Minecraft How to Make a Boat

If you want to make a boat in Minecraft, you need five wood planks. It does not matter what type of wood planks you use. Oak, spruce, birch, and jungle wood planks are all equally useable. You can even mix and match different woods types and still make a boat. Once you have five wood planks, place the wood planks in the ingredient spaces of the crafting grid of your crafting table. The wood planks must be arranged in a lowercase u shape for the boat to be made. The u shape can either be made starting at the top.

Villager News Minecraft Animation

Villagers mumbling tune Villager News! villager humming in background Does my moustache look all right Ok. Hey! humming stops Breaking News! A rogue citizen has been caught committing a terrible crime! Villager Number 9 is on the scene. Thank you Villager Number 4. I'm standing where the incident took place earlier today. We have footage of the event from a camera mounted on that roof. Hello. It was just a normal day in the village until Villager Number 14 showed his complete distaste for our laws. villager mimicking police siren STOP! You violated the law!.

Stop right there, criminal scum!! This was quickly followed by a highspeed chase caught on camera by a local traffic helicopter. It looks like quite a situation down there! villager wailing in distance Look at him go! He's running, he's running! Are they gonna catch him We don't know. Oh, ooh. He's running, he's running He's still running! Oh, he in trouble now, the police are EVERYWHERE! Are you seeing this! No, I'm a helicopter. STOP! Nooo! Aww, he said no. pressure plate clicks Aaaaahh!! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Missile Inbound.

What! Deploying flares! Deploying flares. villagers clamoring Aaaahhh!! fading scream explosion Villager beeping in background Aaaahh! We're going down! We're going down. crashes signal static And that was the last we saw of those villagers. Villager Number 14 was apprehended later as he tried to escape the village. Police had placed down stingers, and they proved to be too much for Villager Number 14. thud Hah! gavel bangs He was taken to court Where he was sentenced to the Pit of Death! This is madness! villager humming Madness This, is, MINECRAFT!!.

Minecraft Tutorial How To Make A Wooden Sword In Minecraft

Hey guys welcome back to another Techguru tutorial today I'm in Minecraft going to show you how to make a wooden sword to start fending off those enemies within Minecraft all you'll need are some sticks and wooden planks go ahead and place a stick in the bottom center panel of your crafting table place the planks in the center and upper center of your crafting table and you now have a wooden sword to fend off those mobs and creepers and what not anyways guys i hope this helps you out if it did go ahead like this tutorial and i will see you guys next time.

Minecraft How to Make Wood Planks

If you want to make wood planks in Minecraft, you first need at least one wood block. It does not matter what type of wood block you use. Oak, spruce, birch, and jungle wood blocks are all equally useable. Once you have at least one wood block, place the wood block in an ingredient space of the crafting grid of your inventory or crafting table. Where you place the block within the crafting table doesn't matter, as long as the wood block is placed in an ingredient space and not the product space.

Minecraft How to Make a Trapdoor

If you want to make a trapdoor in Minecraft, you will need six wood planks. The type of wood does not matter. Once you have the ingredients, open the crafting grid in your crafting table. Place the six wood planks in a rectangle of two by three. Whether you position the rectangle at the top or the bottom of the crafting grid does not matter. After you have arranged the ingredients, a trapdoor should appear in the product space. You may now add the trapdoor to your inventory. And this is how you make a trapdoor in Minecraft.

Minecraft Tutorials 10 How To Make Boat With Wood EP 10

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Minecraft Mini Tutorials Fishing Boat!

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