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Whoa! I'm Luka, this is Paul, and this is Nate Ball. We're going to watch some tutorials. kids screaming and giggling on tutorial I wanted to show this one to you and see what you guys thought. LUKA In this tutorial, a guy was trying to make hover shoes. NATE So what he's showing is that by adding a 9volt battery to some magnets, they begin repelling metal. But I don't think it's real. I don't think it's real. I don't think it's real. I don't think it's real. So do you guys want to try this out.

Saw whirring Today we're working at Artisan's Asylum. It's a place where people share to make stuff. NATE So I'm going to have you help me wire these batteries directly to the magnets. PAUL We've attached the magnets, then we've attached wires to the magnets. LUKA And the wires and the magnets are connected to the batteries. I think this is how the tutorial showed it. You're supposed to be able to hover. Who's ready to try it Let's just grab a big piece of metal and stick it down on the floor.

But it's not going to work. NATE Are you sure LUKA Yes. Let's set it up and try it out. We've gone this far we can't not try it just because we don't think it's going to work. It's not going to work. NATE Oh, man, okay, well, maybe that's not actually how that. I don't think it's real. NATE In the tutorial we watched, the guy must have been hanging to make it look like the shoes were hovering. All right, so we just made a set of hover shoes,.

Based on what that tutorial told us to do. And obviously, that's not how it all works. Magnets grab pieces of metal. They don't just repel things that are metal. So now we're going to make a real set of hover shoes still using permanent magnets, but in a way that they'll actually repel each other. Magnets always have two what are called poles. There's a north pole and a south pole. If we stuck two magnets together, the way they're lined up is like this, where the south pole is grabbing on to the north pole.

Now, to make them push each other apart, we would flip that other magnet over so that this was the north and then south was on top. Now, that force is going to push them apart. So what are we going to do We're going to use really strong permanent magnets and set them into blocks of wood. We're going to have them all aligned in the same direction and then we're going to make a base that has magnets that are opposing that direction so that force that you can feel.

Is going to hopefully be enough to hold us off the ground. You feel it opposing there PAUL I feel it. It feels like there's a lot, a lot, a lot of force. Why don't I just try to hold it in place. Does that feel a little more hoverish Yeah. There's definitely enough opposing force on those magnets to hold up at least half of Luka's body weight, if not more. I think what I learned is that making hover shoes is a little more complicated than it might seem.

Rust Vlog 1 Univers Gardiens FR

Hi everybody, and welcome to this very first Vlog dedicated to Rust! Today, we'll talk about Rust universe, especially about the guardians also called caretakers. This tutorial echoes a comment from Rust Reddit, in which the author explains the way in which he considers those famous guardians. Huge and noisy machines, the latter want to be considered as dreadful ones they contribute to Rust dark atmosphere. Yet, what would a horror game be without those particular sounds, those features that are deeply linked with this kind of games The author doesn't forget to direct us to those terrifying sounds, which here is an extract.

It suddenly reminded me Half2 soundtrack, which extracts are now present in the background music. When this introduction starts, the mere fact of launching a Valve game instantaneously becomes something really special Rust concept arts allow the gamer to catch a glimpse of the radio addition. The latter could be very useful in order to communicate with other players, but as one would select a station, he or she could hear strange noises they would stand for the low frequency dialogues between the guardians. When we tackle the theme of robots in a postapocalyptic world, it is usual to think about Terminator.

Perhaps the world depicted in Terminator and the one described in Rust are quite similar. In fact, we can imagine robots presence due to the artificial intelligence lack of control, guardians being forced to protect former places inhabited by human beings. Following events that led to nuclear explosions, robots went on living, always protecting the same places, but yet unable to differentiate the people to protect from the people to kill. It could also be very interesting to add other kind of buildings in Rust , such as former bunkers where guardians would gather.

It would be very dangerous to venture to those bunkers alone because they would be extremely well guarded. It would force people to unite themselves firstly to get rid of those machines, but also in order to pick up the loot. Those places could offer more sophisticated weapons than our rustic ones, but they could also provide a large amount of food. In parallel with this robotic threat, it is important to stress on the omnipresence of nature in this forsaken world. The animal and vegetal kingdoms are progressively regaining their freedom, especially after what the humankind inflicted to them, such as in Miyazaki's Nausica of the valley of the wind.

To conclude, I would say that it is crucial to let a veil of mystery upon Rust world, in particular about the presence of those savage people living in forsaken islands, because it allows the gamer to think anything he or she wants about them. Do not hesitate to write a comment if you want to share your vision of Rust. If you want to look for further information, just click on the links below. Like the tutorial if you appreciated it. Bye bye, and see you soon for new suggestions!.

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