Texas Barn Find Five Prewar Automobiles Discovered

(blues music) I’m Antonio Brunet and I’m the chairman and founder of Motostalgia Auction. And we’re here to talk about an incredible Texas barn find. (blues music) It’s one of those, that as a car guy, you kind of dream of. (blues music) Funny enough this collection literally.

It’s seven miles from our office, but we’d run into it. The gentleman’s name is Jack and the story goes that he moved down to Texas in the early 70s, around 1972, 1973. And he’s obviously a car guy and had some amazing vehicles that once he got to Texas he put away in his new barn.

And always with intention of getting the time and the money to fix them and to ride them again. (blues music) The moment that we opened the doors to that barn find was just absolutely amazing. I mean as soon as I saw the little signs of V12 and V16 on the Cadillacs, I knew that they were something very special.

One of my favorite, to be honest with you, is a 1923 Milburn Electric. And I think it’s one of favorite because of the story. They were companies like Milburn and Detroit Electric that built very competitive cars to the market at the time. We’re talking about the teens and the early 20s. So Milburn is one those stories.

And history now tells that GM, in 1924, bought out the whole company to dismantle the factory. So they wouldn’t have that car competing. Well the car that Jack had is a 1923 27L, which is the very last model that that company built. Jack was obviously very. an enthusiast and cared much about the Cadillacs.

And the multicylindered Cadillacs. It’s actually a 1933 V12 coupe. It’s obviously a rare car too, being that it’s a multicylindered Cadillac. The great thing about this particular car, obviously, the condition of being a barn find and being completely unmolested and original, is that the back of it, it actually has a 1932 trunk.

But the car’s a 1933. So this is one of those bodies which happened a lot back in that early century, where vehicles were built with available parts. And of course, this car was built as a 1933. But at the time they didn’t have a 33 trunk available, so they slapped a 1932, which of course makes it now a rare car.


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