona Playsets dot com the friendliest online swing set dealer in the United States in this tutorial we are going to be taking a look at the heavy duty baby bucket swing it is a nice little swing let's go check it out the gorilla play sets heavyduty baby bucket swing is yet another swing that's perfect for parents with young toddlers the swing is a solid rodo molded design making it super safe and sturdy the chain is also coated in a soft gripy plastic which makes for terrific pinch free.

Grip, if you're looking for other options that are made it more flexible material also check out the gorilla play sets poor baby but could swing and a half baby bucket swing So that was the gorilla play sets heavyduty baby bucket swing if you have any questions as always feel free to shoot me an email at JayArizonaPlaysets or stop by our website, I'd be happy to help you out with any of your questions take care, hope to talk to you soon. I am in my home state in Jersey overlooking beautiful Manhattan.

And I figured I would make a tutorial about what you absolutely must know before purchasing a wooden swing set this goes for whether you're buying a swing set online are actually walking into a store purchasing one from a dealer. I get the same set of questions asked by moms and dads when they went about to purchase a swing set they ask what the difference is between this set and that set, what brand is better is this brand better than that one I went to BJ's and I saw really big swing set for $1,300.

anaMalz Wood Toys Review Safe and Environmentally Friendly Toys

It's not often that you find wooden toys, especially quality wooden toys. With anaMalz, you have a unique collection of animals made from wood, with great attention to detail, durability and a natural feel to them! How Much Are the anaMalz There are over 40 types or units of anaMalz available, and the price of each piece ranges from $7.95 to $119, which is the price of the anaMalz Barnhouse. Now let's have a look at some of the main positive and negative aspects. Kids can also do their part in being environmentally responsible, since the wood and materials.

Klip Kitz Toy Story How To Build Spaceship With Buzz Lightyear Disney Pixar To Infinity And Beyond

Klip Kitz Toy Story How To Build Spaceship With Buzz Lightyear Disney Pixar To Infinity And Beyond,From disney pixar toy story 3, this is klip kitz buzz lightyear with spaceship. Snap, klip lock your pieces together to make your own unique Buzz Lightyear and his..

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Custom Barbie House With Homemade Toys

Custom Barbie House With Homemade Toys,This is the Custom Barbie House with Homemade Toys I made for my sister! amzn.to16O5sYo Bookcase amzn.to1clPMld Wooden Chest..

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