Homemade RC car Build

This is my homemade rc car projekt i have some photos of how it looked before this is how it looks now its a bit late to start a tutorial of it this is the motor that drives the car and this is the steering motor its all made from scrap wood the next thing i am going to do is to make it radio controlled with a very long antena take a look its just a small one so thats what we are going to do now i have added a reciever.

How to make a propeller

For one of these, what you're going to need is a lighting taper, a piece of metal that can pierce through the lighting taper but is skinnier than the width of it that's going to make the hole in the middle.and a source of heat, a bunsen. Get your lighting taper, snap it in two, weaken it in the middle. What we'll do, just turn the roaring fire on, once over, there you go, it should be weak now in the middle, that means when it twists, the twist should be around there. Let's have a go at it. All right, so I'm going to rotate.

BANE Homemade RC boat

Roy barry het platteland zijn project daartussen een solide maar begon leden heineken en ashley mook we hebben uw hulp de er komen lopen en zo maar door als hier kwam je moet je niets en alles is simpel was ik zal zijn de europa league is de mol in tokio in leiden maar ik heb er pal staat voor de zender zelf voor ze mogen doen klik op bekijk jaar de dit soort grappen zoiets heet zou een corner 8 zij is het gewoon een paar jaar ik het is.

Homemade Jet Engine 2.0 construction phase 9

Its time again for some new Information regarding the Jet Engine. We got new parts, which we ordered A new Stator and a new Design of the Turbine wheel. If you also want to buy parts like this, check out the description for a link. The Stator simply gets screwed behind the combustion chamber like the old one. In Addition it reduces the cross sectional area, where the exhaust flows through. As a result As a result we can make the blades a bit shorter and increase the number of blades from 8 to 32.

But there is also a bad news. The front part of the Axle and the nutcase has bent a bit after a stupid mishap of me. So we machined machined a new one on a lathe. This time we used a chrome molybdenum steel, which should be more suitable than the steel from the old axle. To get the right distance between the Turbine wheel and the rear bearing we also created a new spacer sleeve. Now we had to drill only the mounting holes in the stator. To do this right,.

We made an auxiliary part out of aluminum, which centers the rear bearing seat and the stator. So we could drill in the holes through the already existing holes. While you are watching how to mount all the new parts I can say, that you removed the rear part of the Diffusor because we thought that he was not positioned correctly and also not fulfilled purpose how we hoped. In the next weeks we are going to start some new test runs. You will get all the news on this YouTube Channel.

Homemade Jet Engine 2.0 construction phase 8 AirTest

Here you can watch now the test of the new Diffusor. The parts for this I already showed you in the last tutorial. For this we removed the housing and replace it with acrylic glass, so that you can see the air flow. Unfortunately, the smoke source was quite unsuitable, so that you arent able to see something. In Addition it had the side effect, that the parts are really sooty, green and orange. But this was not that hard to remove and clean. Now to the new parts First we made a new rear.

Axialmount out of stainless steel, which has a much higher melting point. We also added a Stator in front of the Turbine. Because there was not that much space left, we had to put it a bit into the combustion chamber, otherwise it would simply not fit. Then we have reduced the turbine blade made the diameter minor. In Addition we added a Stainless Steel pipe between the turbine and the exhaust nozzle. There is now a gap size about one tenth of a millimeter. So pretty scant, so that there shouldnt be big losses.

Homemade Jet Engine 2.0 construction phase 7

This is the old air deflection with the old axle mount, how it was build in the jet engine until now. There the sheets were 90 degrees vertical to the moving direction of the compressor wheel. The Air deflection and the axle mount where clearly made out of 2 parts. We changed this, by reduce the axle mount. Then we extended the air deflections, so that it overhang about the axle mount. In Addition we changed the angle between the sheets and the moving direction of the compressor wheel to 30 degrees.

Homemade Jet Engine 2.0 2. Testrun

So, here is a new Test run Tutorial to the Jet Engine. But before you can watch it something different This here is a Turbine blade how we used it in the past as you will know from our other tutorials. And this is a new one, which we got got sent from America. Its a really nice manufactured turbine. There are also cooling holes inside the blades. Because it is designed for axial air flow we removed the rear stator, so that the air hits jet turbine blade axial. If you also want to buy parts like these or others.

Homemade Jet Engine 2.0 construction phase 4

So, there is again a small plan change. Namely the fuel system was placed to the outside and then only these 1mm pipes leads into the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber itself, these are the sheets punched, bent and welded together. There the German Mechatronics helped me, link in the description. There only misses this connection parts, you see here in the moment, which later gets welded to the combustion chamber. And the thread gets cut there in, so that it can get screwed with the other parts. Moreover the Turbinewheel.

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