World of Tanks Blitz How to Earn Credits

It can't be that hard to get lots of credits from a battle, right Actually it's not so simple. Collecting credits requires knowledge and special tactics. You need to be well prepared if you hope to earn a lot. There are some nuances in the strategy. For example, selecting the right vehicle is important. The biggest profit is not brought by toptier tanks. Yes, the Tier X gameplay is unmatched. However, it can be an expensive luxury. Shells, repairs it's like buying a Humvee to save on gas. If your goal is getting credits you have to find a balance between tanks which generate a good income and are still cheap to maintain.

The perfect balance is usually found on Tier 8. You don't need any special consumables, just the essentials a repair kit, first aid kit, HEAT and APCR rounds. However, think twice before using them in battle needlessly. If you don't use something then you don't have to buy it next time. Costcutting! The most important part starts in battle. Here are the basics of what you get for any battle Credits for participation Multiplied by vehicle tier Multiplied in case of victory The rest depends on your actions.

Everything is based on multipliers and formulas. They aren't difficult to understand. Have a look. The first multiplier is the credits amount per hit point. It's easy more damage dealt more credits earned. Setting enemies on fire and blowing up ammo racks bring the most profit just one shot and the damage is tenfold. There are some nuances to these tactics. Firstly, destroying an enemy provides no bonus whatsoever, only damage dealt matters. Secondly, if you shoot with someone spotting for you the profits drop by a quarter. However when you provide targets for your allies you get half of the profits for the damage.

Without spending any shells at all. Sometimes being a good scout is even more profitable than being a veteran tank skirmisher. The first one to spot an enemy gets a fixed bonus. However if there are many scouts, you'll have to split the profits. This is the main income source that totally depends on your skills. Damage plus reconnaissance, but that's not all. Capturing the base provides an additional bonus. The profit will be split among the capturers no matter how much they contributed, if the base is captured. Just capturing for a few moments and rolling on won't do anything.

The next time you decide to finish off all enemies just for fun, think, won't it be more profitable if I capture their base instead At the end of the battle, the credits earned for damaging and scouting are multiplied by a factor that is unique for every tank. In addition, a third multiplier is provided by Premium Account, it multiplies the resulting credits by 1.5. Of course, you won't get an enormous amount of credits for one battle. A systematic approach is required. Combat missions are helpful here. If you set yourself a goal to complete all daily missions and keep the profit factors in mind,.

Leviathan Warships Jazzy Trailer with Jazz Boatman

So many trailers are fast. Time to take it slow Like a boat! Leviathan Warships by Paradox Tactical turnbased strategy in a naval setting, what more could you want Blow up some ships. You've earned it. Four different game modes You're going to ship yourself You want to customize that boat You want to add some armor You want to add a canon, a laser Customize your fleet and play it against your friends, why not You're the boat boss! Fight on the waves and save in the clouds You don't got to be in the clouds, you're a boat.

Boats can't fly Canons, crossplatform, coal engines, customization, Lasers, lifeboats, lowtides, leviathans, boats, bombs, baddies. and birds You boat your ass Singleplayer campaign stretching across four different platforms, and when you're bored with that you're going to play with your friends and shoot their boats. This ain't no sixty dollar title. It ain't expensive. It's cheaper than a real boat Can't argue with that Baby, this boat's going whether you're on it or not. Leviathan means big The money we saved on voiceovers we put into the game Leviathan Warships from Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.1 Update Minecart and Rail Tutorial Demo

Hey Guys. Muwen360 is here with a Minecraft Pocket Edition minecart tutorial and demo so in the latest update, 0.8.1. We now have access to minecarts. As you can see in the inventory, under the weapons category, we now have the minecart, and as well as regular rail power rail. So if you can see, you can now place both the power rail on the ground as many as you have as possible. You can also place just the regular wood rail as well. I believe in Minecraft survival, you need wood and gold to build some of the tracks.

How to Breed REGAL DRAGON Dragon Mania Legends iOS

Hello everyone welcome to Dragon Mania Legends! I'm so excited cuz I believe had be metal and cloud dragon in here hey don't remember let's look at the promotions but I have now I think okay I'm so confused I don't remember what I had but I there was a small dragon or the cloud that the battle and cloud see here or the armored clout I know it was the cloud dragon I had here I definitely for a fact had the cloud dragon in 3d with I fair with probably the model dragon basher.

Butts I have this egg that's going to take 19 hours to hatch and I have no idea what the heck it is it looks like it's wearing a key suit or something like it's a white and a for its weird and gentlemen seen something up royalty it when looking here I cannot find a dragon that half bad any archangel looks like royalty beloved all the colors it's like purple light blue celibacy began fighting dragon that looks like that personal check up the battle dragons Richard at the water dragons.

Difficult fight and it looks slightly like that okay so the dragons here with the suit on ok here it is okay there it is that's what it is it was the middle dragging that I bred with the air the water I do remember what I was trying to get with that but I have I was spotted to look like royalty no I said look like a realty like a gentleman issue and it's actually the Regal dragon I got yeah so read the metal dragon with the cloud drag it gives you the real drag.

Oh what I was even try to get that dude I was even try to get him and I got him of the sku that's how you get the Regal drag or that's how I got the real dragon to the wedding at the Regal draggin you Bri look for it metal you can read the bell dragon or anything I have metal in it really armored or the metal drag itself with the cloud dragon which is the water in with all the track any breed these two together and if you get the dragon that's like 82 hours around that time.

That is the Regal dragon which is tolley column so happy with that okay and the funny thing is I told you guys are so we also was talking to you mom is and is it the trick is you really want a brief something that you want dole that's what I really well thought out here because in the end guess what you just gotta not get the thing that you really want in that you're going to end up getting something else that's you didn't really want but you end up one day after reading and its I don't know.

But that's how you get the real drag guys I hope that helped grills the short tutorial but it was based on back it will take a route 18 hours I know that the time see to fluctuate people what the IP's like me probably the time is a lowered others that my actually nineteen or twenty hours depending on that your VIP status or whatever I'm not really sure its entirety how that's done but if it's around that time is it at Strada astronomical tide and it looks like this with the white suit that's what you're.

Tutorial Minecraft Papercraft Studio

Minecraft Papercraft Studio allows you to create awesome models of your favorite Minecraft skins. This short tutorial will tell you how to make your 3D model Welcome to Minecraft Papercraft Studio! Let's get started by choosing a design. Looks great, lets GO! Before you start crafting, you'll need. 1 Access to a printer. 2 Some glue scissors. 3.and of course, Minecraft Papercraft Studio! Using the app select the print option to print the design. Next, carefully cut out the template using scissors. Remember, always be careful when using scissors.

Always ask a parent or grownup to help! Carry on until all the pieces have been cut out. Next, fold the tabs. and add glue! Carefully hold each tab in place while the glue dries. Repeat for each body part. Now for the fun part! It's time to bring it all together! add glue, then add parts A and B. If you selected a cape, attach it to the back. Then attach part D E. To finish, attach the head. And there you have it, your very own Minecraft Model!.

Epic Margarita Jungle Juice Tipsy Bartender

Festive Latin music Voiceover That's a sharp knife! distant chatter Good. Voiceover Pull the machete out! Voiceover Oh God! What were you doing with the machete Skyy Okay, mumbles let's start with the tequila, everybody grab a tequila bottle. Tequila! whoots Voiceover We are some alchies! Voiceover It's party time! Voiceover Yeah, somebody's grandma is dying as we pour this. Voiceover What, what! whoots Tequila! Voiceovers Yeah, this is for the homies. Voiceover Right! laughs Skyy Let's Triple Sec and Peach Schnapp.

Let's pour those. Voiceover Get it mumbles, get it! Voiceover Man, you pour like a professional. Voiceover I do Voiceover That's how he drink! Voiceover Ok, who wants to mumbles distant chatter Voiceover Why we bartending though laughter Voiceover He's also a bartender. Voiceover Aw snap, look at the form! Look at the form! Skyy The juices now, the juices. Voiceover Okay, it's gonna start smelling good once we get the juices going now! Voiceover John, I need this recipe!.

Whoots I'm doing this for my bar mitzvah! laughter For real, I'm a do it! distant chatter Voiceover This is fresh! splashing Skyy A Jay son, what you want to call this Voiceover Huh Skyy What you want to call this It's your party. I like Lamorne's name. Skyy What, what is it Lamorne A Darkened Day Stormy. laughter It's a drink, a Darkened Stormy right Skyy Yeah. This one's a Darkened Day Stormy! laughter All right, and there you have it,.

The Darkened Day Stormy! applause and whoots distant chatter Voiceover Are you Tweeting No, it's good, it's good. Voiceover Oh, that's good. Man, that tastes good, man. Skyy You like it Yeah, it's real good. Skyy Okay. distant chatter I think my work here is done. Tipsy Bartender, I'm out! Voiceover You be blue! Latin upbeat music Skyy Hold on, they trying to out beat me It's no race, it isn't a race! It isn't a race, okay There's no prize for fuss.

You Must Build A Boat APK V1.0.1657 Mod

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You Must Build A Boat 1.0.1645 Apk

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Minecraft:PE 0.11.0 Alpha Build 12 Apk Download.Hi guys download for 4.x out now ! Download Android 4.x stJvYHC Android 2.3.x Dont forget to..

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MCPE 0.13.0 BUILD 1 + APK!!..



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