Alright so today what we’re going to do is. you can hear him grinding in the back. we’re going to take this off here. I think it was nine feet extra. We basically this is the trailer we built. Sorry we don’t have a build on it. I’ll take you through a walk through in a little bit but we just took this old boat trailer we got him off Craigslist for $200. Nice 21 foot bass trailer. Not quite what we wanted we thought it was a little wider on the wheel base. So it ended up being five and a half feet wide I guess. So were.

Really looking for some thing that was at least six on the interior so when we got done. But basically we took one and half inch 14 gauge tubing and made a whole frame so this is exactly twelve feet long. So we could just use full sheets of tin. We used the what is it? Maxirib or what ever from MetalMart or where ever. Just trimmed him out like a shed pretty much. Braced in some windows and stuff. I’ll take you inside so you can see the frame since we don’t have anything in there anyway. Anyway when we hook it up to.

The truck we’ve got all this extra space right here. we originally had thought about you know putting the batteries and the propane tank and stuff up here. Maybe even a little wood box for some firewood and stuff but it is still to long. So we are basically going to chop this all off all this extra angle and get rid of some of this weight anyway cause we did not move the wheels forward to give us that 60/40 ratio or whatever. So we are kind of heavy on the tongue weight but its fine makes it pull nice. We’ve used it.

A few times already. anyway we’re going to bring it out four feet so the ball should be about right here. Which still gives us plenty of room to put some little thing. Were going to have to chop these off too to make it a single tongue. Picked us up some 3 by 3 quarter inch maybe 3/16th I don’t remember. We are going to make it a composite frame just to be sure. Found some spreadsheet from a guy that does all that and the 3 by 3 and 3/16 ths is supposed to be enough for the weight of this trailer and everything by itself.

But we’re going to give us a little extra. anyway that’s what we are going to do this weekend. Is get rid of all this and fix that up so it pulls better. Cause it will get a little closer to the truck too so we don’t have so much wind draw. This is basically just 12 volt here were not real outlet. We have our batteries here we just hooked up get a little cable and plug that in and that gives us 12 volt inside for everything that we run off it. Like I said we trimmed him out painted him black did all of that. Put.

A light on the outside right there. this is a mobile home door. we just picked it up and mobile home window. That way you just get everything done frame it out and then you just screw it down with that butyl tape and he is good to go. Inside like I said wired up everything in 12 volt. Got a nice little light in there don’t have him on right now. That’s a little LED light $15. Bright and lights this whole thing up. There’s a little 12 volt power sources and got a little inverter in there for little bit of a fan or electric.

Or something at night if you want too. what else? the frame one and a half inch tube like I said and that’s about it. The floor we did put that RMax underneath the floor so it’s nice and insulated. Then we got the trailer. we got this from the mobile home place too. It’s that same stuff that goes underneath mobile homes so it is you know rodent. radiant.whatever all kinds of barrier. It’s better than like Tyvek or something but that goes underneath everything on the bottom up underneath. That’s really about it the rest of it you know eventually.

We’re going to add a hitch on the back here. yep talked about the light too. the little porch light that was what he was saying. Wanted to make sure to tell you about that but yeah it’s one switch here. porch light and this is interior. But like I said batteries as you can see on the front wasn’t hooked up. Then we just built this bed out of an old. it actually was a king size frame that we had used and we just took the metal frame off of it and made a wooden frame. And then we just welded him up in here for a queen.

How to build an EPIC Floating Dock

Big brother thinks he’s going to have some fun? i’m going to have some fun to What are you doing.you idiot I’m Andrew I’m Kevin Welcome to Brojects! This weekend we’ve decided to build the ultimate swim raft.

Yeah i am pumped about this project it’s going to be awesome! Any other time I’ve been on a swim raft yeah it’s alright you get out there you hang around for a few minutes and then you leave basically We’re trying to make this so that you’re able to go out there and stay and really have know wants out there if you’re hungry got something if you want a beverage it’s there.

So it’s a long weekend we’ve got three days to build the ultimate swim raft we get a simple eight by sixteen foot platform and we’re gonna put five barrels per side to give us our pontoon style flotation on top of the platform we’re gonna build a pergola we’re gonna use four by fours as the uprights with two by six cross braces we’re gonna need seating as well as storage so a couple rectangular boxes.

Should accomplish both the plan is to stay on board for long stretches so both the barbecue and a drink cooler are mandatory we’re gonna put a couple hammocks on board as well some hooks for our fishing rods To get moving we’re thinking of installing an electric trolling motor to accompany that a solar panel table.

This is an ambitious weekend build but if we put our minds to it i think we can do it It’s taking a lot longer than we expected We’re flying at it we got a lot of daylight left today Time crunches on.we’ve finally finished our little window frame exterior perimeter It will look great when you’re on it but.

We need to skirt it for sure.junior? Skirt? I don’t do skirts man that’s your thing and Kevin is gonna cut out our notches for our four by four uprights we’re about two days behind on the decking but hopefully it will go fast from here on out Believe it or not we are both self trained carpenters.

You might not notice that it’s trial and error.all this stuff is trial and error These are a couple of benches we built to go on the back of the swim platform Pretty simple little cedar boxes we can take off the lid inside is where we’re going to keep the battery for the electric trolling motor and the other ones gonna be dry storage Not too bad.if I do say so myself.

The plexiglass is going to fit right on top of the solar panel Little table for the back of the swim raft I just get the little people to do the work for me after I do the brainstorming I wouldn’t say I’m the little people This is head and shoulders above what the initial thing started out to be We threw in a lot of extras like the pergola and the barbecue.



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