What is up guys 2handgaming here and today im gonna show you how to build the best base in 7 days to die. Are you new to this game and you wanna place you can safely put your stuff, while you go out and explore? Maybe you are playing a game for a while and you are satisfied with your current base, or you just wanna safe place to spent a night in without zombies tearing up your house down and bothering you while you craft your stone axe and clubs. Well, this tutorial is for you. This base has been tested on early, middle.

And late game. it can also be upgradable for you fashion people that like castles instead of safe simple bases. If you are just starting the game, its gonna be a little harder for you because you lack proper tools, but dont worry, stone tools can do the trick. Its just gonna take a while longer. So lets get started shall we? So you just started the game. The first thing you gona do is gather some materials. You are gonna need grass, stone and wood. So punch ahead.

Ok you got your materials. now, your gonna need to find some kind of point of interest. Some sort of a town or a village or something like that. That way, you can go out and get some cool stuff. So now that you found your point of interest, your gonna have to go away from the edge of the town. Just a little bit, so you dont attract zombies. Zombies are a real menace at the start so stay clear of them. Big cities like.

This are spawnpoint for zombies and you dont wanna be around them. alright, you found your spot. This is where you’re gonna build a base. Now, you need alot of stone axes. Thats where that stone grass and wood come into play. Alright so now that you got a bunch of stone axes, your gonna need to craft some wood ladders. So if you are missing some more wood go ahead and chop a few. You should get at least 60 ladders. Alright! Now that you got your ladders, make sure to spend all your points into miner 69er. Thats gonna help you dig faster. Because.

Yes we are going down.into the ground. find a nice spot your gonna dig into and start diggin. Like i said this is gonna take a while, but its worth it belive me. The zombies arnt gonna bother you anymore. You just go straight down untill you hit the bedrock. Alright, so now you hit the bedrock. The next thing you’re gonna need is to make a room. So, make 6×6 at least. Thats gonna give enough room for your stuff. Alright, so now that you made your room. You are gonna have to use those ladders so you can get up there. So put all.

Those ladders up to the top. Alright.that wasn’t suppose to happen. OK , so bugs happen.its ok. So now that you all those ladders up to the top, you’re gonna need a trap door. So those zombies dont just fall down. Ok, you got your trap door. This looks like a cozy place. But you are gonna say: Hey its not so secure. Yea it isnt but Hey zombies arnt gonna see you anyway. You just gotta hop in and you’re gone. Alright! You can also put.

Barricades around this place. Alright, so you made your traps around the entrance. You can also put blocks around it. But make sure to put a door.and lock it. This way you can always upgrade your entrance. You can make it bigger, stronger. Later when the game becomes a little easyer, you can make kind of a yard here. A killing floor if you will. And kill all those pathetic zombies that dare come in here! When you’re down here at the bottom, make sure to put those torches around. It can be so dark in here. So there you have.

It. simple but effective base. zombies cant even hear or smell you down here. except for 7 day horde. Thats a little bit wierd. When the 7 Day horde spawns, they know you’re down here. But they forget about you in a minute. Thats why this base is so cool. You are down here making those stone axes and clubs and they are up there roaming around trampling on your traps. I hope this guide help you alot. This kind of base served me pretty well. Thank you guys for watching this tutorial. Make sure to hit that like button and subscribe.

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