Zip Runabout Boat Plans Interview

Zip Runabout Boat Plans Interview,Interview of Ted Gauthier at the GlenL Gathering of Boatbuilders in Guild, Tennessee. Ted built the GlenL Zip design which is a 144 plywood runabout and..

Glen-L Zip Ride. May 2012.Take a ride in my 2010 GlenL Zip my wife and I built in our garage. Power is a 1974 Mercury 402 40hp. Plans are available from GlenL to build your own boat..

Squirt Runabout Boat Plans-Art Atkinson.GlenL Zip builder, Ted Ga.thier, interviews good friend and fellow GlenL Squirt builder, Art Atkinson. Arts boat is aptly named Work of Art and sports a..

Runabout Boat You Can Build.The GlenL Zip, a 14 classic runabout, is the first boat that Chris Attwood built. This is truly his First Born as this boat was a labor of love. Enjoy this interview..

Glen-L Barrelback Laying Out Full Size Plans / Patterns.In this tutorial I am laying out the patterns for the GlenL designed Barrelback 19. This is my first time laying out GlenL patterns so if Ive missed anything..

Glen-L Gathering Of Boatbuilders.Join us for our yearly Gathering of Boatbuilders. At this event youll see a lot of wooden boats built using GlenL boat plans. These boatbuilders are not..

GlenL Marine Boats In The Water

GlenL Marine Boats In The Water,This tutorial was taken at the annual Gathering of Boatbuilders on Nickajack Lake in Tennessee. All of these boats were built using GlenL plans and full size..

Glen-L Tug-Along Interview.Earl Gass from Imlay Michigan interviews Wayne Conklin about the GlenL 18 foot TugAlong boat he built from GlenL boat plans. Wayne has built a beautiful..

Wood Boat Build Video #5- Glen L Zip - The Flip.I am building a boat. A retro style, mahogany runabout, reminisent of the 1940s and 50s Chris Crafts, I am going to power this boat with a vintage 1956 Johnson..

Wood Boat Build #1 The Glen-L "Flying Saucer"..GlenL sells do it yourself boat plans, I chose the Flying Saucer, a 13 ft dual cockpit runabout made from plywood and reminisent of the 1930s and 40s..

Glen-L Dot Com--Build Your Dream Boat!.Gayle Brantuk, GlenL V.P. and daughter of founder Glen L. Witt, introduces the fun hobby of building your own boat using GlenLs proven plans and full size..

Testimonial Glen L Zip Homemade Wooden Boat.The wife and I are out in this boat 4 or 5 days a week. So far it has exceeded every expectation I had. Sorry bout the sloppy camera work..

Ted Gauthier Zip On The Move.GlenL Design Zip mahogany runabout built by Ted Gauthier in Pontiac, Michigan. Ted shows the performace of this homemade boat that he built in his..



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