Sing Along The Pirate Song with Andy Z Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery barn kids Presents Andy Z The Pirate Song Hi I'm Andy Z, and I'm here with Pottery Barn Kids to take you aboard the pirate ship. Are you ready to do The Pirate Song Let's do it together right now! I want to start off by telling you you can look to the bottom of the screen and you can follow along with me when we sing the pirate song together. Now, first of all, I need to be your captain. That means I'm Captain Andy! So I say to you, Arr, maties, it's time to come aboard the pirate ship.

So this is what happens when we come aboard the pirate ship and we go to the deep blue sea. the waves are so high, that we're going everywhere on that ship! and when we go this way, follow me, whoa. that way, whoa! Forwards, whoa, and backwards, whoa! Don't want to fall out of that ship, okay So sit tight, here we go! We're going. Over the deep blue sea, Okay, this is also a rhyming song. So I want you to rhyme with me. Let's start with one. When I was one, I had some fun,.

On the day I went to sea, I hopped aboard the pirate ship, And the captain said to me, Oh we go this way, that way, forward, backward, Over the deep blue sea, Man, those waves are high! Let's go to two. When I was two, I tied my shoe On the day I went to sea, I hopped aboard the pirate ship And the captain said to me, Oh we go this way, that way, forward, backward, Over the deep blue sea, okay let's try three When I was three, I skinned my knee.

On the day I went to sea, I hopped aboard the pirate ship and the captain said to me, Oh we go this way, that way forward, backward, over the deep blue sea Get back in the boat! It's time to go to four. 00217.100,00222.110 When I was four, I mopped the floor. on the day I went to sea. I hopped aboard the pirate ship and the captain said to me, Oh we go this way, we go that way, Forward, backward Over the deep blue sea, Oh, that was close. Okay, let's go to five.

Asbestos Exposure At Navy Shipyards Sokolove Law

Asbestos products were used in the construction and maintenance of American ships from the early 1940s through the late 1970s. Navy sailors and workers employed in the shipbuilding trade often came in contact with asbestos while on the job, and some applications of asbestos in ships include In the 1970s, US government ordered the elimination of most uses of asbestos on ships, but while current shipbuilding activities generally do not expose workers to asbestos, exposure can still occur. Workers may come in to contact with materials that contain asbestos during maintenance and repair activities on ships built prior to 1978.

Nick Ameen A Toast NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest entry

Here's to the ocean Here's to the sea Here's to the horizon in front of me Here's to the land Here's to the coast Here's to the moments we treasure most And if you're listening, here's to you Here's to the mountains Here's to the hills Here's to the mundane and here's to the thrills Here's to the strangers Here's to the family Here's to what we know and here's to the mysteries And if you're listening, here's to you Here's to you, a sentiment sincere Thoughts of kindness drift across the bar.

Wood Stave Water Pipe Line John Hart Generating Station Campbell River

Not sure what these pipes are, but they're made of wood. You can see the wooden pieces, probably much like a barrel, and then they've got all these tensioners around it, wrapped around them. Very interesting thing. This is right near a power station so I'm wondering if they actually shoot some water down here from time to time. Could be. Anyway, I'm in the middle of a bridge here. This is by the, by a waterfall. It's a walk to a waterfall. This was an interesting bunch of pipes. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. brandhagengmail.

Plankton Net Toy Dr. Morris Testimonial

My name is Dr. Kimo Morris, I am a biology professor at Santa Ana College My job on this project was to advise the designers on how a plankton net works for real scientists and from that, they came up with this really cool design The mesh here is perfect for catching microscopic plankton and for actually viewing them right onsite. When kids go to the beach, they absolutely love collecting things and yet there's so much about the ocean that they never get exposed to this sort of a toy actually lets them explore being a scientist and see a.

How to Clean a Sailboat How to Rinse Off a Sailboat

Hi, I'm Ches Rainier, welcome to Expert Village. Today we're going to be talking about some techniques used to clean a fiberglass boat. Alright, now that we've finished with the scrub down with our soap mixture, we're going to rinse down the boat. It should be pretty basic, just hose it off again just like we did in the beginning with our initial rinse down. All the stuff we broke up when we scrubbed it down, now we're going to rinse it off, you can't leave that on there. The soap residue should be pretty minimal since we used minimal.

Building A Floating Raft using Barrels With Childrens Slide

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Docks With BarrelsBeware Of The Black!

Docks With BarrelsBeware Of The Black!,If you are building a floating dock with black colored barrels there are some things that you need to be aware of..

Homemade Pontoon Boat Build (Video 1) By HPFirearms.Starting a new project here at HP Firearms thats not really related to firearms but is still fun and I believe a neat project. We are going to be building a..

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