So we’re tacking right now. Here we go. *Music Playing* We’re actually sailing our house. We live on our sailboat. It’s a 1979 Cal 31 and we bought it last year.

I feel like it’s something that can take you anywhere in the world. And you can explore and see new places. You get to go to places where a lot of tourists don’t get to go. And it’s just great. It’s just the coolest way to travel, I feel like. Especially here in Southeast Alaska there’s so many places to check out.

All the islands, inlets, the fjords, the glaciers. *Music Playing* We have been living on the boat for just over a year now. Just over a year, yeah. We got it in April 2015 and we didn’t know how to sail. We did not know anything about sailing.

Last year was all about learning, and it still is but we’re a little bit more comfortable. We are docked most of the time. We usually go out on the weekends and anchor. We dock in Juneau, Alaska. I work downtown. I’m a dental hygienist.

And i work for a soil and water testing company, and i work remotely for them. But right now we’re just strapped to Juneau for Megan’s work. Yeah, paying off student loans and then paying off the boat, too. First we’ll show you our lovely cockpit. I made this canvas covering which is awesome cause right now it’s 80 degrees outside. We have the wind turbine and solar panels on top of it.

You can lift these up and it’s more storage for us. We have a 2.5 gallon water heater in there. Inside, we have our sink. You can’t really see right now but there’s these little cubbies that extend back a little bit. Open this up.

Really nice storage in there. It’s all over here. And then this slides on both sides and we just put miscellaneous things. And then we have our alcohol stove. And it just comes apart like this, and you put the alcohol in, and then open it up and light it.

And you can adjust it a bit. And it even has a little oven that’s on a gimbal which is pretty awesome. And then back behind here we made this netting for all of these cubbies. This is shrimp netting, and that is on all the cubbies so nothing comes flying out. A little bit more storage where we can put bags and stuff. And these can latch, and then you can pull it up from here or you can lock it all in.



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