Why Candy Crush Is So Addictive

If Candy Crush and other games feel like insidious mind control devices, it's only because they are. Anthony Carboni here for DNews and Candy Crush is the current champ for most addictive to the human population it's got 93 million daily players and is installed on half a billion people's phones. You probably either play it and love it, or played it, hated it, and still played it longer than you meant to. What makes it so addictive Let's talk about the Skinner Box. The Skinner Box is an experiment where some sort of animal.

In a small cage presses a lever and gets a treat. Or an electric shock. Researchers can change how often a lever press results in a treat to do all kinds of things to the animal you could make it totally uninterested in the lever, or you could make it so the animal obsessively presses it all the time. And neither has to mean the animal doesn't get shocked. Get where I'm going Every time you win in a game, your brain gives you a little bit of dopamine. Some good reward.

Feelings. By keeping you winning early on and then making it harder and harder, games trigger some addictive tendencies. It also makes losing hurt you want to go back to winning. Winning was awesome. Freetoplay games like candy crush require some sort of currency like lives or energy. Lose all your energy and WHOOPS, you can't play for a few hours. Unless you pay to do it. This does two really nasty things to your brain. If you don't pay for an extra turn, you're playing into something called hedonic adaptation.

Psychology of games wrote about an experiment appropriately enough, involving candy. Subjects were given a piece of chocolate to eat. Then, half the group was told not to eat anymore chocolate for two weeks. The other half was given two pounds of chocolate and told Yo, enjoy this chocolate. ALL OF THIS CHOCOLATE. In two weeks, everyone was welcomed back and offered a piece of chocolate. The people who abstained for two weeks loved the chocolate. The people who were gorging for two weeks, unsurprisingly, weren't that into it. By restricting.

Your access to playing, Candy Crush makes you want to play it MORE. But what if you're the sort of person who gorges themselves and pays for the extra turn You're probably experiencing gambler's fallacy. That's the idea that the more you try something, the more the odds are that the outcome is in your favor. That's mathematically untrue. If your odds of getting into a car accident are 1 in 10,000, it doesn't mean after 50 car rides your odds are 1 in 9,950. They reset every time. Pretty obvious. But our brain.

Gets confused when it comes to games because we believe in our talent. Our brains go particularly crazy with activity for nearmisses. You got SO CLOSE to winning last time. One more move and you would've had it and you're so in the zone that if you pay the $0.99 to skip the waiting period you'll win! You know you'll win. You probably won't. Games use tricks like this to keep you in your little skinner box, paying $0.99 at a time for a free game until you've spent way more that you would've to buy an expensive.

One that wasn't full of this stuff. Poor dumb brains. There are games that use your brain's weaknesses for good. Jane McGonigal, the author of Reality is Broken, created a site called SuperBetter that taps into these same behavior reinforcements and habitforming tendencies to make a game that actually helps people make good habits and recover from injuries. Apps like Habit RPG turn todo lists into roleplaying games where you get experience and level up. superbetter habitrpg I tend to obsessively play manipulative games like Candy Crush for a day or two and then.

News Strike Students at M.C. Perry High School participate in a STEM project

REPORTER ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT GENTLY DOWN THE POOL. STUDENTS AT MATTHEW C. PERRY HIGH SCHOOL PARTICIPATED IN A SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS, OR STEM, EDUCATION PROJECT THAT TESTED THEIR CRAFTMANSHIP IN AND OUT OF THE WATER. SB Victor Rivera, Career Tech Education Teacher This was a STEM project that was a float your boat. What they had to do is figure out how to create a boat, right The buoyancy, weight, Newton's 3rd Law, that kind of thing. Then create it with tape and cardboard only. The idea was to race. Who could build the.

Boat that would float and who could do the lap the quickest in the pool We made it fun. REPORTER AFTER HOURS OF HARD WORK, STUDENTS HAD CONFIDENCE AND PRIDE IN THEIR HAND CRAFTED CARDBOARD BOATS. SB Jamar Lee, Student Our boats gonna win, well because, you know, I made it. SB Spencer Boucher, Student Our boat is solid. SB David Lawrence, Student We're just gonna win, because I made the boat. SB Ryan Maas, Student We made a canoe, it's gonna win. SB Faith Lobaton, Student Our boats gonna win, because we have a.

Boat load of tape. REPORTER THE STUDENTS SPLASHED, SWAM AND SANK AS THEIR MAKESHIFT BOATS HIT THE WATER, BUT WITH EVERYONE'S EYE ON THE PRIZE, SADLY, THERE COULD ONLY BE ONE WINNER. SB Spencer Boucher, Student Well we walked all the way from the school to the pool and uh, put our boats in one by one to see who can get the best time SB Aiden Lewis, Student and turns out ours was the best out of everyone. It feels good to win. REPORTER REPORTING FROM MARINE CORPS AIR STATION IWAKUNI, JAPAN, I'M LANCE CORPORAL JENNIFER ROCHA.

How Do Boats Float

So how do boats stay afloat Luckily for you, ScienceNation is here with an explanation! George let's go! How can it be that this boat, with all my weight on it, can stay afloat Yet this small stone cannot As an object enters the water, it displaces the liquid around it. The object will continue to sink until the weight of the displaced fluid matches the weight of the object. This is known as the Archimedes' principle. Often heavier vessels, like cargo ships, will be much wider. This will increase the volume of air inside them.

Stability 101 Part 1 Why do boats float

We will start our discussion on vessel stability by by answering the question Why do boats float It comes down to something we learned back in in school Archimedes Principle a body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid. Let's take a boat and weigh it on a scale. This vessel for example ways 10,000 pounds Let's move the scale out of the way. We'll put a clear tank below the boat,. then fill that tank with water. put on an overflow spout.

Right at the waterline then place a clear take on a scale so that we can catch the water and then weigh the water from our big tank. Finally we will zero out the scale to account for the weight of the overflow tank. Now we lower the boat in the water As the water is displaced it drains into the tank on the scale. Notice that the weight of the amount of water that was displaced is the same as the So as Archimedes Principle states a body immersed in a fluid is buoyed up by a force.

Equal to the weight it displaces. Let's take this a little further and add a block weighing 5,000 lbs. We see that the water weighs the same as our block of weight, plus the weight of the boat which is now 15,000 pounds. As long as the vessels hull can continue to displace an amount of water equal to the added weight the vessel will remain afloat. The vessels hull is getting pretty low in the water. once we've reached a point where the vessels hull can no longer displace any more water.

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Boat Building

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