Painting DN 60

Painting DN 60,DN 60 Iceboat painting..

Mini Skeeter Iceboat March 21 2015.Iceboating on a spring day. Mini Skeeter plans jlsbfamcenturytel..


Ice Boat.boats..

Building The Fuselage On ST 49 A Solid Wing Landsailer Or Iceboat.Butt joining side ,top and bottom panels for the ST 49. See files on wingboat web sire for more info sports.groups.yahoogroupwingboats.

DN Iceboat Plank Cam.Osakis, Minnesota Friday, 5 Dec 2008 Top Speed 63.5mph on the second rounding..

DN Iceboat Race

DN Iceboat Race,Lake Mendota Jan 4,2008..

Iceboat Fun..

Molly's First Time In A DN Iceboat..Nov. 302013 Guelph Lake, Ontario. Light winds. 2 12 of ice. Very nice indeed..

Wawasee New DN Iceboat..

Ice Boat On Winni..

Journey Of The Ice Boat (Sweden, Day 1 Making A Path).Here is uncut right off the camera..

DN Iceboat Sail (making A Laminate Sail) Part 2.the final steps in making a DN iceboat laminate sail at the Kent sail co. loft..



Boat Plans

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