Duck Hunting Tips How to Use Blinds for Duck Hunting

Hey this is Hugo Izzo at Expert Village. This is segment on blinds and blind material for a duck blind or a boat or ever just wadding. Now its really really important when you are hunting ducks to stay concealed weather thats with camouflage or some other material. What I have got here is some fast grass you can pick this up at a verity of stores. It provides this is just one good example of some good camouflage. You can put this, we have used this in a variety of settings. You can attach it to a boat or something that.

Will basically help conceal your true identification for a duck and so you look at this you can put it on boats you can lay it in a boat. If youre on a ground and you have a ground blind or for ducks coming in you can lay it right across you. Whatever you want to do. This is again this is just one technique. This is just some fast grass and we just usually attach it to a boat. When were hunting ducks but the important thing about blinds is that.

Duck Hunting Tips What to Wear When Duck Hunting

Hey this is Hugo Izzo and this segment right now is on what to wear when you are duck hunting. Most of you duck hunters know that you need to dress warmly for most situations when you are duck hunting. What I did is just pull a variety of things. You need a good pair of boots if you are not wearing waders. If you are on the boat or on land and you have dogs to retrieve so you don't have to go in the water a good warm pair of boots is ideal.

Waders, we already had some waders out and talked about them. A good pair of waders is needed if you are wading out in the water you want it to be Neoprene and just have a good foundation for that. Camouflage that matches the general surrounding area that you are in whether this is a Mossy Oak break up something that really does disguise your outline. You want a pair of gloves that fit really well and are warm but also something that you can blow your duck calls with and that is something that you may want to practice.

You get a duck caller and use it with the gloves that you are in. The last thing you want to do is get in a situation with ducks and put it in your glove and find out that you can't call the ducks and produce the sound that you want. Again you want to match the conditions to what you are wearing. If it is really really cold dress warmly and if it is not dress appropriately waders and camouflage from head to toe. Also another thing you want to remember when you are ducking hunting, ducks have excellent vision and so you want.

To try to put something over your face and not move around. This is a simple face snap that you can put on. It is nice and warm and that way you can still call and I will go ahead and put this on so that you guys can see through it and basically you can call through it as well. That way you can still make the calls and the sunlight does not reflect off your face so much that the ducks can see you but you can still do what you need to do when you.

Duck Hunting Tips How to Scout Out Duck Hunting Areas

Hey, this is Hugo at Expert Village. And, we're talking about scouting for ducks. Now, you see this is early morning and we're sitting here. And, we're around a pond. When you find an area to hunt, you want to be able to locate the area that the ducks are using. And, that requires quite a bit of leg work often times. Getting out and being able to identify the specific area that the ducks are using is critical to having a good hunt. Everybody has always read and heard, it's much better to hunt where the ducks are than to where.

You think they may be. So, find those examples Find those places that they are really using. Look for the oily water, where their feathers are on the water. Their feathers, droppings, markings, places you'd jump ducks are all good areas and good indicators that ducks are using that area. A lot of times, the dabblers will light the shallow areas. And, so those will be places that you will want to check out first before you go and look at other areas. So, just generally know the characteristics of the species that you're hunting. And, their.

Duck Hunting Tips Duck Hunting Safety Tips

Hey guys this is Hugo Izzo with Expert Village and this segment is on duck hunting safety. As you know any time there are firearms around you have got to be very very careful. Every state has specific requirements for hunter education safety. I have a couple of boys who are young and one of the things we do is talk about hunter education and safety rules all the time. You can do this whenever you have a chance. A lot of it you have got to be responsible for is just remembering that when you have a gun, a weapon, you have.

Always got to treat it as if it were loaded and always just be aware of which direction the gun is pointed and that is one of the key factors that you can do. Obviously if you are in a duck hunting situation where you have a live firearm that is loaded, you have got to be extra careful. If you are in water in a boat, there are going to be other people hunting around you more than likely and in the excitement of the hunt it is very easy to be caught up in the excitement of the game. You have just got to be very careful.

We all know someone who has been injured or perhaps even killed from a firearm so we want to be really careful. The best thing is just to be extra careful with a gun when it is loaded. Take that hunter education course. A lot of people have taken those over the years and refresher courses are always good but just be careful and be safe, that's one of the key things about hunting is that we don't want there to be any kind of accidents or injuries. So hunter education courses and safety courses is the first thing to do and.

Duck Hunting Tips What to Expect on a Duck Hunt

It's a little cool out here this morning. This is Hugo at Expert Village. This section is on duck hunting. Just enjoying it and knowing what it is about. You need to go and experience duck hunting it is so much fun and what you will be able to do is basically get and opportunity to be outside in nature and to enjoy just being outside. There are many components to duck hunting we have gone over a lot of different segments. When your duck hunting the best thing is just to relax and enjoy the experience. There are a verity of different ways to hunt.

Ducks you need to experience those weather you hunting in Louisiana or Mississippi or Arkansas in flooded timber or your out in a field in Missouri or Kansas or Nebraska or jump shooting ducks in potholes in South Dakota or North Dakota theres a lot of different experiences to do that so duck hunting is just one of those thing that you just want to give it a try and to see what its like. The best thing is to go. There is a lot of good outfitters out there that can take you and guide you to be able to make a good selection.

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