Canadian Made Canoes By Composite Creations

Canadian Made Canoes by Composite Creations We have been building boats for about sixteen years and it started out as a little hobby and a passionate that grew into something far bigger for us here at composite creation we really came to realize that the individual paddler is unique they all have something that they want you just can't buy that of the shelf what we want so we really took our business mind, our business program and started offering boats allowed the consumer to get what they wanted which again.

Takes more time and effort but man pictures we get back tutorials we get back from customers is amazing, seeing them in remote places, seeing to be enjoying their boats and hearing their friends tell us how much they wish they had a boat too because their not getting the enjoyment from other big brands their friends are experiencing by purchasing boats from composite creations it is almost a work of art, when we are creating a canoe, it is all hands on there is no robots or big automation no body can feel the way humans do and put the materials in the right places.

Carbon Fiber Veil

Big beam Hi I'm Steve from Fibre Glast today I'd like to show you our number 1064 Carbon Fiber Veil that you can find at Fibre Glast dot com carbon veil is a thin ply of continuous strand fibers that are randomly looped throughout the roll of material it is extremely thin and held together with the light binder with a consistency much like tissue paper in the carbon fiber category carbon fiber veil is unique while most carbon fiber reinforcements are selected to add strength or significant structural value this product does neither it serves two primary purposes.

Surface layering and binding for sandwich core materials as a surface layer carbon veil is often added first in mold to minimize the pattern show through of heavy fabrics applied later it permits surface sanding of finished parts without compromising or cutting into the reinforcing fabric below when used with sandwich core carbon veil may be placed directly over core materials to optimize bond line thickness it will also keep excess resin from draining into honeycomb cells when a vacuum is not used carbon veil is most effective when used with an epoxy system.

Ship in a bottle

What's the building gonna do It's gonna change the world. music Location is extremely important. music One of the goals that the researchers had was to be in the middle of campus. music The building will bring about 2,000 people to opperate in a central facility. We've got to take people from all over campus, and move their equipment and their people and their philosophies, and their models. music There was no existing building where we could fit the technical requirements of that building into an existing building. So that's why we're building new, next to the dome.

Music The building needs quiet. It needs vibration quiet, and it needs electromagnetic quiet. So we needed to look for a site that was far enough from the railroad track, far enough from the Red Line, and then the normal street traffic. muisc So we put monitors and sensors all over the campus, and the site next to Building 12 is the quietest, for EMF and vibration. music It happened to be the highest performing site, and it's right in the heart of the main user groups. So, it worked out perfectly.

In terms of the program and the research. Construction. It's a challenge. But, we're up for it, so. It's good. music In the site criteria, there was the centrality, there was the quiet, and then we snuck in a third hidden condition, which was, the most difficult site to build. laughing music There are only three ways you can bring a vehicle in, and two of the three have bridges at a hight that's lower than most construction vehicles want. music There'll be trucks running every 20 or 30 minutes through that corridor,.

Right past twenty or thirty departments who all look down onto the site. music It's just the nucleus. It brings everybody together. Just about everybody that's in the surrounding area is gonna be on some level utilizing the facility. music It's interesting to interview architects and planners, as they pitch for work. They all sort of talk about the strength of MIT as the fact that departments and schools are all intermingled. And that there isn't a building for this department, and a building for this department. It really creates some opportunities which.

1171 Chopper Gun

Big beam hi I'm Chris from Fibre Glast today we're going to show you our number 1171 air driven chopper gun we carry on Fibre Glast dot com number 1171 is an air powered handheld variable speed chopper gun for coating molds or parts with fiberglass roving or carbon fiber tow by adjusting the number and placement of chopper blades you can adjust fiber length from as long as four inches to as short as 516 of an inch the roving is fed into the rear of the gun the guns then chops the roving into smaller.

How to Cut Aluminum the Easy Way Kevin Caron

Text on screen How to Cut Aluminum the Easy Way, Kevin Caron, kevincaron The Voice Hey, Kevin. What are you looking at Kevin Caron So, I'm working on this new public sculpture and I get to work with nice, brand new, shiny aluminum. This is 16gauge aluminum sheet and I've got to put some nice, gentle little curves into the sides of the sheets. So, now I'm going to go ahead I've got my lines marked out so now I'll go ahead and cut them. You want to know how I'm going to do it.

The Voice Yeah! Kevin Caron Come here. I'll show you. So, there's lots of different ways I could do it. But with the sheet being 50 inches wide and 48 inches long, trying to go into the Beverly over here and holding it at the other end and steer and cut and do all that at the same time is too awkward to do. So... Well, I could make a table. I haven't got time for that. Come on down the other end. I'll show you what I'm going to do.

So, another thing I could do is get out the plasma cutter, change the fitting on the back, hook up to carbon dioxide or the argon instead of using compressed air. Because with the inert gas, you get a little better cut a little cleaner cut but you still get a little jagged, you still get the little heartbeat. You know, now you've got to come back and you still have to grind it and clean it up. You know what I'm going to do Go oldschool. Plain, oldfashioned jigsaw. Put a metal blade on it.

Here's a trick you can use If you're going to cut on aluminum or steel or anything you don't want to scratch it, just get some duct tape and coat the bottom of the pad, the foot, with some duct tape. Now it will slide across the aluminum and you won't leave scratches in it that you'd have to come back and grind out. That's all. I'll just hook up the jigsaw, nice and slow, easy, watch my mark, slice that right off. Take off the piece that I cut and go to the other side of the metal. Use that as a pattern.

Don't forget the curve! Lay out my line on that side, cut on the correct side of the curve, slice that one off, and now they both match. Move on to the next piece. Just cheating. You know, just use your imagination, use the tools you have, and use what you have around you. You can always get the job done. And speaking of getting the job done, I've gotta get back to this. I'll see you later. Text on screen Subscribe to See More Tutorials! See and hear more at KevinCaron.

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