Were not sailing with the wind, if i wanted to turn the boat more to the starboard or to the right, the wind will catch the back side of the mainsail and throw it across. We call that jibing and its fun. What Im going to do though, instead of just letting the wind get the back side of the mainsail and throw it across, Im going to start my jibe by pulling my mainsail into the middle of the boat. So Im sailing down wind, well pull the mainsail into the middle of the boat, Ill alert my crew by saying prepare to.

Jibe, ill pull the tiller over a little bit more and the boat will turn through the wind completing the jibe and then Ill let the sail back up. if we want to head back up as close to the wind as we can, I will start by retrimming my jib and Ill set it up for my close hauled course, then as I turn the boat into the wind, I will be pulling in my mainsail. You may notice theres a motorboat coming out towards up. when were a sailboat and a motorboat has to keep clear of us, we have an obligation to not steer.

All over the harbor, so im going to go straight so that motorboat can figure out the best way to avoid having a collision with us. If I continued my turn, the motorboat might be confused about what my intentions were and that would make it difficult for him to avoid a collision. Were approaching shoreline again, so were going to get ready to come about, once again Im going to look 90 degrees off to the side, find a theres a red buoy out there that would be a pretty good target for us to come out of our tack.



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