Hi, my name is alv rio and i am a paramedic with lansing mercy ambulance on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip we are going to talk about doing chest compressions on an infant. I apologize but we are actually going to be using this coke bottle as our infant for the sake that it has about the same circumference of the chest as it does in this bottle. We apologize we weren’t able to get an actual infant for this demonstration. In order to give your chest compressions for an infant you have a few different options.

Of what you can do. your hand will be too large for the bottom third of the sternum so what you can do is you can use your two fingers again locating the same. The difference is you are going to go even with the nipple line for your chest compressions. This is due to the anatomy of a child being a little bit different. When you find your nipple line you actually want to put your top finger just below that line and get your fingers and then you want to start with your compressions. Your compressions for an infant can’t really.

Be too fast. you can go ahead and almost do these as fast as you can press your fingers. The reason this being is that an infant heart beats a lot faster than an adult. Another way is that you can actually wrap your whole hands around the circumference of the baby. What’s nice about doing it this way with an infant is your hands act as a support on the back. By doing this you can use your thumbs as compression and you are going to want to move at a rate approximately like this. Those are two of the methods for doing your chest.



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