So today i’m going to tell you about my homemade brushcutter boat motor it’s uh. built out of a Ryobi 30 cc gas brush cutter / trimmer. There’s also 28 cc engine models out there as well.

It started out as an expandable unit with uh. a removable lower section uh. that you could trade out attachments for. As you can see this has to BC30 model.

It’s a 30 cc engine two stroke and uh. I painted it olivedrab. I primed it first you can see some of the white primer and uh. you can see that some of the.

Components, the handle and uh. choke lever um. are made of a plastic but doesn’t readily except paint even with primer so its’ warn off. It uses the stock gear head and the shaft adapter.

That fits perfectly with a youngs prop. It’s made by youngs die cast aluminum prop. This is a model t8, it spins clockwise. If you were to build.

A uh. long tail or a straight shaft version of this motor you would need to buy the t10 because it’s the identical prop from the t8 but it spins counterclockwise. If you were to buy the opposite one and put it on the other motor it would go backwards.

Another important part is the motor mount. I made mine out of aluminum flat stock bent into a ushape and uh.

It attaches to a clamp that’s actually uh. made for circle track race cars, sprint cars uh. modified class. This is an aluminum ballast clamp.



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