I’ve got here a variety of boats here foryou to see the differences between one rowing boat and another. No boat can do everything just like no carcan do everything. This boat is a lot wider and shorter thanthis boat which is very long and thin. So this is like your Grand Prix racing car,it’s a racing boat, it’s my racing boat. And it’s very slim, very unstable, impossibleto learn to scull in. It’s impossible even to sit in this boaton the water without oars.

Now the boat like the Yole here, you could stand up in this boat, turn around,stand on your head, without oars in it at all. So this is a stable boat, okay? The Turbos have an advantage which I willexplain to you. You can stand in the bottom of the boat whenyou get in and out. Why is that important? Well, it affects how stable it feels.

This is below the water line so when you getin it feels stable. You’re standing underneath the point aroundwhich it tips. That’s not the case with a racing boat. Let me show you. In a racing boat, you never stand on the hullin the bottom of the boat because it’s too fragile, and you have to stand here and this is abovethe tipping point. So as soon as you stand in a racing boat itfeels really scary and you get

white knuckle syndrome. So, this is not the way to learn. All the boats here have got outriggers, OK? And this is so that we could make the boatslimmer and that makes it faster than if you had tohave the boat as wide as this. The distance between the gates is the sameon all of the boats. Here the outrigger is attached by nuts andbolts. Here the outrigger on this boat is attachedby clips, which are very quick to use.

And this outrigger, this is a very interestingboat, slides forwards and backwards. All the boats have got sliding gear, some means of sliding forwards and backwardsso that you can bend your legs and use your whole body to get more power out of the body. And all the boats have got something for youto press your feet against. This is called a stretcher. All of these boats are unsinkable. That’s to say, they’re full of air andyou could throw as much water over them as

you like and they won’t sink because theyhave builtin buoyancy. This whole space here is sealed and no aircan get in or out of that and no water can get in or out. This is the same but you can see it’s alot bigger, wider, more volume. What’s the difference? Well, if you were to row this through a wavethat was only this high, then, this boat, the cockpit would fill with water and you’dhave wet feet. And this boat would just simply ride overthe top of it.



Boat Plans

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