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BEC BRITTAIN I didn't grow up thinking that fine art was particularly any different than the carpentry my dad was doing. It was a seamless like, you use your hands and you make things. And you either are making beautiful furniture or you're rehanging a door because it doesn't swing right, or you're doing paintings. To me it was just a very even keel, you make stuff. That's what you do. A few years ago I was really happy to realize that I could be part of product design, but not be part of mass.

Production. I feel more comfortable in being really honest that this is for sale, would you like this There is some inherent value to it, and I'm happier in the commercial world, even if I'm making art things. In the larger scheme of things of how I approach my designs and materiality and where it comes from is that I usually find that I've run across a material and I need to show it off as best I can. And the SHY lights came out that way. Where I was walking down a subway platform and just.

Realized in one of the ugliest places there was this beautiful white line of light from gross industrial fluorescents that was just why don't we always draw with light The current piece that I'm working on I'm really excited about. It's using twoway mirror to create this form with the use of light. It's really showcasing this material and its changeability. With the lights off, you have this amazing polyhedron suspended in your room that almost disappears because it's going to reflect its surroundings. And then you turn on the lights and it completely.

Reverses where there's an infinity reflection and you see straight through it. I'm always heartened to see the different facets of my life come together in ways that I wasn't cognizant of and I wasn't planning. It's about bringing a higher quality of life that you get to choose to have. And I think once you get beyond need and it's about levels of want, that it should be done responsibly. VANESSA DELEON Hey guys, want to follow me Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Amazing wallpaper inspiration by Sarah Connolly of Cavern tutorial

SARAH CONNELLY I'm Sarah Connelly. I run a wallpaper paper company. Well, I think patterns and things are very universal and people will see something pleasing. My space and my home are very precious to me. And knowing that what I have surrounding me is a reflection of who I am so knowing that other people can relate to our patterns and our products and say like, this is really me that feels very rewarding. And then I want to look at the colors for that. MALE SPEAKER Let's take a look at this one.

It's blackford. It's just hand painted. MALE SPEAKER It is beautiful. SARAH CONNELLY It's really cool. It's amazing, you know, most of our prints will just start as like a little sketch or a drawing, and then to see it, the next process of it, being burnt onto a screen. So then you see the screen, and then you actually see it screened onto paper. And yeah, it's satisfying. I've always been fascinated by interactive spaces and sort of graffiti and what people leave around them in the public rooms. And I've always been fascinated by bar bathrooms,.

Going in there and just seeing everything that people have felt like leaving or felt like was really important to them at that moment. Cavern, when they started, there was sort of a wallpaper Renaissance and people were realizing that A, that they can decorate their own homes and they didn't need an interior designer or anything. And kind of realizing that the home is the extension of yourself, and it's just as important as the clothes that you wear. Your home shows who you are. VANESSA DELEON Hey, guys, my name is Vanessa DeLeon, and.

Crazed inventors awesome warehouse OffBeat Spaces Tutorial

GEOFF Hey, come on in. Welcome. Right on. My name is Geoff Renchler, and we're in Crown Heights on Sterling. I like to think of it as the compound, you now Like Little Waco or something. This is my little Fluffy Cackle. Hasn't run in a little while. It's called the Fluffy Cackle because that's the way I pronounced tricycle when I was a little kid. So I never quite grew out of it and had to make an adult version. I got the skate ramp because there's a skate shop down the.

Corner got shut down. So I convinced them to bring it over here. It's crazy. Word gets out. We haven't had any complaints yet, so we're trying to keep it that way. I went to art school. I have an art background, you now. But I never really got a career out of it. Yeah, there it goes. Little chicken flying machine. It's kind of creepy, but it's from a fetus, the head. And burned out and made a mold of it. And then I took the impression of the head and used it for.

This little chicken thing. Pretty musty down here, right Perfectly good garbage I can't bear to, you know, let it stand in the garbage for a second more. That is the what is that That's the ear, isn't it. Sick, right Look. These ones were definitely modeled on cadavers. Look at that guy's I mean, illustrationwise. Look at this. Last year it was my total obsession, the garden. This is basically MTA property right here. I don't even own this. My property just stops right where the house stops. But this lot I have access through my side gate.

Last year my tomatoes were this high. You should come back again in the spring for some followup. And the cucumbers I got a ton of cucumbers. And when I went on vacation, I came back and I had like zucchinis the size of your leg. This is the very beginning, you know Essentially, I want this as a investment property, and eventually get out of it. VANESSA Hey, guys. My name's Vanessa Deleon, and you're watching Spaces. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for new episodes. He'll be watching.

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