Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

Panda Express to me is like white people's Chinese food. Chinese folk music This is so gross. Wow, this looks like a candle. It's like soggy on the inside. Chinese folk music If you actually know real Chinese chow mein, you'd be like, This is American Chinese chow mein. Ew, it smells like stinky feet. It actually tastes pretty authentic. I think it's not that bad. Wow, you've never had authentic Chinese food before. Yeah, this is judged. I'd rather eat this than the egg roll,.

I'll put it that way. Low standards. laughs That's how I end up with her. He looks down at Panda Express, but he eats McDonald's all the time. I don't understand. Melanie likes it. Do you want mine laughs Good job says my grandpa. Chinese folk music If you blind folded me, I'm eating plain rice. It kinda tastes like cardboard. Chinese folk music It smells so bad. It smells like putrid. Wow. laughs It's really sour. laughs Yeah, I do not like that.

Nope, no. This reminds me of taking shots, like the bad aftertaste. They don't like it. Chinese folk music This is my dad's favorite. Like if he were here, he would hate this. Oh it smells good. Actually it smells OK. This smells good, yeah. Really I feel like it smells weird. I like this. Oh, it's really salty. Chinese folk music Orange chicken is not real Chinese food. My mom calls it the food that fools Americans. Oh, no, no, no, I know what this is.

Burnt soy sauce. Not sure what that is, you know. This chicken is sad. He had to finish all his orange chicken. He says it's so good. I can't imagine anyone thinking that Panda's actually Chinese food. But you know what my dad used to always say is that you can't leave one grain of rice on the plate. Melanie Yeah, that's what my mom always said too, so I don't like wasting food. Right, did you not get that when you were younger too.

Boat Building on the Cape

For me, building a boat is a lot like raising a child. You do the best job you can with the tools you have, and if you work diligently, everything works out. We jut out in the North Atlantic Ocean about 30 miles. So, boats played a big role in everything that people have done here on Cape Cod throughout history. So it's been important to us economically and it's also a source of pride. We, all of us, whether we're directly involved, as I am in the boat business or not, are on.

This unusual, even unique place with some unusual skills and craftsman, which is something you can't say in other parts of the country. One of the great things about boat building is that we're able to draw upon proven designs and proven techniques from our own boating experiences and incorporate that into the boats that we're building today. Our boats are special, they're unique, they're handcrafted. And they have a soul. They're built by our team, our crew with extreme care and a lot of love. The end result is, of course, to satisfy the client. Fortunately, for I think anybody who.

Is in the business of naval architecture there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction for one's self if the boat looks good, goes fast and gets the owner the places he always dreamed of going. My wife always kids me. To me, the best perfume would be something that smelled like sanded old varnish. There are smells, tarred marline, sanded varnish, the smell of fresh paint when you walk into the shop after something has been painted. The cedar dust in the air, the smell of mahogany, the black stain that comes on your hand from working with honduras mahogany.

Vigan City, One of the Few Hispanic Towns Left in the Philippines

The City of Vigan is a city in the Philippines. It is the capital of the Province of Ilocos Sur. The city is located on the western coast of the large island of Luzon, facing the West Philippine Sea. It is a World Heritage Site in that it is one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines, and is wellknown for its cobblestone streets, and a unique architecture that fuses Philippine and Oriental building designs and construction, with colonial European architecture. In precolonial times, Vigan was an important trading post for Chinese junks trading gold,.

Beeswax and other products from the central Cordilleras for exotic Asian goods. Many Chinese traders settled in the mestizo district, marrying locals and starting new bloodlines. Vigan was captured and settled by the Spanish in 1572, and grew to become a centre of Spanish political and religious power in the north of Luzon. In 1758 Vigan became the Seat of the Diocese of Nueva Segovia. Interestingly the town was also a hotbed of antiSpanish politics. Diego Silang was perhaps the most notable resistance leader, but was assassinated by his friends on commission.

From the Spanish in May 1763. Undeterred, Silang's wife assumed leadership of the uprising but was later captured by the Spanish and publicly hanged in on September 20, 1763. Local legend has it that Vigan got its name from a simple communication breakdown. A Spaniard walking along the Metizo River apparently met a local and asked which the city's name. Not understanding what he was being asked, but seeing that the Spaniard seemed to be pointing to a tree, replied Bigaa Apo a giant Taro plant that was common in the area.

U.S Navy salvage ship deployed for South Korea

The international community is reaching out to help. In addition to the amphibious assault ship. that's currently helping out in the recovery efforts. the United States, is sending a Navy salvage ship. that can recover the wreckage of the sunken ferry. We'll get more details from. our reporter Kim Hyunbin. standing by at the Central Disaster and Safety countermeasures headquarters in Jindo. Tell us more. Overnight the search team recovered 22 bodies including three foreigners from the ferry. Nearly 900 flares and powerful flood lights from fishing boats helped divers operate in.

The dark.The rescue team continues to search of survivors and is trying to receive more international support in its operations. U.S. Pentagon said on Monday that its military plans to send in a Navy salvage ship to South Korea in recovery of the ferry. South Korea has not formally requested for the ship but its currently being moved from Thailand. The ship is designed to repair or salvage ships crippled in combat anywhere around the world In addition the rescue team successfully dispatched two remotely operated underwater vehicles ROVs from the United States for the first time, and Three experts from the Netherlands.

Coast Guard to salvage capsized fishing boat 9.

A crane barge is due to arrive in waters off Koreas southern coast to salvage a fishing boat that capsized last week leaving ten people dead and eight still unaccounted for. According to the Jeju Coast Guard the 150ton barge departed from Jeju Island early this morning and is expected to arrive at the accident site near Chuja Island at around 1 p.m. Korea time about just one hour from now. Officials plan to start raising the vessel once they arrive but say the plan could change depending on the weather conditions.

China to continue oil rig drilling in disputed waters despite protests in Vietnam

Despite violent protests in Vietnam,. China isn't backing down from its plans of stationing. an oil rig in the South China Sea. A top Chinese military official. on a visit to the United States. said. oil drilling will continue in disputed waters, and he had words for Hanoi and Washington as well. Choi Yousun has more. After meeting with his U.S. counterpart General Martin Dempsey at the Pentagon Thursday, the chief of the general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army said he will continue drilling for oil in disputed waters. He said they belonged to China and that the.

Nation couldn't afford to lose an inch of its territory. Blaming Hanoi for disrupting SinoVietnam relations by sending ships to the area, the Chinese general also had a message for Washington. I would like to also express hope that the United States can hold an objective view on the issues in the South China and East China seas. Fang also criticized U.S. President Barack Obama's strategic military rebalancing in Asia, for giving some countries in the region leverage to make territorial claims in the seas. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,.

During the talks, said the socalled pivot to Asia was necessary to protecting regional peace and stability amid mounting security threats from North Korea. We also discussed the tensions in the South China Sea and how provocative actions can lead to confrontation. These issues need to be resolved through dialogue and international law. Since the arrival of the Chinese oil rig in waters near the disputed Paracel Islands earlier this month, Beijing and Hanoi have each sent vessels to surround it. AntiChinese protests in southern Vietnam, which erupted Tuesday, spread north, and the.

Salvage ships arrive at site of sunken Sewolho ferry .

Now for an update on the latest efforts to raise the sunken Sewolho ferry. vessels have arrived on Jindo to commence the salvage. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries confirmed Sunday that an 11thousand ton floating crane and a towboat are on site. to begin the field investigation on Monday. Underwater research will start from next Sunday. with the goal of removing oil remaining inside the sunken ferry. and to install nets to prevent missing bodies from escaping the vessel. The consortium led by Chinese company Shanghai Salvage. plans to lift the Sewolho onto a floating deck by early next year. and.

Coast Guard to salvage capsized fishing boat 9

A crane barge has arrived in waters off Koreas southern coast to salvage a fishing boat that capsized last week leaving ten people dead and eight still missing. The 150ton barge departed from Jeju Island early this morning and was expected to arrive at the accident site near Chuja Island at around 1 p.m. Korea time. But it arrived just before 4 p.m. due to bad weather. Officials have since started to raise the boat and expect to complete the task by tonight as long as the weather does not become any worse.

Capsized boat to be salvaged if weather conditions favorable .

Authorities will attempt to salvage a fishing boat that capsized off Koreas southern coast last weekend. The Coast Guard says it is ready to start the operation as soon as today. However it added the plan could be delayed if bad weather conditions continue in the area. The Coast Guard also says it will expand the scope of its search for the eight passengers still missing. There are fears they could have been swept away by strong currents. The fishing boat was found capsized on Sunday morning after losing contact about halfanhour after it left Chuja Island north of Jeju.

Search operations continue to find 8 fishermen still missing from Jeju boat acci

Now to the latest on the fishing boat sinking that killed at least ten people and left eight unaccounted for over the weekend. The navy and the Jeju Coast Guard continued their search throughout the night and into this morning in waters off Koreas southern coast. but have yet to find any of missing. More than 70 boats including navy vessels patrol ships and fishing boats. along with four aircraft have been scouring the area. Members of the navys Ship Salvage Unit have also launched underwater operations. Officials say they plan to launch a probe.

Building A Boat SV Seeker Weekend

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Building The Jani JInspirations 3

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