245 10 oz Fiberglass Fabric

Big beam hi I'm Steve from Fibre Glast today we're looking at the 10ounce plain weave fiberglass fabric available on our website this is the most commonly used boat cloth in our fiberglass category and is referred to throughout the industry as style 7500 like all of our fiberglass reinforcement it's made to be used with resin as part of a composite lamination it's an industry favorite for waterproofing and protecting various marine applications like boats and personal watercraft it offers nice handling during fabrication and plain weave construction allows uniform strength in both horizontal.

And vertical directions to increase strength plies should be added at 45 degree angles within the lamination at Fibre Glast we offer this 10ounce in three widths 38 50 and 60inch you'll find each on our website under numbers 245 271 and 247 respectively we also offer woven fiberglass tapes that closely match this fabric all versions of the 10ounce can be used with any of the resins on our site to create fiberglass composites with excellent strength low weight and great cosmetics Fibre Glast takes great measure to ensure that.

Fiberglass Overview

Big beam hi I'm Steve from Fibre Glast today we're going to talk about the selection of fiberglass reinforcements that you can find on our website fiberglass is the foundation of the composites industry it's frequently the best overall choice among reinforcements and even materials like metal and wood for making parts that combine excellent strength low weight and great cosmetics when fabricating it's easy to handle sand and machine and conforms to even the most complex shapes it is widely used for all these reasons in fact so much so that it might be difficult to get through your day without touching.

Something that contains fiberglass over time this has led to a common misconception you might hear someone refer to their fiberglass boat or fiberglass bathtub in fact these products are not simply fiberglass but fiberglass composites created using reinforcement along with resin when combined the two bond chemically to form hard composite laminate parts all the fiberglass reinforcements available on our website are made to be used with a resin in this way the selection you'll find at Fibre Glast dot com is unique a complete range of first quality fiberglass reinforcement.

Unmatched by any supplier in the industry and much more than you'll find your local retailer we offer mat and veil tape roving sleeve and chopped fiber we also offer nearly twenty fabrics in weights and weaves suited for everything from mold making and boat repair to highly engineered aerospace applications generally fiberglass is the least expensive among reinforcements making it the best value for the majority of composites but keep in mind that prices will vary widely depending on your selection no matter which selection you make you can count on first quality from.

Fiberglass Mat Overview

Big beam hi I'm Steve from Fibre Glast today we'll take a look at the fiberglass mat available on our website fiberglass mat is widely used for most non structural applications and is often chosen over other common reinforcements for a number of reasons generally fiberglass is the best choice for parts that combine excellent strength and low weight with great cosmetics fabricators choose fiberglass mat specifically even over fiberglass fabrics because it's inexpensive it's easy to use during fabrication and can build more than enough strength and thickness for parts.

Molds and even repairs mat is different than its woven fabric counterparts in that it features randomly oriented fiberglass strands throughout the roll of material so rather than bundling and weaving fibers for increased strength in one or two directions it offers general strength and stiffness in all directions for finished parts these random fibers are held together with a light binder that should not be used within an epoxy resin system mat is compatible with polyester and vinyl ester resins and should always be used with a resin to make hard laminate parts.

Composites Books Tutorials

Hi, I'm Steve from Fibre Glast. Today, we'll look at the Books and Tutorials available at FibreGlast. If you want to learn more about compositeswhether you're an experienced fabricator or just starting outthese books and tutorials are a great resource that you can use over and over for years to come. Once purchased, they can provide a quick reference for starting new composite projects, troubleshooting, trying out new techniques, or making repairs. Each has been selected to give you a professional, inside look at composites, complete with helpful visuals.Use books like Composite Basics or the.

Fundamentals of Composite Manufacturing for an indepth look into composite materials and the methods used to create parts. The Composites Garage Series provides a more visual, handson look at tackling new projects. Each book gradually builds on composites knowhow from learning the basics and setting up shop to moldmaking and advanced techniques. Our selection of DVD topics includes fiberglass and gel coat repair, boat restoration techniques, and our own Complete Fiberglass and Composite Library, a fivepart series that covers moldmaking, vacuum bagging, and much more. Keep a few of these books and tutorials on the.

254 20 oz Fiberglass Fabric

Big beam Hi I'm Steve from Fibre Glast today we'll take a look at the 20ounce fiberglass tooling fabric that you'll find on our website heavier tooling fabric like all of our fiberglass reinforcements is made to be used with resin as part of a composite specifically it's the perfect choice when you're looking to build thickness into a mold in a short amount of time add layers of our number 254 at the heart of your mold to build bulk strength and dimensional stability in this case lighter fabrics generally need to be added at the surface to prevent pattern.

Sandwich Core Materials

Hi, I'm Steve from Fibre Glast. Today we're taking a look at the Sandwich Core materials available at FibreGlast. This category includes Nomex Honeycomb, EndGrain Balsa, and a selection of foam products. We use the term Sandwich Core because these materials are sandwiched between layers of reinforcement within your part. They are used to build bulk and strength for a part without adding significant weight. Parts made with sandwich core achieve a much higher flexural strength than using skin laminates alone. Sandwich core materials also build thickness into any composite part, which in turn, builds stiffness.

Let's take a closer look at each of our sandwich core categories, beginning with Nomex Honeycomb. Nomex Honeycomb is a sheet of cells, nested together to form panels with much the same look as a crosssection of beehive. It's extremely flexible, and when fully expanded, is almost entirely open space. It offers good impact resistance and is also fire retardant. Among sandwich core, Honeycomb offers the very best strengthforweight ratio. It is used primarily for structural applications in aerospace. EndGrain Balsa is the most widely used sandwich core material. It is constructed using small blocks of wood each bonded in succession to.

A light scrim fabric backing. As a result, it conforms to nearly any simple curve and most gradual compound curves. It offers a high compressive strength due to the density of the wood blocks. Balsa is often selected as a more affordable option compared to honeycomb or vinyl foams. Foams make up the last category of Sandwich Core. All foams at FibreGlast are rigid, closedcell foams, meaning they resist water, gas, and oil. They deliver added strength, stiffness, and insulation for parts, without adding significant weight. Foam is easy to handle, provides excellent flotation, and can.

Be easily carved or shaped. Our foam selections includes sheets of vinyl foam Divinymat flow media mixandpour polyurethane foams and sheets of polyisocyanurate foam. All the Sandwich Core materials at FibreGlast are compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins, and can be used for most layup techniques, including vacuum bagging and infusion. Because of their combined strength, stiffness and bulk for low weight, they are popular for use with marine applications, like boat hulls, as well as aerospace and structural panels. To get more details on our entire selection of Sandwich Core materials, visit product pages at FibreGlast and watch spotlight tutorials.

Chopped Strand Mat

Big beam hi I'm Steve from Fibre Glast today we'll take a look at the chopped strand mat you can find at Fibre Glast dot com chopped strand mat is most commonly used with polyester resin to quickly build thickness for composite parts it's also used with fiberglass fabrics or woven roving to build molds or create larger fabrications chopped strand mat has a light binder that holds it together in dry format this makes it easier to handle but prevents proper bonding with epoxy so mat should be used with polyester or vinyl ester resins.

Fabricators usually tear chopped strand mat rather than cut it this maintains the length of fibers along the edge and helps to create stronger bonding with other layers fiberglass offers chopped strand mat in both 38inch and 50 inch wide formats our numbers 250 and 1250 respectively for convenience it's also sold as a 4inch wide tape our number 492 no matter which you select when combined with resin you'll get a fiberglass composite that combines excellent strength and low weight thanks for watching Fibre Glast on YouTube find out more about chopped strand mat when you visit us at Fibre Glast.

Polyester Resins Overview

Big beam hi I'm Chris from Fibre Glast today we're going to discuss polyester resins in general and the polyester resins we carry on Fibre Glast dot com there are three main types of resins used to make composite parts and molds polyester vinyl ester and epoxy we carry resins of each type and as you might expect there's some benefits and drawbacks to each knowing them can help you select your resin polyester is the most widely used type of resin in the industry polyester resins are generally the least expensive and.

Easiest to use they're also naturally UV resistant and are the most tolerant of temperature and humidity variations during mixing and layup finally they cure quickly and are forgiving when you're catalyzing the downside to polyester resins is they don't have the physical properties of epoxy or the strength and corrosion resistance that vinyl ester resins offer also thin applications can remain tacky when exposed to the air since insufficient heat is generated during the exotherm to complete the cure cycle this isn't typically an issue in making multiple layer laminates.

Since the additional heat generated during the cure cycle will fully set the resin however it is an important issue in doing repairs where laminations that are not in mold if you're using polyester resin for surface laminations you need to add styrene wax to unwaxed resins this will prevent prolonged tackiness when applying thin layers styrene wax contains parafins that rises to the surface allowing the resin to harden after the resin has hardened the wax can be washed off or sanded off in order to create a fully cured glossy part or repair.

Common uses for polyester resins include generalpurpose hand layups fiberglass molds and most common composite parts in general polyester resins do not need to be thinned although if you want to thin be sure to only use styrene thinner since using acetone is not recommended as it degrades the resin significantly reducing the strength properties of your finished laminate since polyester resins are the most common and least expensive type of resin there's a wide variety of polyester resins available in the marketplace Fibre Glast resins are all first quality so you don't have to worry about batch to.

Batch variations like you would with lower quality polyester resins commonly referred to as boat resins mixed resin or blended resin with our resin the color viscosity laminating and strength properties will be consistent batch to batch we have two options for polyester resin our number 77 polyester molding resin and our number 90 isophthalic polyester resin to learn more about each of these resins including their physical attributes and specific uses for each be sure to check them out on our website we also offer a complete line of polyester gel coats.

1171 Chopper Gun

Big beam hi I'm Chris from Fibre Glast today we're going to show you our number 1171 air driven chopper gun we carry on Fibre Glast dot com number 1171 is an air powered handheld variable speed chopper gun for coating molds or parts with fiberglass roving or carbon fiber tow by adjusting the number and placement of chopper blades you can adjust fiber length from as long as four inches to as short as 516 of an inch the roving is fed into the rear of the gun the guns then chops the roving into smaller.

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