Worlds Fastest 3D Printed RC Car Ultimaker 3D Printing Story

The big challenge is that most remote control cars are only designed to go 40 to 50 miles per hour. There are a lot of challenges to overcome. My name is James Beswick and I live in Bracknell in the UK. With the Ultimaker, its main purpose for me is to build the body shells. I can design in software an aerodynamic body. Especially with the Ultimaker 2 Extended I can use a larger area. The main benefit is that I can create shapes with a printer that you cannot create easily with any other means.

Now this would have to be a twopart print, but with the Ultimaker 2 Extended I've been able to make it its full length. Therefore eliminating a weak spot and making it a lot cleaner. The less joins, the more aerodynamic it is and the less disturbance you're going to get from the air. And it's all going to make a huge difference when you get to the testing. Each time we run we try and go a bit faster, we try a bit harder. There's always a challenge of wanting to go faster and wanting to go more, it's very addictive.

Most the challenge and the joy is designing the part, and taking a part from a concept essentially a prototype part to an end product, getting it on the car and actually using it. Because it's all very well to just think of something it's another thing to have a first hand in building it, making it and running it. The good thing is it's out of the box thinking. I don't know of anyone else who has thought to 3D print a body for a speed car. With a standard lexan body it's very flexible. So when the car's going over 100mph it all bends and deforms.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish

Introducing fun at its finest. Air Swimmers, the amazing remote control flying fish that swim through the air like it's water. Incredibly fun and easy to fly, Air Swimmers' lifelike movements make them exciting whether you're at the controls or spectating. A steady backandforth action on the remote wags the tail fin, propelling the fish forward. Holding the button down to one side will cause the fish to turn in that direction. And redistributing the weight with the Climb and Dive button will allow them to swim up or down. Because they're so light, the Swimmers.

Won't damage your possessions. Have you seen this fight Just like a couple of sissies tickling each other. Fight them with my eyes closed. YELLS Well, at least not directly. You can fill or refill your Air Swimmers at most grocery, florist, and party stores. Or buy your own disposable helium tank online. The oneway valve allows you to inflate or deflate as often as you'd like. On a single fill, the fish will stay afloat for about two weeks, depending on your city's altitude which is good news for anyone who might also want to play.

How to Program a Universal Remote Control Universal Remote Programming of TV

Hi, my name is Tony Ramirez and on behalf of Expert Village this is how to program a universal remote control. Enjoy. Chapter 3Programming your Universal Remote for Television In this lesson we'll begin programming a basic multidevice numerical programmed universal remote such as this one here. Turn on your device, for this example a TV, find the codes provided in your user manual or on the products web site before moving on. Press the device button you wish to set up, in this case TV. Once the information is obtained press and hold.


The newton's boat is ready made kit designed by a company in korea. essentially i is a kind of floating boat with a fan on it. this is the fan attached to a motor and a battery and a switch. this is the plastic molded body of the boat. this is the under side. there are two heavy strips which help it to float and they are fixed, tape them. this is the place for the switch. this is where the batteries go. this is where the toy motor with the propeller.

Amazing 518 Boat Plans To Make Your Own Boat Easily WATCH NOW

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My Boat Plans Reviews

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Boat Plans

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