Wooden Boat Sapele Mahogany Mouldings, MV Renaissance 30 Motor Yacht

So, today's a pretty good day. Today I made the mouldings here for the, this part of the boat, Chris Craft Corvette, and I got some really nice mahogany, this really nice grainy stuff here, and it's nice red colour, and I thought, well that's what I need to do for the mouldings, and there's a lot of fancy red mouldings here, Here's a hand grab that was a, it gets screwed on from underneath after, the painting's pretty much done, and then this all sort of looks in place, and it gets stained up,.

And then many coats of varnish on it. But I'm sort of making this up as I go, because I really don't know what was original on this boat. I know there was mouldings because there is many many nail holes, and there are sawed off nails behind there. and screw holes, and it would just make sense that it would be a moulding that looked a bit like this. So I had an inch and a half moulding on there, a half round oak, but then I got this nice mahogany,.

And I thought I'll put a treat on for the boat. And because this door opens back onto itself, I had to make this area a little shallower, and the door moving also is a quarter inch instead of three quarter inch. But it actually looks nice, and these screws will get those nice marine type washers that, cup washers that sit up, and of course we'll put plugs in these holes, and sand everything off, and when this is all stained up, it will look like it was here from day one,.

I hope. Here's why this boat is called a Corvette, because when you take the top off of it here, it looks like a giant speedboat. The lines on this are absolutely fantastic, if you look at that window line. I took the canvas off here, and I've got it hanging over there, but this is what makes this boat what it is, and a collector's item of course. They only made about twenty of them or less, and yeah, I don't know, maybe it just didn't sell right or what.

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Making a Ceramic Tumbler Ceramic Tumbler Clay Tube

O.k. So it's not really a cylinder. It's more of like a tube. It's not hollow. But you're going to start getting it nice and round. And I learned this method from an old school production potter. He's like, sixty years old. His name is Charlie. Most cavalier potter, you'll ever meet. And that's the way, you want to be. This is just clay, it's no big deal. Can you see Get in like that. And start throwing it, on to the, your wareboard or on to your work table, like this. What I'm doing, like kind of, throwing it and pushing.

It, the same time. I'm also making sure that it stays round. You can even do one of these. Pull it towards you, towards you. Hold it towards you. And out again. And what we're doing here, is just making a nice, consistent tube of clay with no folds in it. If you have any folds in it. If you have any funky parts on it. They're going to come back to haunt you. Like something, like that. If that was going at the bottom of the wheel head. That would be not effective, at all. And your pot would flop. So from here, you got your tube.

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News Strike MCAS Iwakuni Wood Hobby Shop Provides Creative Outlet

This is your Inside Iwakuni News Strike. On Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Marines have the chance, and the utilities, to make anything they can imagine at the wood hobby shop on base. The shop and its wide array of wood and tools offers Marines the chance to create tables, commemorative plaques, and much more. Lance Corporal Anthony Mesa did some woodworking of his own to bring you the story. REPORTER THE WOOD HOBBY SHOP ON MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI GIVES MARINES A CHANCE TO EXPLORE THEIR CREATIVITY THROUGH CARPENTRY. SB LCpl Josiah Simpson.

It's just a great way to put idle hands to work you know, as opposed to sitting at home in the barracks. You can get out and do something productive building things that you need, or gifts for your family back home. And um, its just it's rewarding to be able to come in with a blank piece of wood and then walk out with something that you finish, and you can say that it is your own and every project is unique. It's a very rewarding process. Reporter FOR MARINES WHO STOP BY, IT'S.

A CONSTRUCTIVE WAY TO PASS THE TIME. SBJohn Redfield It provides a certain level of entertainment, of course, because you can come in, you can spend your time in here, but at the same time, you're also going to be building a skill. Reporter WHETHER BUILDING THEIR SKILLS, OR BUILDING THEIR NEXT WOODEN MASTERPIECE, MARINES CAN REST ASSURED THAT THE WOOD HOBBY SHOP IS THE PERFECT PLACE FOR DOITYOURSELF PROJECTS SB LCpl Josiah Simpson I mean where else are you going to have access to such a wide variety of tools, and the guys that work in here are so knowledgeable.

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