Learn English Idioms Fun ESL Lessons In The Same Boat Tasty English 21

So.how hard is this hike going to be I don't know I heard.on a scale of 1 to 10. It's a 9 in difficulty. A 9! Yeah, I think we're going to the top of that. Guys, guys. I don't know. I get really bad cramps. Ohhhhhh. You scared of hikes, Jack Don't worry. We're IN THE SAME BOAT. Boat What boat I'm standing on wood. No.what I mean is..that we have the same problem..but..we can do this. You're right we can. Plus, I have your phone, I have your wallet, so.

Learn English Idioms Fun Lessons Slipped My Mind Tasty English 29

Wow, it's a really nice day today. Yeah, it is. Don't you have a plan today Yeah, yeah, I did have a plan today. What's your plan It must have SLIPPED MY MIND. It what Yeah, sorry.I think it SLIPPED MY MIND. What did he say Slipped on a lime Nooooo. Did he say slipped on slime Eww, no. He didn't say that. Or maybe. You ok Huh Umm, yeah. So.you slipped on a mime, right That's interesting. Huh What, no, wait. I said, It SLIPPED MY MIND. I forgot. You forgot.

Learn English Idioms Fun ESL Lessons End of Story Tasty English 24

Tasty English 24 Hokuto No Ken 6 tutorial game Yeah! Victory! I'm the best.END OF STORY What End of what Yeah, END OF STORY, you know There's nothing more to say. You can't make any arguments against it. Because.I'm the best. END OF STORY You're the best Alright, Phil, you're the best. I can't beat you.END OF STORY. Exactly. So what else can we do here Um. What do you want to do I don't know.what do you have in this house Well.we could listen to some records..or.play checkers. Oh!.

Did I tell you I have.a turtle aquarium. A turtle aquarium, like a real turtle aquarium. You did not tell me you have a turtle you have turtles! Yeah you want to see it Yeah! Alright, let's go! Turtles, ttttttturtles I should tell you another tradition that we have here. What tradition Everybody whose first time it is to see the aquarium..has to kiss a turtle. What Seriously Shut up It's a tradition. Tradition, or no tradition I'm not kissing a turtle. END OF STORY. I kissed it.

What I kissed the turtle. Who's this That's my roomate, Miho. Give me that turtle. And then what What do you mean What happened next I kissed a turtle. That's weird. Alright, well I'm going to order a pizza. What kind of pizza do you want Hmm.mushroom. Mushroom Are you serious Yeah. You know I'm allergic to mushroom. How about pineapple Pineapple.yuck. Olive Olive Olive pizza Sausage Sausage Sausage No, we need like a Ok, pepperoni! Pepperoni Come on. Pepperoni! END OF STORY! Hey, This is Jack. Thank you so much for watching this episode.

Learn English Idioms Fun ESL Lessons Small World Tasty English 23

Oooohhhh Are you ok Try not to move too much. Do you feel any pain No, no, no.I think I'm ok. Ok, let's try to get you up. Do you think you can do that Yeah, yeah, I think so Yeah, you're alright. Yeah, I think so Oh, so your a Chargers American football team fan Me Oh yeah.I love the chargers. Me, too! I lived in San Diego. I was just there for my sisters graduation. I just graduated. What school did she go to Ahhh U.C.S.D. University of California, San Diego.

What's her name Samantha Duenas Sammy D!!! No way.you know my sister Yeah! I had a couple of classes with her. Umm, she's really tall..wears cool clothes, good taste in music, real pretty. Ok, yeah you know her. Wow, that's unbelievable. I think it's crazy. What a SMALL WORLD! Hmm It's a SMALL WORLD we live in. No, uhhh, the world is big. I mean. a long time ago. you know this right There were dinosaurs, and they were huge. The biggest one we found were Yes, yes, it's big, but.

Learn English Idioms Fun ESL Lessons Spill the Beans Tasty English 28

Tasty English 28 Heyyy, Mike! Happy Halloween! What's up, guys Hey, Zak. What'd you do last night Last night I went on a date. Really A date With who With. A lady. Um.ok. Nice vampire costume. Appreciate it, appreciate it. What are you supposed to be James Bond No. I'm too cool for James Bond. Well what are you supposed to be then Sorry.can't tell you. Don't keep secrets.SPILL THE BEANS, Zak. SPILL THE BEANS Yeah.do it. Ok. Stop! You told me to SPILL THE BEANS. Not those beans. Well which beans do I spill.

Beans Beans Beans Beans Your Halloween costume! Beans My Halloween costume isn't beans, Mike. No! Stop keeping secrets. Tell what you're supposed to be for the Halloween party. SPILL THE BEANS. Oh, I see. You want me to tell you what my Halloween costume is. No.don't worry. I'll SPILL THE BEANS when the time is right. You are ridiculous. I know. So. I guess you're ready to go. Not yet. Well, when does the party start Riiiiight Now! So. What do you think Cute. Let's go. Thank you for watching! Please like, share, and subscribe!.

Tasty English explained!

Hello! I'm Jack. And I'm Rick and.we are the creators of Tasty English. A YouTube channel for anyone trying to learn English conversation. To understand English conversation..you must know English idioms and phrases. For example. What a SMALL WORLD. Hm We say this when we find out people know the same person. But! Learning English phrases can be difficult. Difficult. And boring! So boring. So we make tutorials that are fun to watch..and easy to understand. So now, you can have more fun improving your English!.

Mexican People Try Taco Bell For The First Time

I don't think it's gonna be close to the Mexican food whatsoever. Yeah, it doesn't look like a taco whatsoever. To me it does. Looks like a salad. A taco isn't usually in a flour tortilla, I mean Both It comes in corn. girl laughs I mean, looks like your basic burrito. Beans, rice, chicken, guacamole. Why is the rice white I can totally eat some of these. I don't know if this is mayonnaise or sour cream, but Yeah, I can't even tell, it tastes like mayonnaise.

Learn English Idioms Fun ESL Lessons Dont Get Me Wrong Tasty English 26

Tasty English 26 Aha! There you have it. My RGM96x Jesta. One of my personal favorites. Ohhhh, the RGehQ90 hundred! Whooo. Jen, please. Don't get too excited.you'll scare all these birds. Ok.but really, Mike. What's so great about Gundam Wing Would you just look at that! I guess it's alright, but No 'but'! That is a giant machine. With guns..lasers, beam swords. It's just a cartoon. First of all, Jen. It is an anime. Second of all. It has all the perfect things to make it a classic. The fight scenes, the animation, the dialogue, the music.

Look. DON'T GET ME WRONG.but Wait a minute. DON'T GET YOU WRONG Yeah, don't misunderstand me. DON'T GET ME WRONG Oh.ok. Well, if you don't want to be misunderstood. Explain yourself. Ok, I mean, I can kind of see why they built that. But, I just don't like cartoons. Anime. Animation, whatever. You know what I mean. Well, fair enough. YOU DON'T GET ME WRONG. I like movies. But there's just something about the art in great anime. Ok. Hey, hey, hey. Ohh, Rick! What's up, Rick How's it going Good.

Learn English Idioms Fun ESL Lessons Time Flies Tasty English 25

Tasty English 25 Rick! Zak! What a surprise! I know, it's been a long time! Really Didn't I see you two months ago It's been longer than that. Ok maybe three months. More like six months. It's been six months since I've seen you I know! TIME FLIES Especially when you're having a good time. Wasn't that magic bar fun though Yes.a lot of fun. What was that place called again And the magician.what was his name Oh! It was. Oh.gentlemen. Welcome to Magic Shima. My name is Saggy. I'll be you host for today.

Please take a seat. Would you choose a card Ace of diamonds. Ok I will try to locate ace of diamonds. Watch 1.2..3 Thank you Alright, alright, one more time. Alright, yeah, let's see another. Ok Would you choose another card Queen of hearts. Queen of hearts Queen of hearts. This is ace of diamonds. Queen of hearts Yeah. Please open. What! Wow. Saggy.my man! Oh, man.this is going to be good. Nothing happened Alright, everyone. Thank you for your amusement. We are out of time. It's already been two hours.

Learn English Idioms Fun ESL Lessons On The Fence Tasty English 10

Im sooooo bored. Lets do something. Hmmm. You wanna see a movie A movie I love movies. What do you wanna see I dont know. Either Ted, or. Frankenweenie. I'm ON THE FENCE about it. Youre ON THE FENCE about it Mhmm. Two problems. Which are Problem number one. You.are on.the floor. Problem number 2. sigh There is no fence. Is it ok if I slap you with this pillow right now Id rather you.didnt. Ok, Jack, listen carefully. Imagine a fence. On either side of the fence are options. In this case.our options are Ted.

And Frankenweenie. Ok. Both options are equally appealing Ok See Now imagine yourself sitting on the fence. poof Ahhhhhhh!! Ohh!! Youre unable to choose either side. I understand.so, it's like, ON ONE HAND I wanna see Frankenweenie, but ON THE OTHER HAND. I wanna see Ted.just as much. Exactly! Can I get down now Not until you make a decision. Wait a second. Im not ON THE FENCE about this.youre ON THE FENCE about it. gasp Ooooohhh!! So whats it gonna be Uhhh.ok ok ok I choose. Ted! A.sold out. Frankenweenie it is.

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Future Free Energy Documentary English Part 2

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