How to make a Swan Boat Since it’s Valentine’s day, I decided to create something a bit more romantic! The swan fits well into any place with water. You could also build those tunnels of love and have the swans around! It was tough getting the shape of the swan, but I’m quite happy with my design. If you want it to look like a real giant swan, replace the wood with quartz slabs on top of quartz blocks. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Leave a like if you did, it helps! It’s so majestic!

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Boat Launcher Elevator Minecraft Redstone Tutorial 19

So you’ve found yourself the perfectlocation to finally build your nice little house in the starting point ofyour massive world you have views of everything around from this vantagepoint and you even have yourself a little lake how perfect except the lake does notconnect to the massive ocean below so how exactly can you get from point Ato point B Helllooo fellow crafters! CraftyBeardsman hereback with another redstone tutorial and as you saw in that little clip it is anawesome little build because it helps you

get from one body of water up to asecond body of water which is a really neat design and it allows you to exploreyour world even more now this design allows you to go 11 blocks straight upfrom the main base level above waterline I guess you could say at any point inbetween those you can go ahead and cut it off so if you need to go two blocksif you need to go four it doesn’t really matter you just go ahead and make itthat level but the maximum is 11 and that’s what I have set here now this is a very basic design andit actually is a bunch of slime blocks

with a piston and it works automaticallywhen you and your boat enter in now i’m going to go ahead andshow you just by pushing this boat on in if I can and sometimes it likes to worksometimes it doesn’t oh boy here we go it’s going in and asyou can see it is launched straight on up to the 11th level now if you were actually in the boatyourself you would do the same exact thing you would just kind of paddle yourselfon in as you can see you hit the trip hookthere and you’re up top here

able to move around now as far asmaterials go for this build you’re going to need a sticky piston as well as someslime blocks you’re going to need nonmovable blocks whether it be obsidian or afurnace up to you and a finishing block as you can see I used iron you can usewhatever you would like you will also need two trap hooks somewire or string and a repeater and a redstone block you’ll also need signs and of course a boatand water but that is all you basically need to build this contraption now tostart off this build the first thing

you’re going to want to do is find thelower body of water that you wish to start at now the tricky part here is youwant to make sure everything lines up correctly with the water itself so findthe area you want to create the tower and go ahead and put two blocks like so that isgoing to block off the water for now as we add in the slime blocks and thepiston mechanism now directly behind these two blocks goahead and remove any amount actually it doesn’tnecessarily matter if you want to travel down more of a canal to the elevatoritself perfectly fine

the main mechanism is actually atwobytwo area and you’re going to want to make sure you go down like so and one more here in the corner now inthat empty spot right there go ahead and place a sticky piston facing up and thesurrounding blocks you see go ahead and replace with your nonremovable block doesn’t matter it can be obsidian just like this or it could be afurnace any non removable block will be fine now once you have your non movables go ahead and get your slime blocks and complete the two by two area


Boat Plans

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